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10 Important France Travel Tips You Must Know For Amazing Trips

France travel tips

With stunning landscapes, lavish lifestyles, and mouthwatering baguettes, France is a dream destination for every passionate or casual explorer. If you are planning to travel to France from Indian, we have compiled a few significant France travel tips to make your journey pleasing & comfortable.

We have tips on the culture, social etiquette, eating out, and traveling across the city of love ‘Paris’. Other than elaborating on travel tips for France, we have enlisted the best things to do in France that you can enjoy.

Let’s save your precious time and jump to the travel tips & ideas for traveling to France.

General France Travel Tips for All Travellers

These are some quick travel tips for France. Once you are done with these, we will be elaborating on insider France Travel Tips to make your trip amazing.

Visa Requirements

France comes in the Schengen Zone like Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and other countries, so if you are planning to visit France, keep in mind that you will need a Schengen visa to visit France.

Languages Spoken Here

French is the official language of France. Although most people in Paris can speak English fluently, it is better to learn some greeting words in French and use them across the country. They will be happy and love to help you if you ask them in, French. Some common greetings in French and English are;

  • Hey bonjour = Hello! Good Morning
  • Bonjour chéri = Hello Dear!
  • Comment ça va aujourd’hui = How are you doing today?
  • Pouvez-vous parler anglais = Can you speak English?
  • Pourriez vous m’aider s’il vous plaît = Would you please help me?
  • Bonne Nuit = Good Night

Capital of France

The capital city is Paris, which is better known as the city of love. Paris is famous around the world for its cafe, culture, nightlife, and elegance.

Currency of France?

Euro is the currency of France.


France lies in Western Europe and shares its borders with 7 other stunning countries including Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. Additionally, it names several overseas territories; French Guyana and other islands in the Pacific, Indian, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Which Travel Adapter Is Used in France?

If you are going to France, you must need an adapter to charge your smartphone. Here in France, you will need 230 volts or 50 Hz adapters and they use ‘C’ and ‘F’ plug types in France.

Is IDP Required in France?

IDP is required for driving in France. So, if you are planning to avail of car rental services in France, it is recommended to have a French Translation 0f your Local Driving Licence.

SIM Cards and Public Wi-Fi Connectivity

All the French cities are well-connected with Wi-Fi and you can easily connect to Public Wi-Fi in major cities, markets, cafes, and places such as Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, and Toulouse.

Safety In France

This one of the most important France travel tips that you must know. France is unquestionably a safe country to visit, but it’s better to avoid falling into common issues. In the Global Peace Index, France was in 66th place out of 163 countries. While France is also notorious for theft, the violent rate against travelers is very low.

France Travel Tips

10 Game-Changing France Travel Tips for Comfortable Vacay

Here are some major travel tips for France that you should keep in mind before exploring stunning landscapes.

1. Get Health Insurance First

If you are traveling to France from any of the 28 European countries including Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland, you will get an EHIC card free of cost. With this health insurance, you will get access to the same level of healthcare services as a French person. This is one of the most important France travel tips to keep in mind.

2. Keep The Fashion in Mind

France is known for its fashionable lifestyle, so if you are traveling to this stunning country, you better pack versatile clothes and chicks, keeping French fashion in mind.

Dressing like a French will help you blend better with the locals. For females, it is better to pack a scarf! In the summers at the beach, a dressing light will give a classy look or can be used during the night out.

3. France Is Not All About Paris

Name about France and chances are most of you will just name ‘Paris’. While Paris plays its amazing role as the capital city of France, there is a lot to do besides Paris. France is an impressively diverse country, with different micro-climates and cultures. Experiencing different things and savoring various tastes around is perhaps the best France travel tips for outstanding journeys.

4. Geographically Impressive

As said above, France is so diverse with its culture, fashion and taste as well. From impressive Calanques to Mediterranean or ochre canyons of Roussillon, French offers stunning landscapes that are enough to please you through the bottom of your heart. So, if you are visiting this country for the first time, keep these important France travel tips and explore all destinations thoroughly.

5. Travel Off-season for Pleasing Experience

Undoubtedly, traveling during the off-season is a unique experience in itself. If you want to make your trip wonderful, better keep these important France travel tips in your mind and travel during July and August. Also, if you’re traveling with your partner, you better fly to France in the month of June or September.

6. Check Weather Before Landing

One lightning strike and your mood will be spoiled thoroughly. So, keep these travel tips for France in mind and don’t forget to check the weather before visiting France. This is a place where you will experience more variations in the season than elsewhere. From summers to autumn and winters, on the other hand, France attracts similarly regardless of its seasons.

7. Love Your Espresso

If you love coffee more than oxygen, France is perhaps not the right place to be. But, if you don’t mind witty experiences, the French version of coffee will please you thoroughly. The definition of coffee in France is really different but delicious – it is jet black with little sugar and milk on the top. If you want to be able to enjoy your enjoyment throughout the journey, it’s unquestionably the best way.

8. Sharing Rides Are Perfect and Safe

Reducing the overheads of tourists, France’s voice of ridesharing, BlaBlaCar is perhaps the best way to explore France at your ease. It is economical, friendly and undoubtedly the fastest way to travel across this country of l0ve and diversity. Also, if you are traveling this is the best among the important France travel tips for you.

9. It’s Lunch Between 12-2

Another of the major travel tips for France, it will help you be comfortable on your trips. Most shops in France close their doors between 12-2 because it’s lunch hour. So, if you don’t want to pay hefty bills, you better arrange your lunch before 12. 

10. Understand the Gap Between Reel and Real Life Holidays

We are often overwhelmed with expectations through the visuals of movies and expect the same from our real life. However, it is not possible because there is a huge difference between both reel and real life, and you must understand that gap for better traveling experiences. France is a country of love that could only be felt through emotions. So, if you only want to create pleasing memories, you better learn to differentiate between real and reel life.

These are some major France travel tips that will help you explore this wonderful country at your full pace. From French toast to coffee and kiss, France is a complete package of happiness in itself.

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