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Anamalai Tiger Reserve: Complete Guide To Visit With Your Family

Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Formerly known as the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, later renamed as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, and declared as Anamalai Tiger Reserve in 2007 is a protected area located in the Anamalai Mountain Ranges of Pollachi of the Western Ghat, Tamil Nadu, India.

If you’re looking for a destination with mangrove forests, teak plantations, bamboo groves, picturesque views, Anamalai Tiger Reserve is an ideal place to be with your family. It has a variety of animals and birds including Panther, Tiger, Elephant, Deer, Wild Dogs, Civets, Porcupines, Jackals, Black-headed Oriole, Red Treepie, Racket-tailed drongo and many others that you haven’t seen or heard in your life before. 

So if you want to experience the blend of lush green, wild-life animals, and adventure, Anamalai Tiger Reserve has something different for every type of tourist. From trekking, elephant ride, photography, jungle safari, to bird watching, Anamalai Tiger Reserve offers an array of things to experience and impress tourists. 

If you’re a wildlife lover and wildlife researcher, you must need a guide to travel to this mind-refreshing place to explore at its best. Here we bring you a complete guide including how to reach the destination, the best time to visit Anamalai Tiger Reserve, things to do there, and many more, just to ease your itinerary planning. 
With no further delay, let’s start the Anamalai Tiger Reserve Travel Guide.

Travel Guide: Explore The Mangrove Forests Of Pollachi

If you want to spend your holidays away from city pollution, skyscrapers and regular chaos, our tour guide will help you to plan a good trip.

How to Reach Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Anamalai Tiger Reserve doesn’t have any railway station and airport but is well connected to various major cities and towns of the neighborhood. The nearest railway station and airport is in Coimbatore and from there you can hire a cab or public transport that will take you to Pollachi easily at an affordable price.

Best Time to Visit Anamalai Tiger Reserve

The weather and the environment of the Pollachi are perfect to visit any time of the year. Anamalai is a lush and scenic place that has an overall pleasing environment which is enough to satisfy tourists’ desires throughout the year. But if you want to experience the seasonal activities here, you need to visit at an ideal time that is December to June. Below we have mentioned the months with their attributes, choose your best time to travel to Anamalai Tiger Reserve as per your desires.

Summer (March-May)

March to May are the warm months of the year. You may get to see animals at waterholes in search of water and fresh air. Offering lush green views with wildlife species, this time in Anamalai is the best photographic time of the year. So if you want to capture nature in your camera, March to May is the peak time. 

Monsoon (June-May)

Raining in the hills is definitely heart-winning. And when it comes to Anamalai hills, the beauty gets double with heavy showers, a romantic atmosphere, and green leafy views. You might get to see most wildlife species in the rain but if you want to trek, or elephant ride this might not be the perfect time to visit Anamalai Tiger Reserve because these might be canceled due to rains.

Winter (December to February)   

December and February is the best time to visit Anamalai Tiger Reserve for trekking and elephant rides. Winter is the cool, refreshing, and pleasing season of the year. You can visit waterfalls, dams, and beautiful hill stations around the Anamalai and capture eye-catching views. 
Now things to do in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve would be the next concern once you choose the best time. Check out the things that you should try in Anamalai Tiger Reserve.

Things to do in Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Things to do in Anamalai Tiger Reserve

There are plenty of things to experience in the Anamalai hills that can refresh one’s soul. Whether you’re visiting with your family, friends, or spouse, these things to do will definitely meet your desires and add charm to your trip. Let’s explore.

  • Trek Western Ghats

Get ready with your trekking shoes and collect your all necessary items and let’s go on the wild trip to explore nature from the close. These shola forests, undulating grasslands, and teak plantations make the western ghats rich and worth experiencing. 

  • Experience Elephant Ride

In the mangrove jungles, if you haven’t tried elephant riding means you have missed the charm of the Anamalai Tiger Reserve. Elephant ride in Anamalai hills is the heart of the trip. Ride the nook and cranny of the jungle on the top of the elephant and capture photographic views. 

  • Capture The Nature 

No matter whether you have a DSLR or not, even photography with your mobile phone will offer high-end and eye-catching pictures of this wildlife beauty. Regardless of what season you’re visiting, there are splendid views in every season that should be captured on your camera.

  • Spend A Day In Forest

Get a day out of your schedule and take a drive in the deep jungle. You’ll get the bus with a driver cum guide who will explain to you the magic of the forest. Here you will come across plenty of wildlife species and natural green plantations that are enough to please you. 

Besides these major things, you can do bird watching, shopping, attend video presentations, visit waterfalls, etc.

Famous Dish of Anamalai

India is itself famous for its taste, and when it comes to South Indian Dishes, the savor of plenty of authentic traditional dishes comes out. You will have the opportunity of savoring a variety of food and you can just choose according to your preference. Whether you’re nonvegetarian or vegetarian, chicken, crabs, fish with South Indian dishes, there is everything for everyone at reasonable prices.

Things To Notice

You would require a guide to travel to this enchanting place. So check with the timing, from entry timing to particular activity timing. Also, make sure to buy a ticket and keep your belongings safe. It would be better if you don’t carry any expensive items.

Have a Safe and Pleasing Trip!

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