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Banjara Market in Gurgaon: An Antique Paradise For Decor Enthusiasts

Banjara Market in Gurgaon

Whether you want to renovate or decorate a newly-bought home or apartment, Banjara Market Gurgaon is the right place to visit. Taking over the high-end malls and interior shops, Banjara market sector 56 Gurgaon is the best place to buy antique and cheap home decor items. 

It lies right next to the Cyber Hub, opposite of several high-end apartments jazzing up the metro city. The market offers plenty of home decor options ranging from antique watches, Adam’s lantern, a bed to different types of furniture. Additionally, if you’ve spent most of your life bargaining at local markets, Banjara Market is undoubtedly the best place where you should be.

If we talk about reasons to visit Banjara Market the list will be short of it. We will keep it simple, which means if you reside or just shift to Gurugram, Noida, or elsewhere in the NCR, Banjara Market is perhaps the best place to buy home decor items, accessories, ranging from photo frames, bar tables, pots, stools to lights, mirrors and a lot more at affordable price. Banjara Market is a place where the inspirations turn into your reality. Antique showpieces start from INR 90 which’s absolutely cheaper than high-end malls around Gurgaon.

Read this complete guide on Banjara Market Gurugram. It will help you find and shop the best things around.

Home Decor Items That Have Flooded in The Banjara Market

  • Antique Showpieces
  • Vintage Candle Stands
  • Fountains
  • Candle Holders
  • Wall Accents
  • Clocks
  • Indoor Plants
  • Vases
  • Vintage Mirrors
  • Rustic Furniture
  • King-sized Royal Bed
  • Ceramic Pottery
  • Amazing Picture Frames
  • Classic Wheels
  • Door Frames, Bobs & Bits
  • Wooden and Metal platters, bowls, lamps, fixtures, and boxes
  • Dining Sets (Wooden and Clay)
  • Bar Counters
  • Engraved Boxes
  • Wall Hangings
  • Steel, Aluminium, and Brass Items
  • Rare Cabinets
  • Chairs
  • Other Stuff to Build Your Dream Home

There are varieties of home decor accessories at Banjara Market. The collection starts from the wooden furniture which is the best thing for which the Banjara Market is popular among the leisure and decor enthusiasts.

While furnishing your home can become a huge task due to expensive furniture, Banjara Market offers plenty of furniture options ranging from tables, antique stools, wooden mirrors to beds, and so on.

Mirrors are always the best idea to decorate your house and if you love it, you must visit Banjara Market where you will find thousands of vintage mirrors in different sizes and types. Also, you can buy vibrant lamps, bulbs, club lights, and so on.

Banjara Market in Gurugram

Why Should You Visit Banjara Market, Gurgaon

There would be hundreds or thousands of local home decor markets, but if you live in Gurgaon, it makes sense to visit Banjara Market. Here are some best reasons to visit Banjara Market, Gurugram.

1. Variety to Shop

Banjara Market is officially run by the Banjara community that comes from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. These Banjaras are known for their authentic and traditional fashion sense which reflects in their choice as well. Here at Banjara Market, you will find a range of home decor options to buy.

2. It’s About a Personal Touch

Whether it’s rental or owned, a house is nothing but a holy place for the dwellers. If you want to decor your house, it is always best to put a personal touch into it. Banjara Market is open for all, you can wander around and shop for the best things that you think would look better at your mansion or apartment.

3. It’s Unique & Exclusive

Unlike the high-end clubs and malls, Banjara Market brings the tradition off the places. Whether it’s a vintage mirror, photo frame, furniture, or else, Banjara Market offers unique and exclusive home decor items. Additionally, you can wander in the streets, shop by shop to buy the best product at your ease.

4. It’s Absolutely Affordable

As the aforementioned guide suggests, shopping at Banjara Market will cost you nothing but a few efforts. The starting price for the finest home decor items at Banjara Market is INR70 which is less than $1. So, you can light up your entire house in just 10K.

Interesting Facts About Banjara Market in Sector 56, Gurgaon

Banjara is a historically nomadic indigenous tribe of India that is believed to have its origin in the Mewar region of India. As the name defines, these people wander from states to states and sell Traditional Rajasthani items to survive.

These people travel across the country and adopt different cultures and traditions of India. Therefore, they deliver the best decor sense with an antique touch.

Whether you love antique boards, paintings, frames, or unique furniture, Banjara Market is the right place to find the same. It surpasses all the high-end malls and showrooms when it comes to delivering unique home decor items.
Note: If you don’t frequently shop from the local markets, you must visit the Banajra Market in groups because the friends may help you grab the best thing at the cheapest price possible. Bargaining is key to shop the cheap home decor items from this market.

How To Reach Banjara Market, Gurgaon

Banjara Market has become a popular spot for people coming to Gurgaon. While Gurugram is a cyber hub, thousands of companies have millions of people working there and they all love spending time at the Banjara Market. But, if you neither live in Gurgaon nor familiar with it, here is how to reach Banjara Market, Gurugram.

How To Reach Banjara Market by Metro

If you are traveling from the Delhi side, you can board the Yellow line and deboard at the Sikanderpur Metro Station. Then interchange for the Rapid Metro and deboard at the Sector 54 or 56 Chowk. You can either walk through or take a local auto to reach the Banjara Market from here.

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