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5 Best Camping Places in India Where You Can Pitch Your Tent


Let’s take a break from cool rides on bikes and journeys on trains and try something different this time. People are looking for the ideas that can lead their trip to the whole new world. Give a try to camping this season at the most exotic places that can make your trip unforgettable and fill you with enthralling experiences. Camping is something unbeaten for you that you would love to do when you’re on a trip with your gang. 

We have a list of best camping places in india where you can pitch your tent in the tranquil, cook a maggie yourself underneath the open sky and shining stars and have a rejuvenating experience amidst the comfort of nature. Interesting? Camping is fun in itself and one of the best things to do in summer, especially when it comes to exploring a new place. Be it trekking or living at an offbeat destination, the  Camping can be a perfect choice to experience living in the open. 

It’s summer and this season is perfect for  Campinging. To make your  Camping better, why not plan your trip to the best camping place in India mentioned below. From wildlife to Himalayas destinations, these  best camping places in India offer an impeccable vacation.

Without beating around the bust, let’s start exploring the places best suited for  Campings.

1. Rishikesh, Uttrakhand

When it comes to the  Camping, Rishikesh’s experience can’t be beaten by any other. The amazing Rishikesh camp is not only close to nature but also has spiritual connections. Yes! Rishikesh has a bunch of temples and is known for spirituality yet the best place to pitch your tent in the lap of hills as the place is nestled with nature and gives you amazing feelings. This place for camping comes at the top because it is under the range of most adventurous seeking people. This is the best Places To Visit In Uttarakhand.

2. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

If you wanna add some luxurious experience in your trip, then nothing can match the experience that Jaisalmer has in terms of the camping. Yes, we have a clear idea of what you’re thinking. The camping in the summer heat in the desert while you’re looking for cool places. Jaisalmer would be best camping places in india where you can relax in the pools amidst the desserts. And if we talk about the heat, sand is cooler at night than hot in the day time. You can behold the views of the desert and forts from your camp that would be the most attractive point. 

3. Wayanad, Kerala

Being the most popular destination for tourists, it is also the quintessential place if we talk about camping. Well, Kerala is commonly approached by newly married couples, camping in Wayanad can take you out from the stress of city life.  camping in Wayanad amid multiple beautiful things, while wildlife on the one side and numerous natural hideouts throughout the town. With scenic landscape, all-round, the camping site in Wayanad offers the best view of western ghats and lavish camping experience as well.  

4. Laka Glacier, Himachal Pradesh

If you ever trekked to Triund, it’s needless to say anything about the beauty of the place which also offers the best camping experience as trekking gives. Hardly a 5 KM trek from Triund top will take you to the Laka Glacier. Away from the metro cities crowd, the place is assured to give you the experience like never before. Pitch your tent on the peak of the Himalaya and behold the mesmerizing view of hills covered with white snow.

5. Pangong Lake, Jammu Kashmir

The beauty of the Pangong Lake is situated in the lake water which it is sharing from India and China. One of the famous lakes in India, and the most preferred camping site in Himalaya, this lake is a gem of Ladakh. With innumerable camping options, Pangong Lake is the must-visit place for every person who is keen for camping. It is the place where you can capture the picturesque view of the lake and the mountains & enjoy the pristine beauty. 

So don’t think so long and decide the best camping places in india from the above astounding places that will give you an unmatchable experience. These places will take you to the tranquil far from the city’s rush where you will forget your stress amid the natural beauty of the lake and hills. Pack your bags and get ready with a camping tent to enjoy and explore more!   

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