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Chase The Best Goa Honeymoon Packages With 5 Simple Tips

Goa Honeymoon Packages

It’s official now that Indians are the best deal chaser.  And, if you are seeking the best Goa Honeymoon packages, this blog can help you. In this post, we will give you five proven tips to find cheap Goa Honeymoon Packages. 

If you are someone who is seeking a budget-friendly honeymoon, these tips will surely help you catch the best deals. With this simple guide, we’ll ensure that you don’t roll in & out to get cheap Goa Honeymoon Packages.

So, let’s not spend time here and head forward to effective traveling tips from professional travelers.

1. Be Flexible On Dates

There is no doubt in saying that flexibility is the key to get cheap deals. If you are searching for the best Goa Honeymoon Packages, just keep a few things in mind:

  • What time of year you’re planning to travel
  • What days of the week you’re planning to reach

These two things and we can assure you of finding the best travel deal.

  • What is the peak season in goa?

The peak season in Goa is considered between December and January, owing to awe-inspiring party scenes [Christmas and New Year]. This is the time when most international DJs and travelers flock to Goa’s beaches for celebration.

  • When should you avoid traveling to Goa?

Until you and your partner want to do a rain dance, avoid planning a honeymoon between June to August because Goa has a monsoon between these months. Beaches will become bumpy after long-standing rainwater, and you’ll have mosquito bites rather than love bites.

Goa Honeymoon Packages

2. Be Flexible With Destinations

If you decide to go with the Google Searched “Honeymoon Destinations in Goa,” we cannot assure you of having the best deals on board. Since everyone chooses the beaten path, you need to be different and flexible with the destinations to get cheap Goa Honeymoon packages.

Also, be flexible with the location of your hotel too. If you want a hotel in a nice area, you will either have to wait or pay a higher amount. This is a total waste of money! Thus, we suggest you not be so picky.

  • Which part of Goa is best for couples?

The far South and North, both are the best places for couples as they have a good number of impressive beaches. If you are looking for cheap Goa Honeymoon packages, keep it to or around Vagator beach, Arambol beach, Mandrem beach, etc.

3. Leverage The Power Of Social Media

There are tons of fancy websites and applications to find travel deals, but their prices are as fancy as their looks. So, what is the best way to find cheap Goa Honeymoon packages? Have you ever thought of leveraging the power of social media? If you didn’t, then go for it now. Social media is full of amazing travel deals and offers. You are sure to find the best Goa Honeymoon Package there.

  • Join tour & travel groups
  • Keep an eye on the latest travel deals & discounts
  • Use hashtags to find deals
  • Like & follow various traveling agencies
  • Follow leading travel agencies on Twitter and Facebook
cheap Goa honeymoon packages

4. Use The Maximum Points & Rewards

If you are a frequent traveler, you will likely have enough rewards points on apps and credit cards to get a nice discount on your honeymoon trip. Also, you can check for subscriber discounts and geo-specific discounts to book a package at a low price. Redeeming discounts and vouchers is one of the best ways to find cheap Goa Honeymoon Packages.

5. Go for full package, not pennies

While you are shopping for cheap travel deals, you will come across multiple websites that advertise big savings when booking flights, hotels, or a car rental together; if this costs you less than booking a whole package, then go for it. 

Final word

Scoring deals can be fun but beware of the deals that look too good but are scams inside. To avoid such hassles, we’d recommend following reliable websites to find genuine yet cheap Goa Honeymoon Packages.

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