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10 Best Places To Visit In Chennai – Travel Tips and Ideas

Best Places To Visit In Chennai

Chennai is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu which was earlier known as Madras. Those who live by their hobby of exploring the world can find some of the best places to visit in Chennai on this post. The sights and natural scenic views of Chennai add to its beauty. The city is the home of many tourist spots, historical sites, and temples to satiate travel freaks’ temptations. In the article here, we have picked out 1o best sites for vacationers. 

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What Chennai Is Primarily Known For from Tourism Perspectives 

Chennai is a city that is well known to tourists and holidaymakers from all over the world for its historical and cultural heritage. Though the city is primarily known for its beaches, natural scenic beauty, and absorbing climate, vacationers can find some of the best places to visit in Chennai. Its religious and cultural treasure lies in ancient monuments and temples which will surely be fun for tourists to roam around. 

Let us dive into the details about the top 10 best places to visit in Chennai.

1.  Marina Beach

Marina Beach

Just 4 KM from Chennai Central Railway Station. This marina beach is the longest urban beach in the country which is spread over a distance of 13 km., where about 30,000 people visit every day. We keep Marina Beach on the top as the best place to visit in Chennai seeing its popularity among tourists.  

If you love to take the joy of nature’s scenic beauty, you will find Marina beach one of the best places to visit in Chennai. The beach starts at Fort St. George in the north and ends at Foreshore Estate in the south, which is about 6 km in length. This beach is counted among the longest natural beaches in the world. The coastline here is predominantly sandy, in contrast to the smaller, rocky formations that make up Mumbai’s Juhu Beach. The width of this beach is about 300 meters. 

Some may not find it the best place to visit in Chennai as bathing and swimming are strictly prohibited on this beach for the sake of tourists’ safety. But you can enjoy a lot of excursions amidst the climate of this long beach. You can visit the beach in any season of the year with your family or friends.

2.  St. George’s Fort

St. George's Fort

Built by Francis Day in 1640, this fort was the stronghold of British power in India and is the next best place to visit in Chennai. The fort currently houses the offices of the Legislative Assembly, the Legislative Council, and the State Secretariat. This fort portrays the true architecture of ancient India and holds high significance from a historical point of view. 

When you reach this fort, you will find why the fort holds its rank among the best places to visit in Chennai. The fort sets out a living example of India of the British era. In St. George’s Museum, you will get a chance to see colorful paintings, coins, silverware, documents, and more. You can spend your time here from 9 am to 5 pm on all days except Friday. From these ancient items you will be able to get an idea of the history of India. You can capture tons of pictures in your camera to take home some beautiful memories with you.

3.  Arignar Anna Zoological Park

  Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is the best place to visit in Chennai for nature lovers. It’s a beautiful zoological park located in Vandalur, Chennai, also known as Vandalur Zoo. Vandalur is a suburb in the southwest part of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, located at a distance of 31 km from the main city center and 15 km from the Chennai airport. The previous location of this park was established in the year 1855, which became India’s first public zoo. This Zoological Park is now affiliated to the Central Zoo Authority. 

The park, which is spread over ​​602 hectares, is worth listing among the best places to visit in Chennai. The park is home to about 2,553 flora and fauna. As of 2010, there are 47 mammal species, 63 bird species, 31 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians, 28 species of fish, and 10 species of insects. You can plan to visit this park this summer.

4.  Botanical Garden of Chennai

Botanical Garden of Chennai

There is a beautiful Botanical Garden in Chennai by the name of Semmozhi Poonga. This park has been established by the Horticulture Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, and was opened for the general public on 24 November 2010. This Garden is located at the Cathedral Road-Anna Salai Junction and holds the third rank among the best places to visit in Chennai

More than 500 shady plants have been grown in this beautiful garden which turns it into a lush green site. There are also 80 such trees that were present here even before the establishment of the park. Apart from outdoor flora, you will find native rare plants, medicinal and aromatic herbs in the garden. Some foreign plant species imported from China and Thailand have also been planted in the Garden. When visiting Chennai, Semmozhi Poonga is not supposed to be given a miss. 

5.  Mahabalipuram


Mahabalipuram (also known as Mamallapuram) is located in the Kancheepuram district of the state of Tamil Nadu, 57 km from Chennai. Mahabalipuram, which was the second capital of the Pallava kings of Kanchipuram, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and undoubtedly the best place to visit in Chennai. 

Mahabalipuram is an ancient historical city that in the old times was a bustling port during the Pallava dynasty. According to legend, it’s been named after the demon king Mahabali who was famous for his generosity. It is also famous for its side temples built in the 7th century. Mahabalipuram can be visited for a day trip from Chennai. 

6.  Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake

Among the very few lakes in South India, Pulicat Lake is one of the best places in Chennai to not give a miss when roaming around the city. The lake is known for its natural beauty. 60 km long and 15 km wide, Pulicat Lake is ideal for boating and bird watching. You can spot bird species like Flamingo, Kingfisher, and Ibis here. You can come here to spend a good time with your family and friends at any time of the year. 

7.  Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar Temple is a beautiful temple located in Mylapore, Chennai, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvati is worshiped in this temple in the form of Karpagambal. You can count it as one of the best places to visit in Chennai. The temple has been named after Kapaleeswara who is called the goddess of wish-keeping tree in the Tamil language. 

Religious souls will find the temple the best place to visit in Chennai. Kapaleeswara is an ancient temple that was constructed in the 7th century. This temple is associated with the faith of Hindus and was built in the Dravidian style. According to the Puranas, Shakti worshiped Shiva here in the form of a peacock. In this ancient temple, Shiva is worshiped in the form of Kapaleeswarar. A Shivling is present here as a symbol of Lord Shiva. Those living by their religious virtues can visit the temple with family. 

8.  Connemara Library

 Connemara Library

Connemara Public Library was established in the year 1896 and is one of the four National Depository Libraries of the country. Avid book readers will find this as one of the best places to visit in Chennai. Connemara Library has a collection of magazines and Braille manuscripts apart from books and texts, this library has everything that a literature and book lover would want. It would not be wrong to say that the library is a readers’ paradise.

9.  Ashtalakshmi Temple

Ashtalakshmi Temple

Located in Besant Nagar, Chennai, the Ashtalakshmi temple also holds rank among the best places to visit in Chennai. The temple is built on the banks of the gorgeous Bay of Bengal. Let us tell you that Ashtalakshmi Maa is called the goddess of wealth and knowledge. Apart from the local people, people from abroad also come here to see Ashtalakshmi Maa. This temple is also very grand in appearance, you can also guess its grandeur from the fact that about 7 million rupees were spent in the construction of this temple at that time. If you are a person of religious beliefs and spirituality, the site is really worth visiting. 

10.  Birla Planetarium

Birla Planetarium

This place has been created to increase the interest in science in the minds of the youth. If science and space are close to heart, you will definitely love to explore this place – this is undoubtedly the best place to visit in Chennai. Here audio and video based on astronomy keep playing which captivates the audience. Apart from this, shows are organized here on the solar system, change in weather, the cycle of stars, etc. 

Traffic Park, Science Park, and Science on Wheels turn the site up into the best places to visit in Chennai. This place is very informative for the children of growing age, through which they will get to learn a lot. 

Final Thoughts

Chennai is considered one of the most beautiful cities in India. Having known all the main attractions of the city, we suggest you plan a visit to Chennai soon. If you are a beach person, Marina is there waiting to welcome you and if you are a religious person, temples are there to fulfill your religious temptations. No matter what sort of person you are, whether an adventure freak or just a nomad, Chennai has so many sites to keep you delighted throughout the trip.

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