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Best Tips to Travel India Like a Pro | Best Time To Visit India


Traveling has never been so easy and successful if you’re not aware of the place & tips to travel to the place you’re traveling to. The prior study helps to explore the destination at its best, saves your time, and limits the mistakes that can be made on your trip. And if your destination is a country like Indiathe most diverse country in the world, you should be prepared with travel tips and ideas because India is not a country, it is a continent.

Here is my personal suggestion to my fellow travelers who have never been to India, check-in India with a complete guide including considering the best time to visit in India, where to visit, how to travel, knowing what to taste, and about the geographical changes. Because there is a lot to experience, explore and learn from India. 

Traveling to India without proper preparation and planning can be overwhelming. There is a multitude of choices at every step of the way, be it Mumbai, Delhi, or Kerala, from enormous food options to adventurous travel ways. 

Here is a simple guide, specially prepared to help you planning in your itinerary, considering the best time to visit India, the most popular traveling tour such as the Golden Triangle Tour, and everything that you should know about traveling to a traditional country like India.

Best Traveling Tips: Things You Should Know Before Traveling To India

1. Consider The Best Time To Visit India

India is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year, but like any other country, India also has its geographical diversity. The country is known for its culture and diversity. As we have mentioned above, considering the best time to visit India is a good choice to grab more. Winter months October till March is the peak season for tourism in India. You will come across some breathtaking views like snow-capped mountains, cold winds, pleasing nature. And if you want to enjoy the rain, the Monsoon (months of March to May) is the best time to visit India. 

For wildlife adventures, April, May, and June are the best time to visit National Parks as there are more chances of sighting wild animals like Bengal tigers. If you’re planning for trekking and hiking purposes, consider June to September months as it is the best time for adventurous activities. 

With these tips of the best time to visit India, plan your trip according to season and reason.

2. Savor the Taste of India

This is perhaps the best travel tip for travelers who are looking for an extraordinary trip to India. No trip to India can be completed until you’ve savored the taste of India maybe because ‘Food is the Soul of India’. Indian is well-known for its tastes and you can’t resist eating even on your satisfied stomach. Be it street food or delectable dishes from famous restaurants in India, you’ll end your fingers licking. 

Indian cuisines don’t end at one or two, there is a lot to taste, from simple to spicy and vegetarian and nonvegetarian. Roadside dhabas are the best choice to taste the true Indian taste. So don’t skip that because the restaurant-like taste can be found anywhere but these dhabas are something exceptional.

3. Don’t Skip To Take Traditional Tour

No other country can match India when it comes to tradition. India is especially known for its culture and there are several cities that are highly dedicated to their culture, religion, and history. Include one of the oldest cities in the WorldJodhpur to explore the history of India, Mathura– for top Krishna temples to know the depth of spirituality and South area for true devotion.

4. Shop Some Creative Items

Shopping is an all-time favorite for travelers and India is the country that has something for everyone. India is a creative country and dedicated to hard work. People here made handwork crafts such as home decor, jewelry, and accessories, handmade woolens, etc, which is popular all across the globe. So when you’re in India, shop for yourself. 

5. Dress Appropriately Before Entering India

Indian Ethnic Wear

Be aware of Indian culture, especially when you visit religious places. India is relatively a religious place consisting of different cultures and Indians are strict about both their culture and religion. There are a few rules & regulations or dress code that must be followed appropriately before visiting specific temples or places. It is better to wear traditional clothes such as a saree for women and a dhoti kurta for men.

6. Study About Your Destination First

To make your trip comfortable, it is important to read about your destination. It will help you to save your time, money, energy and make your itinerary simple. Though, people prefer traveling with their own perspective and gain different experiences. That’s the reality of traveling right? The good or bad, regardless of the way it comes.. 

With all these tips in mind, you can add craziness to your trip. India is the country that you would love to visit again & again. You will come across something different and interesting happening every day, making it a very exciting place to travel. Just one thing to remember is considered the best time to visit India according to the experience you want to have.

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