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What Makes Israel A Year-Around Tourist Place? Best Time To Visit Israel

Best Time To Visit Israel

Israel is one of the most beautiful countries where thousands of journeys start to explore spectacular sights wrapped around the territories of the Middle East which includes some of the most amazing travel destinations around the world. Be it the tranquility of the picturesque mosques in Istambul, Kuwait, and Esfahan,  Astonishing adventurous activities in Cappadocia, Turkey, Eye-catching beaches of Cyprus or the most awe-inspiring infrastructure of UAE Dubai. The Middle East is all about Entertainment, Wandering, Adventure, Sightseeing, Lip-smacking Food and in-depth understanding of Islamic architecture and culture.

If you’re one of those manipulated people who think that the middle east is all about dry desert and sand dunes then you are gonna exposed. Let’s talk about Israel only. What are the best places to visit in Israel? Which is the best time to visit Israel and everything you need to know before planning to explore Israel? In this blog, we will put light on some of the most isolated tourists attracts in Israel where you will feel alive. We will talk about the weather, food, culture and amazing facts about Israel. Let’s move to break the curiosity and where to visit in Israel to experience an ultimate trip.

Best Places in Israel, where true backpackers should go

1. Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos, Cyprus

Known to be the land of the ‘Goddess of love and beauty’ Paphos is an enchanting destination where ‘Aphrodite’ was born. Here you can admire the impressiveness of the ancient Greek. Great architecture and appealing beaches, even the air blow with the flavor of love and recreation in this town.

2. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Everyone knows that the skyscraper buildings and culture of Dubai, everything set this place beyond today’s world. Here you will witness an admirable balance between modern architecture, ancient greekology, and grace. Dubai is such a haven of explorers and adventure seekers.

3. Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

This is arguably an amazing destination for the people are interested in unleashing some hidden treasures. From ancient rock-cut architecture to most delighted ruins from the lap of the history of Greek, Petra is a rose-colored city of Jordan. You will get a hand over the most visited tourist attractions here in Jordan.

4. Kuwait


Apart from the grace of the entire Greek and middle east, Kuwait is a place where most dreams come true. You will feel beyond the ordinary sensations while capturing an irresistible scenery of the vibrant sky over the grand mosque. This is a must-visit city to explore the history of ancient Arabic theaters.

5. Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

If you are traveling to the middle east, then there must be a serene place in your list and Beirut is something where you cannot refuse to go. A visit to Mohammed Al Amin Mosque and Raouche is a must-to-do-thing here in the capital of Lebanon. It would be massively amazing and full of fun to walk around the ‘Roman Bath’ and ‘Martyrs’ Square’ is appropriate to make your trip memorable.

Five of these most loved tourist destinations in the Middle East should be on every itinerary. To ensure the most of your journey here is every detail to make a trip to the middle east memorable.

Why Every Season is Best Time to Visit Israel? What is Here for Frequent Tourists?

Israel suits all types of expeditions, whether it’s a family, solo or honeymoon trip, Israel has all set to be etched in your mind forever. With its beautiful lakes, serene ancient ruins, and green lush landscapes, Israel is just amazing and one of the best tourist place for year-round trips. See, why summer is the best season to plan a trip to Israel.

1. Enchanting Beaches

To get rid of merciless hot summer winds, nothing is better than walking around tranquil beaches. Israel is all about beaches and tasty summer food and such things drive with great pleasure in the summer. Also, ocean breezes will refresh your body and mind.

2. Jerusalem Wine Festival

Whether you’re a teetotaler or a certified alcoholic, the Jerusalem wine festival offers a range of wines for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It would be great to catch the beat of the jazz music played behind the bars. Plenty of food and recreational activities will make your summer season wonderful.

3. Boat Ride

It’s time to let the ocean breeze hit your face and stick as a forever smile to cherish your blushing. The Dead Sea and the Red Sea, you can move to any beach in Isreal and experience a thrilling activity.

Besides, it’s summer session, Israel spread the same delight in the winters as well. Average snowfall and pleasant temperature throughout the winters, it is perfect to go out on the roads. Here are some good places to visit Israel in the winter.

4. Golan Heights- a Disney’s filter copy

This place will revive your childhood memories to enjoy at a place full of snow and dear nature. Here you can try hiking, skiing and everything which makes your trip amazing.

5. Haifa- all about snow

A place away from other crowded tourist places in Israel. Haifa is an admirable destination where you can plan a trip to pour on the page of your travelogue.

6. Christmas in Israel- Speechless experience

Besides its majority of Islamic people,  Israel appeals the tourists across the world to celebrate an outstanding Christmas evening in Jerusalem. Believe it or not, but an evening like Israel is nowhere in the world, not even in the San Fransisco.

Our words are short to express the sensation one can experience while heading to Israel. If you want to memorize the same then get up and pack your bags to walk around some of the most beautiful tourist places in Israel. You can either accompany your girlfriend or plan a family trip, everything draws an appealing and unforgettable picture of a spectacular trip to Israel.

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