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Death Valley Faridabad | A Hidden Tourist Place Near Delhi

Death Valley Faridabad

Some call it a curse, some a miracle, and others describe it as a death lake; the truth is Death Valley Faridabad is the pristine wildlife ecosystem reserved for the people who want to experience nature out of the busy metropolitan life. 

Have you ever heard about this hidden gem located near the capital city of India- Delhi? Well, Death Valley Lake in Faridabad is a gorgeous blue lake surrounded by lush green forest and sturdy mountains. It is the most scenic location around Delhi-Gurgaon. Being completely untouched and far from civilization, Death Valley Faridabad is totally a tranquil place.  

Not sure about the exact location, Death Valley Faridabad Distance, how to reach, and the best time to visit there? Don’t worry, we can help you. In this guide, we have tried to gather all the required details about this beautiful yet mysterious lake. 

Read the post till the end carefully because we have also talked about the nearby places to Death Valley Faridabad to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. 

History of Mysterious Crystal Blue Death Valley Lake Faridabad  

Usually called the ‘Khooni Jheel’, Death Valley Lake has a long story behind its name. Today, the lake has natural crystal blue water that attracts countless people throughout the year. The fact is the lake is the byproduct of the several illegal mining operations that occurred here before 1991. The mines were dug to such depth that they touched the groundwater and later they became a natural lake. 

Basically, Death valley in Faridabad is a group of seven natural mines that are packed with natural crystal clear water. It has been kept private from the public for a long time. Now it is open to the public and has become a popular one-day picnic spot for the locals. Besides being reached because of flora and fauna, Death Valley Faridabad holds a rich history      

It gets its name ‘Death Valley’ because of the mysterious death occurring in the area, mainly due to drowning in the lake. The lake is deep and there are no safety precautions like divers and boundaries around the lake. 

Altogether, the Death Valley lake is the most beautiful location for the Delhiites after Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary to spend weekends with their friends and family. If you’re bored of the same Discos, nightlife, and historical monuments around Delhi, head to Death Valley Surajkund Faridabad this time. 

Death Valley Faridabad Location

Exact Location- Surajkund Badkhal Road, Gadakhor Basti Village, Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, Sector 43, Faridabad. 

Death Valley Faridabad distance is approximately 56.0 KM from Delhi.

How to Reach Death Valley Faridabad?  

If you want to Explore this hidden natural picnic spot, you just need a day from Delhi or nearby places. It is very convenient to reach the gorgeous Death Valley in Faridabad by private or public conveyance.  

The cab is the easiest and inexpensive way to approach Death Valley. Put your location while booking the cab and your cab will drop you at the exact location. Simple!

Another option to reach Death Valley in Faridabad is Metro. The nearest metro station to Death Valley is Badarpur Metro Station on the Violet line, Faridabad. From there, Death Valley Lake is 11 KM away which will take 15 minutes to reach by auto or rickshaw.  

When to Visit Death Valley Faridabad?

Death valley is a human-made lake that has remained unexplored for many years. It is the most silent place around Delhi-NCR, embellished with beautiful greenery, covered with mountains and natural beauty. If you want to enjoy every activity around this beautiful lake, you must know the best time to visit Death valley Faridabad. 

As it is located near the capital city- Delhi where winters are chilly and summers are too hot. The best time to visit Death Valley Faridabad is between winters and summers, that means March, April, or October, November. 

This is the time when the weather is pleasant, nature is silent, the flora becomes greener and birds sing more melodiously. Whether you want to trek or enjoy a picnic here, the time before summers and winters is the perfect time to visit Death Valley Faridabad. 

Things to Do in Death Valley Faridabad

Not just because it is far from the city and a way different from other nearby places to Delhi-Gurgaon such as Surajgargh farms, Death Valley Faridabad has actually various exciting things to do that you would have not imagined around the metro city. 

Trekking is one of the major attributes of the Death valley for which Delhiites are always curious. And if you’re a passionate photographer, take your camera and book a cab because Death Valley in Faridabad offers various mesmerizing views that are worth capturing. Let’s know more about what you can explore here. 

Beautiful Lake

Beautiful Lake

Death Valley Lake is really worth exploring. It is a human-made lake that is surrounded by lush green mountains, pleasant weather, and wildlife. Adventure junkies can trek the mountain to reach this gorgeous lake and experience the blue water silently residing between the mountains. 

Trek Mountains

Trek Mountains

If you’re an adventure seeker and don’t have time for biking on the best routes in India, or trekking on some exquisite places like Thailand, Death Valley Faridabad can cater to your demand. Death Valley mountains are a perfect path to trek even for beginners. Just get ready with your trekking shoes, other necessary items and go. 

Pleasing Atmosphere

As Death Valley is located far from the city, it is the most tranquil, relaxing, and soothing place near Delhi-NCR. The entire Death Valley revolves around nature that is apparent to be beautiful, pleasing, and refreshing. Whenever you feel low, visit Death Valley in Faridabad with your family or friend or solo. This place will rejanuvate you from the deep inside. 

If you’re looking for more tips to travel to Delhi, visit here. Hopefully, this guide is helpful to plan your trip to Death Valley Faridabad. Let us tell you that the place is completely safe to visit, just be cautious to go too close to the lake as it is deep and you may slip. For more precautions, you can take these points into account. 

  • You’ll hardly get any shops there, so carry plenty of water and snacks with you, although it is a one-day tourist spot. 
  • Also, carry a first-aid kit, as the forests are thorny and routes are sturdy. 
  • You would not require money there, so don’t carry much cash and other expensive items. 
  • The area is unexplored and has minimum network connectivity, don’t prefer going alone unless you’re experienced. 

If you want to explore hidden gems around your city or area, let us know in the comment section. We’ll try to reach there, gather details and will describe in our words. Till then stay tuned! 

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