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10 Easy Honeymoon Planning Tips to Plan a Budget-friendly Honeymoon

Honeymoon Planning Tips

We all know that real fun comes in the after-party, and the same goes for weddings as well. Months long wedding preparations, family rituals, and other responsibilities can stir up your enjoyment and temper with the peace of life. But, don’t feel down because if something is bad, there will always be something good on the other side, you just need to wait till the right time. And for many newlywed couples, the right time to enjoy is their honeymoon. Honeymoon is more than just a kick-off to be together for the rest of your life, it’s a perfect excuse to plan a romantic trip that you’ve always craved for.

Planning a honeymoon is often a difficult, but significant part of every wedding. Similar to deciding pre-wedding shoot destinations, you have to figure out multiple things including honeymoon destination and budget. However, planning a romantic honeymoon without breaking your banks & research can be tough. Remember, you cannot afford to pay full price without negotiation all the time, as you recently paid off wedding debts. So, how to plan your honeymoon that fits your budget? Going through various websites, individual experiences, and other factors, we’ve broken down a list of top 10 easy yet effective honeymoon planning tips. With these amazing ideas to plan a hassle-free honeymoon, we’ve helped thousands of customers decide an ideal honeymoon fastened with the romantic strings. Let’s check out how to plan a perfect honeymoon. 

Ten Amazing Honeymoon Planning Tips & Ideas

Whether planning a luxury or budget-friendly honeymoon, these handy tips will assist you in planning a romantic and memorable honeymoon. Besides helping you plan a lovely honeymoon, these tips will enable you to keep everything in a time frame, which is arguably the most significant part of planning. So, let’s not talk anymore and gauge through the list of the best tips to plan your honeymoon.

1. Start Early But Together

Both of you may have different expectations, destinations, and ideas to plan your most awaited honeymoon. Therefore, it’s better to plan a honeymoon together because it is the first step where you start to be interested in each other’s likes & dislikes and learn to balance. If you’re wondering when to start planning your honeymoon, formulating a honeymoon planning checklist will give you better insights. Jokes apart, the ideal timeframe recommended is six to eight months prior to your flights, especially if you’re planning your honeymoon to any of the most beautiful European countries.

2. Identify Your Priorities

Figuring out your honeymoon priorities will give you a clear view of what you should do next. Start with what you’re most excited about? Which part of this honeymoon trip is non-negotiable, or which can be removed? If luxury accommodation is what you’ve imagined, keep it in but consider staying somewhere local, so you can at least end up saving some money. So, later you will have enough funds to add another honeymoon experience on the list. 

3. Stick to a Set Time Frame

Setting up a time frame can give you an edge. For example, a few things like hotel & flight booking needs to be done several months ago as suggested above. Also, you’ll need at least a month to start packing and prepare yourself mentally to experience the delights. Therefore, better follow this honeymoon planning checklist to ensure hassle-free honeymoon planning in a set time frame.

  • 6 Months To Go

Research, ask friends for suggestions, visit various websites, read individual experiences to get better insights. Fix a budget for your honeymoon. Finalize an offbeat honeymoon destination mutually based on weather conditions and personal things. Search for a reliable travel agent. Book your flights & hotels if possible.

  • 3 Months To Go

Apply for VISA and check for all the documents required. If you’re planning a honeymoon in the USA, here’s how to apply for a US visa. Inquiry for the facilities included in the honeymoon package such as airport transfer. 

  • 1 Month To Go

Start your packing and collect all information regarding your flights & hotel booking. Plan your activities on mutual interest and make sure to formulate a mental checklist. 

  • 15 Days To Go

Collect your VISA, travel insurance, flight tickets, and other information. Start exchanging cash and spread it out in various bags & packs. Also, if you are planning any surprise, it’s the right time to book it. 

  • 2 Days To Go

Check weather forecasts of the selected honeymoon destination. Leave a spare key with your neighbor in case of any emergency. If you’re diagnosed with any chronic disease, better carry your meds with a proper prescription (consider e-prescription).

  •  1-Day To Go

Get enough sleep & rest properly because you are going to experience the most awaited time of your life tomorrow. Drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated, but don’t let this spirit down.

4. Estimate Your Budget

If you want to plan ahead, start planning a budget for your honeymoon with a clear head. Check for the non-negotiable things and where you can compromise. For example, instead of choosing a luxury hotel, book an affordable resort considering privacy your biggest concern. You can use this honeymoon budget calculator to plan an estimated budget for your honeymoon. 

Hotel / Resort _______________ 

Airplane Tickets ______________ 

Car Rentals _______________ 

Gas / Tolls _______________ 

Taxis, Buses, Ect. _______________ 

Pampering Yourselves (Massages, Spa Treatments) ________________ 

Sports / Activity Lessons _______________ 

Excursions _______________ 

Sunset Cruises _______________ 

Upgrades _______________ 

Shows / Theater _______________ 

Special Honeymoon Clothing _______________ 

Souvenirs _______________ 

Sundries _______________ 

Surprises If Any _______________

Maps, Guidebooks, magazines _______________ 

Foreign Language Translation Books _______________ 

Calculate your Total Cost: _______________

You can calculate the cost of your meal in the same way. 

5. Search. Compare. Confirm.

Honeymoon planning tips can only help you put things in the right order, the rest you’ll have to check yourself. Start with online booking and the best way to know whether or not you’re on the right track is to compare your choice with other options. You will get thousands of websites, travel agents pop up on the Google SERP when searching for “best honeymoon packages” or “Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in the World” hence you should not final anything at first, visit various websites, compare prices, benefits, and then book.

6. Plan Your Itinerary

There is one common mistake that every newlywed couple commits, which is flattening all the time in sightseeing, traveling, and other activities and end up having zero quality hours. Of course, a honeymoon is all about knowing each other, spending some romantic hours before hitting into a regular lifestyle. Therefore, always plan your itinerary, keeping the real meaning of honeymoon in mind. 

7. Pack Smart & Light

What is the point of leaving your house if you’ve packed nearly half of your house essential in your bags? Of course, you are going for a honeymoon, so keep your packing smart & light. Start with packing your passport and other essential documents in a separate small bag. Also, make a checklist for your gadget packing which must include chargers, earphones, camera, USB cables, and power bank. You can check for weather conditions to pack your clothing accordingly.

8. Surprise Your Beloved

A surprise is perhaps the most essential part of a honeymoon that delights every partner. Hence, we have added this to our honeymoon planning tips. Doing this is the most romantic thing, you can either plan witnessing a sunrise or sunset, a romantic candlelight dinner/date, or plan anything else to help your partner create a lifetime memory. Though you must know about her/his likes & dislikes for a perfect surprise. Therefore, we suggest planning a honeymoon together whenever somebody asks “How to plan my honeymoon”?

9. Don’t Forget to Capture Memories

A picture speaks thousands of words. Needless to say, make sure you capture each memory to enjoy later. These pictures will reflect romance in your life and grace your timeline. Besides honeymoon planning tips, there are lots of things to plan on your own.

10. Plan With a Travel Agent

In today’s busy world, you’re more likely to focus on the rest of the pending works than searching for honeymoon planning tips. Therefore, we suggest hiring a travel agent who will combine his years of experience and your personal needs to come up with the most surprising honeymoon ideas and tips. There are lots of travel agents providing affordable international & domestic honeymoon packages, but make sure you’re considering the above-given honeymoon planning tips to plan your honeymoon because an agent won’t do everything.

These are some easy & effective honeymoon planning tips to assist you in experiencing the most delightful part of your life. We have examined all the factors and major challenges faced by individuals during planning their honeymoon and crafted this list of top 10 honeymoon planning tips in coordination with professional honeymoon planners. Check it out, and let us know if something misses. 

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