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Lakshadweep: The Paradise Of Tempting Islands

Lakshadweep islands

Nature never fails to amaze us, and its lively example is Lakshadweep. A place where you can stay tangled for hours in the beauty of its serenity. It is a world that is free from the chorus of busy metro lives. Here you can refresh your eyes with the tranquility of exotic and sun-kissed beaches and enchanting landscapes. The mesmerizing exploration of the underwater life of Lakshadweep can take you on an unforgettable trip to this place. Adding more to this, marine adventures and water sports are enough to pump the zeal within you. This is what all about Lakshadweep in a nutshell. Are you planning to be there? Then, hang on for a while and take a look over the details before you be there. 

Taking a look at the geographical aspects of Lakshadweep, then it is a group of 36 islands. However, it is interesting to note that the name, Lakshadweep has been derived from the Malayam and Sanskrit language that means, ‘a hundred thousand islands’.  And it is considered to be India’s smallest Union Territory with Kavaratti as its capital and it is the smallest one because it comprises 36 islands within an area of 32 square kilometers only. It has 12 atolls, three reefs, five submerged banks, and ten inhabited islands. Another interesting part about Lakshadweep is that all the islands are just 220-440 km far from Kochi, a coastal city of Kerala. The average temperature of this place remains between 27° C-32° C. 

However, these are some of the exotic places to visit if you are all set with your bags packed for the trip.

1.     Bangaram Island

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Bangaram Island in Lakshadweep is an inhabited island which is accessible from Agatti Island within just 20 minutes with the help of speed boat. Majorly, this place is visited by foreigners and newly-wed couples. Being isolated and adorned by the calmness of nature with exotic beaches and fascinating coconut palm trees adds a pearl of charm in its serenity. However, the best time to visit this place is monsoon and winters. This is because there is no adverse impact of monsoons and winters over the Bangaram and Agatti islands. Additionally, they are accessible via Kochi airport. 

What you can have here is one of the most important questions that arise in the mind of a traveler. So to answer this one, it is suggested that you can spend your evenings gazing at fascinating sunsets at the beach. You can have a romantic dinner with your spouse under the coolest breeze with amazing views all around you two. Adding more to this, you can also take a deep dive into the sea and explore the magic of underwater life.    

2.     Agatti Island

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Agatti Island covers an area of around 7.6 kilometers which is situated on a coral atoll, namely, Agatti Atoll. It is under the Union Territory of Lakshadweep of the Republic of India. It is about 459 kilometers away from Kochi in the mainland and is just 7 km southwest to Bangaram island. However, you might feel some restrictions at Agatti island, as there are a couple of restrictions over visitors to this place. But, wait for a while, you need not worry, as you can get to this one of the most fascinating locations. This island has road runs that you can surely enjoy with the help of cycle rides over the roads. Adding more to this, Agatti island has beautiful marine life that surely needs to be explored deeply and thoroughly. Water sports and scuba diving are things like a cherry on the top of the cake. You can do all these things to admire heavenly fascinating creations of nature.  Golden Jubilee Museum and Mohiuddin Mosque some of the famous tourists’ first choice destinations to visit in case they plan to be at Agatti. You can also grab a chance to munch on the seafood, sea fishes and varying coconut dishes in a row. In short, you can’t dare to skip this place.

3.      Kavaratti Islands

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This place is no less than a solitaire among a precious group of islands of Lakshadweep. As Kavaratti is the capital of Lakshadweep Islands, along with mesmerizing sea views and white-sand beaches steal the whole of the show of Lakshadweep. It is 360 km away from the seashores of Kochi. Apart from this, Agatti airport is the nearest airport to this island. This is one of the best news that Kavaratti has been opted by the government of India to transform it into a smart city. This island, being small with an area of 3.93 square kilometers, this place barely lacks at alluring all your sensations. It’s tempting, alluring as well as not to be missed places. This island comprises 12 atolls, among these five of them, are submerged banks while three of them are coral reefs that offer perfect tranquility within the spheres of such a calm place.

4.      Minicoy Island

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Minicoy Island is one among the 36 island’s group of Lakshadweep, that possesses its serenity and tranquility. The amazing views and appealing infinite ocean touching feet of white sands at the shore is all that’s ample to make anyone’s day. It is interesting to note that in local languages, Minicoy is also known as Maliku island and is well known for keeping all the hidden secrets of India. This island is situated in the heavily stretched Arabian Sea and is hardly 398 km far from the shores of Cochin. Another interesting fact about Minicoy Island is that it’s this island is the second-largest island on Lakshadweep and the one as well where people are inhabited. The coral reefs and scintillating chorus of waves at shores along with the sunset is a perfect blend of your dream world could ever be. For the most lavish experience, choose to stay at any beach resort lest you can grab every glimpse of a day transforming into the evening and thereafter soothing night. This place has gained enormous its cognizance amid tourists due to artifacts like tuna canning, tuna fishing and the presence of pristine palm-fringed beaches. 

5.      Marine Museum   

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Marine museum is situated in Kavaratti it aims at portraying a huge variety of marine artifacts. Additionally, this museum promotes marine products and believes in its preservation accordingly. The most fascinating part of this marine museum is an aquarium that has numerous colorful species of fishes and aquatic species of plants and animals. If you are deeply mad about exploring marine life in a detailed manner, then this is the place where you must be.  

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