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Most Beautiful Villages In The World That Could Match The Heaven

Most beautiful villages in the world

Small villages and towns are always submerged in the brightness of the big metro cities. People always consider big cities as their dream destination, however, it doesn’t mean that small towns and villages can’t be impressive to be someone’s favorite destination. It is true that cities are beautiful and attractive enough; skyscrapers, huge and articulate malls, and a modern lifestyle may be stunning but scenery and simplicity found in villages remain uncomparable. The cultural experience, hospitality, and splendid views that the most beautiful villages in the world can offer are just a treasure in a lifetime. 

You have probably explored various luxury countries, metropolitan cities, and road trips in your life, but did the idea of exploring the small-lesser known villages ever hit your mind? Probably not. Because the brightness and manmade beauty of the huge cities often overlook the natural and cultural habitat of the small villages and towns. 

If our views about the beauty of small villages a bit impressed you, keep reading to get insight into some of the most beautiful villages in the world. Below we have whittled down the list of must-see beautiful villages in the world that will definitely leave you surprised by knowing how beautiful the world is even without the tall building and huge cities. 

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Hallstatt, Austria

Nestled between the Hallstatter see and the Dachstein mountains, Hallstatt village is the oldest and perhaps the most beautiful photographed place. This stunning European town is home to magnificent churches, a subterranean salt lake, a museum that features 7,000-years-old artifacts, and a glass-like lake. Most interestingly, the village is vehicle-free and this is what preserves the beauty of this village. 

Ladakh, India

Ladakh is situated in the far north of the sub-continent over 3,500 meters above on the Tibetan plateau often referred to as a ‘Mini Tibet’. It is perhaps the most beautiful village in India as it is nestled between the most beautiful mountains on the earth that are covered with snow blanket for almost a year. Ladakh mountains namely the Himalayas are the most picturesque places on earth and the most adventurous mountains to trek around the stunning rural village. 

Popeye Village, Malta

The third village on the list of most beautiful villages in the world is Popeye Village, Malta. An interesting fact about this village is it is a vamped-up 80’s movie set. But now it is home to quaint, colorful clusters of wooden buildings, and a company of actors. It is worth visiting here as it has an array of fun activities to do such as watch shows, go on boat rides, visit the museum, explore the village while tasting wine and kids romp at the playhouse. Because of these attributes, Popeye village is also called the most advanced village in the world.

Cinque Terre, Italy

If you visit Italy and want to feel the authenticity of the country, Cinque Terre village is the one that you should visit in Italy. Basically, Cinque Terre means ‘Five Lands’ and is the collective name given to five different fishing villages. Each village boasts stunning coastal and mountain trails as well as beautiful and classic architecture. Cinque Terre village known as a romantic town area offers timeless appeal and a feel of affinity when you wander like a tourist here.

Oia, Greece

Oia, another beautiful village located in Greece is as beautiful as heaven. Located on the highest cliffs of Santorini, offering the most beautiful views of the Santorini volcanic crater. Visitors can walk through this traditional village to explore the blue-domed churches, sunbathed verandas, a number of art galleries, and a maze of small shops. From the peak of the cliff, you can get a picture of the day of the sunset view as the sun beautifully sets down here. Oia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful villages in the world. 

Ortahisae, Turkey

Despite its central location Ortahisae has managed to remain largely traditional and most slow-paced, even the surrounding area has increasingly become more and more touristic, Ortahisae, being a rustic and charming place, is offering scenic beauty to the visitors. This small village has everything to please you. Here you can drink and have a meal in an underground cave bar, learn more about the underground cave storage where citrus fruits are stashed until they ripen. Ortahisae can be called the most advanced village in the world because of its hidden attributes. 

Cua Van, Vietnam

Charming and enchanting, Cua Van is one of the famous towns in the world for its natural beauty. It is a fishing village along with Ha Long Bay but is believed to be its most popular tourist spot. Situated on an emerald green bay surrounded by mountains and home to beautiful and exotic marine life, caves, and grottoes, Cua Van is perfect for exploring a vibrant village culture. The natural beauty of the village put it on the list of most beautiful villages in the world. 

Small villages and towns are a way to reconnect with nature, immerse yourself in centuries of history, and learn the intriguing local customs of any city and country in the world. Here we would like to suggest you while planning the tour to a new place around the world, make sure to add a visit to a village in that area as the small hidden places are the best way to explore the depth of the beauty and have deep knowledge about the custom, culture, and history.

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