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Germany Holds The Most Powerful Passport In The World

Most Powerful Passport In The World

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, Germany tops Arton Capital’s Passport Index with visa-free access to 134 countries.

The Coronavirus Pandemic had halted the global travel industry for at least three months when countries imposed lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. According to the Arton Capital Passport Index 2021, global mobility fell which leads to a heavy fall in the World Openness Score (WOS), or the measure to access the openness of the world based on the visa-free travel agreements with the closure of borders. With this, the power of passports of individual countries has shaken up massively.  

While taking the closures of coronavirus-related borders into account, Germany has topped the list of countries in terms of powerful passports as giving access to 134 destinations. This is the most powerful passport in the world right now, according to the Arton Capital’s Passport Index.  

Of these, citizens holding German passports are able to visit 99 countries without requiring a visa and 35 countries where they would need a visa on arrival. 

Countries like Sweden, Finland, Spain, and New Zealand are close to Germany but holding second place with visa-free access to 133 destinations currently. Check out the below list of the world’s most powerful passports with COVID-19 restrictions, according to the Passport Index by Arton Capital 2021.

Passport Index 2021: The World’s Most Powerful Passport In 2021

  • Germany (134 destinations) ranked as the most powerful passports in the world.
  • Sweden, Finland, Spain, and New Zealand ranked second with 133 travel destinations. 
  • Passports of Denmark, Norway Switzerland got third place with the countries having mobility scores of 132 destinations. 
  • In fourth place, nine countries ranked – Netherlands, France, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom – with the mobility score of 131 destinations. 
  • Meanwhile, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Japan, and South Korea have a mobility score of 130, ranking at fifth place.
  • Further, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Iceland allows for 129 destinations. 
  • Whereas Malta, Slovakia, Australia has mobility score of 128 destinations,
  • At the same time, Cyprus and Liechtenstein ranked at eighth number with 127 destinations. 
  • Croatia and Romania holds 9th place with 126 destinations,
  • And lastly, Bulgaria has 125 destinations. 

Passport Index 2021: India’s Passport Strength

The Index placed India at the 61st position, along with the other countries such as the Philippines, Bhutan, Benin, Algeria, and Gabon having a mobility score of 52 destinations. 

Indian Passport holders have visa-free access to 18 countries and require a visa on arrival for 34 countries. On the other hand, holders of Indian passports require a visa to visit 146 countries and have a world reach of 26%. As compared to last year’s ranking, India has the same mobility score. However, during the pandemic, India has a mobility score of 47.

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