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5 Fun and Unique Things to Do in Cleveland, Ohio This Weekend

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Whether you’re a travel junkie or love to spend your weekends far from the hustle-bustle of city life, you’ll always be looking for a new place every time when it comes traveling. With a few things to do in Cleveland, Ohio, we come with a short guide to fill your weekend with full of fun and excitement. Hoping, you’ll like and appreciate the efforts that we have put to create this guide, with the help of travel experts, to add the most exciting and enthralling place to your bucket list. 

Don’t let Cleveland’s size decide what this city can offer in the name of travel. Sure, Cleveland is a bit smaller compared to other lavish cities of the country like LA, Chicago, NYC but the place has a  ton of activities for the travelers and is capable of filling them with excitement. From the world’s best Museums to the biggest market, an impressive baseball field, there are many awe-inspiring moments and attractions that will grab your attention. 

Let’s move further to some breathtaking things to do in Cleveland before we reveal everything here.

Plan Your Trip With These 5 Best Things to do in Cleveland, Ohio

Explore the Art of Cleveland’s Museum

Cleveland Museum

Whenever you land in Cleveland, visiting the Museums must be on your list. The two major Museums: the Cleveland Museum of Natural history and the Cleveland Museum of Art are the major attractions of Cleveland City. 

Why Should You Go

Home to impressive arts and natural history, these two Museums are famous internationally for their huge collection. People visit here from all around the world to explore the beautiful artwork and learn the history of the country. 

What To Do

Spend your time admiring exhibitions, sculptures, paintings by some renowned artists, millions of years of animal skeletons. You can also experience the special events organized by the Museum showcasing huge collections from all over the world. 

Wander in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Wander in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

One of the most popular attractions and things to do in Cleveland is wandering around the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Since its inception, over 8 million celebrities including musicians and singers walk through the Museum door 

Why Should You Go

For years, it has been captivating a number of visitors from all around the world for a number of reasons. No place can be better than this for true music lovers. The annual event of the Museum comes with the Rock n Roll Fame induction ceremony which is the highlight of the Museum. 

What To Do

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is more than just a Museum. Live music performances, films, lectures, the panel discussion is one of the best things to do in Cleveland. Else, see artifacts and memorabilia from rock ‘n’ roll legends.

Get Friendly With Wild Animals at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

One of the oldest zoos in the United States and has domestic and exotic animals around the world. This is one of the must-see and top things to do in Cleveland with your family and friends. 

Why Should You Go

If you’re a wildlife lover and keen to explore the different species of animals, look no further than Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Home to more than 3,000 wild animals from different places, this Zoo is a perfect place to have fun, photography, and learning. 

What To Do 

If you’re wondering what to do in Cleveland this weekend, you have landed the right place to get some exciting ideas. In this world’s best zoo, you can experience various exciting activities including Camel rides, Giraffe feeding, and overnight programs where visitors enjoy a night in the park and partake beside-scene-tour.

Shop at West Side Market

West Side Market

West Side Market is the biggest running market in Cleveland. It has been growing, improving, and gaining popularity throughout the year among the locals and tourists both. Today, the west side market is home to over 100 vendors selling a huge variety of items gathered from all over the world.

Why Should You Go

The city’s oldest marketplace, West Side Market is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The market has tons of unique souvenirs that you can buy to take with you. This is one of the best things to do in Cleveland as you will experience items from different parts of the world. 

What To Do 

From the artifacts to Culinary products, the market has no shortage of surprising items. Just stroll the market, explore the fresh samples and enjoy different varieties before you buy anything.

Enjoy Baseball at Progressive Field

Baseball at Progressive Field Cleveland

Set in the heart of downtown, the baseball park is the best place to spend time for baseball fans. When it comes to things to do in Cleveland, visiting Progressive field and watching an interesting baseball match is so peaceful and fills you with excitement.

Why Should You Go

Offering live authentic baseball matches, Paradise field is simply a paradise to baseball fans. If you’re a diehard fan of baseball, watching your favorite players playing your favorite game would be one of the favorite things to do in Cleveland. 

What To Do 

You can watch baseball matches to catch exciting moves. If there is no game available on the ground, the park is still worth visiting for a guided tour. As per the experience, this tour features a ton of stops with exciting stories behind. So if you’re wondering what to do in Cleveland this weekend, add Progressive Field to your list to make your journey more exciting and fun. 

Today, spending your weekends in restaurants, PVR, and on beaches is very common. But Cleveland has some unique things to explore and experience. If you want some change in your daily routine and get bored with the same traveling ideas, plan our trip to Cleveland. We have mentioned major things above to let our readers enjoy their trip at ease. So, stop thinking about what to do in Cleveland this weekend because the complete guide is here.

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