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Things To Do In Gandikota: Explore the Hidden Gems

Things To Do In Gandikota

If you have been visiting our website, you must know how curious we are about sharing our thoughts on different places. This time we are adding Things To Do In Gandikota to our list for our travel junkies.  

With the all-new places to visit this summer season, we made this post to make your trip to Gandikota perfect and memorable. So let’s explore this new place in India that is situated in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. 

Gandikota is a small town in India that can be explored in one day. But don’t judge this place by its size. If you have heard about the “Grand Canyon of Arizona”, you can easily imagine the beauty of this little town. Yes, it is the hidden “Grand Canyon of India’‘ that attracts millions of visitors towards itself every year. People visit this small village of Andhra Pradesh just to watch the beautiful gorge that forms here. 
Besides this unparalleled beauty of the gorge, Gandikota has several attractions to visit with plenty of things to do there. We have uncovered many exciting things about Gandikota Tourism that can blow any visitor’s mind.

Pro Things To Do In Gandikota: Explore Big Things In Small Village

A small village in India, but still capable of capturing the attention of millions of visitors from the globe. From Camping, adventurous activities, to exploring the caves, there are plenty of things to do in Gandikota. Also several places on the way to Gandikota such as Kurnool Fort, Yaganti Temple and Oravakallu Rock Garden are worth visiting. that will make your trip more exciting. Check out the list without wasting time.

Walk Through through the Ruin Building- Gandikota Fort

Gandikota Fort

The best yet important thing to do in Gandikota is walking through the ancient building of the Gandikota i.e Gandikota Fort. The fort holds a great history as it has been ruled by different rulers. Kalyani, Cholas, Chalukyas, Golconda Sultanate, Delhi Sultanate are some of the great dynasties who have ruled this fort since its creation. 

The fort is equipped with a Jamia Masjid and two ancient temples of Madhavaraya and Ranganatha Swamy. The Large Granary, Old Cannons, Gardens, House of Drums, Charminar, Jail, Pond- Red Koneru are worth watching points of the fort.

Indulge in the Mesmerizing View of Gorge – Pennar River

Pennar River

The reason to visit Gandikota or you can call it the heart of Gandikota, Pennar River is the natural and the magnificent beauty of the Gandikota. Watch the Pennar river peacefully flowing between the hills, that is truly beautiful and an artwork in itself. Just like the Grand Canyon in Arizona, this massive gorge is stunning. Climb the rocks and sit on the top of the rock and watch the beautiful view of sunset which is just worth capturing. 
This is one of those things to do in Gandikota that doesn’t deserve to be missed. So pack your bag with snacks and drinks, and get ready to climb rocks.

Try Some Adventurous Activities – Gandikota Village

Whether you love water activities or adventure, Gandikota has something for everyone. As Gandikota is recently coming under the tourism spotlight, various travel activities are getting popular in the Village. One can engage in a number of adventurous activities like get down in the gorge and rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, camping in Gandikota, kayaking in Gandikota, etc.

Explore the Interior Facts of Belum Caves

Belum Caves

Belum caves are the second largest ancient caves in India. These massive caves are 3230 meters long and filled with different significant artifacts such as fresh-water galleries, huge chambers, siphons, and extended passage. Also, there is a huge meditation hall in the caves for practicing meditation. It is said that ancient Buddist monks used to meditate there with other Buddhist rituals. This is one of the top attractions of Gandikota that is situated near Kolimigundla village. This is one of the enchanting things to do in Gandikota that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

Visit the Artifacts Temples – Madhavaraya and Ranganatha Swamy

Madhavaraya and Ranganatha temples

We must say- a trip to Gandikota is incomplete if you didn’t include these two ancient and spectacular temples on your list. It won’t be wrong to say that these two architecturally rich temples are the gems of Gandikota. If you want to see the art and hard work of our ancestors, these two temples are the best example. The Madhavaraya Temple is the home of architecture that holds many sculptures of Hindu Gods. The Ranganatha Temple, on the other hand, made of red granite displays the life of the lost kingdom via art. 

Besides these things to do in Gandikota, you should also explore the nearby places of Gandikota to add a remarkable experience to your memories. These interesting places will provide a unique experience, so you must add these places to visit on the way to Gandikota.

  • Owk Reservoir
  • Yaganti Temple
  • Oravakallu Rock Garden
  • Kurnool Fort
  • Mylavaram Dam

With this Gandikota Tourism guide, we will definitely enjoy your trip. We have included the major things to do, otherwise, there are plenty of things to do in Gandikota. Gandikota is the place that can leave visitors speechless for sure. So plan your itinerary wisely, therefore you can experience the place at its best. 

For more updates, stay tuned with us.

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