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10 Aesthetically Pleasing Things To Do In Malvan


Malvan, one of the famous seashore sites in Maharashtra, can be your next vacay spot to enjoy family holidays. The cherished coast offers more than enough to plan a trip, from scenic beauty around the beaches to a wide array of water adventures. If you are looking for things to do in Malvan, the following guide will give you a comprehensive insight into what you can indulge in when holidaying in Malvan. 

The best time to plan a trip to Malvan is when you have nothing at home to luxuriate in or have free time from work. However, the one who has already been there will suggest you set up a tour to Malvan in the winter, i.e., anywhere between October to February. We also recommend planning a trip in the mild season when it’s drizzling all around, or the chilly winter catches the country’s northern part in the cold. 

Whenever you schedule the trip to Malvan, it won’t fall short of adventures, attractions and things to do in Malvan. Here, we present you with the 10 most exciting sites and things to revel in – just to unwind your exhausting work routine. 

1. Beaches Are There To Soothe Your Vacation Vibes

Beaches Are There To Soothe Your Vacation Vibes

Malvan, being situated at the seashore, boasts the whole scad of beaches to bask in. From Tarkarli Beach to delight in a stroll on the white sandy shore to grooving on Malvan Beach around boats-buzz, Malvan has a myriad of things to do in Malvan that soothe your staycation. Dolphins and sea turtles are the prime attractions on Tarkarli Beach, some clicks with them will make a memory worth cherishing for a lifetime. 

After you are over and done with the Malvan and Tarkarli Beaches, you can plan to pay a resounding visit to Chivla Beach. The Chivla Beach, which stretches across the sealine in the northwest part of Malvan, is there to give you a sneak peek into the beautiful sunset happening over the Arabian sea. Having delighted in the beachside, you can measure the miles of the Karli river on a rented ship. This ship ride will turn out into one of the most exciting trips ever, and you will want to write it down in the book of your life story. 

2. Malvan Marine Sanctuary

If you love to have a good time around nature, the Malvan Marine Sanctuary is just bliss for your eyes. A walkthrough of the Malvan Marine Sanctuary is one of the things to do in Malvan. The site is famous for its unexceptional flora and fauna and luxurious plantations in the surrounding. Peculiar pebbles and astonishing corals around will get your curiosity aroused. You will take great pleasure while being around this aquatic biodiversity. You can see a mass of marine animals from black-headed gulls to terns and plovers to waterfowl resting on the water at Malvan Marine Sanctuary.  

2. Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort

If you like to hang around the country’s rich history and historical monuments,  planning a day out for Sindhudurg Fort with your family and friends can be your thing to do in Malvan. The fort that was built around the 16th century is a pure testimony of the power and dominance of the Maratha empire. There are rare forts in India that occupy a whole island, and that took as long as 30 years to get the shape. This fort is worth visiting for history lovers. 

3. Rajkot Fort

Rajkot Fort

Malvan got major forts in its cart during the Maratha empire. The Rajkot Fort, popularly known as the Malvan Castle, was one of the most secure forts when Marathas ruled the Deccan plateau. Having a trip around the fort is one of the things to do in Malvan. If you have even a slight interest in History, you will enjoy taking a tour of the fort. 

4. Tsunami Island 

Tsunami Island 

Since the island was redeveloped after the disheartening incidence of Tsunami, the Island got the name Tsunami Island. The island is the hub of adventure activities. From Scuba diving to parasailing, kayaking to banana boat rides, there is a whole bundle of adventure things to do in Malvan when you get a chance to roam around the Tsunami Island. 

5. Rock Garden

 Rock Garden

Located at the bank of the Arabin sea beside the Arase Mahal, the Rock Garden is also worth paying a visit when taking the tour of Malvan. If you haven’t seen anything unusual ever in your life, a visit to the Rock Garden is a must-do thing in Malvan. Manicured massive rocks adorn the garden giving you a reason to revel in a one-of-its-kind cherished site. 

6. Rameshwar Temple

 Rameshwar Temple

If you don’t want to miss visiting the religious sites in Malvan, the Rameshwaram temple is for you. The temple is more regarded as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas than just a temple. The temple is known for its incredible architecture that boasts a great artwork of lengthy corridors, figurines and well-decorated pillars. Paying a shrine to Lord Shiva is also one of the things to do in Malvan, particularly for those who believe in Shiva. 

7. Kolam Creek

Kolam Creek is a small tourist spot for vacationers. Those who like to have a boat ride around a serene view can visit the place. If you love boat riding, you can bookmark it as a thing to do in Malvan. Besides the boat riding, you have other adventures to indulge in at Kolam Creek. 

8. Shopping In Malvan

Who wouldn’t like to go shopping when you are on a planned trip to a famous tourist destination. From famous Alfonso mango to cashews, you have a range of home-grown edibles to buy when shopping in Malvan. Shopping is one of the important things to do in Malvan that you will enjoy a lot. Malvan is famous for Chinese pottery. You can pick what suits your eyes and budget. Lacquered furniture, wooden toys and flower pots are also in the cart that you can make a good bargain of when shopping in Malvan. 

9. Sightseeing In Malvan

Sightseeing In Malvan

The city, which is famous for its beaches, boasts serene nature all around. Backpackers will enjoy their time being around beaches. Tarkarli beach, Chivla beach, Mobar point, Tondavali beach, Wayari Beaches are some of the fascinating sightseeing spots of Malvan for an incredible sightseeing experience. 

10. Dining In Malvan

Malvani delicacies are just out of this world. When in Malvan, don’t come back without tasting traditional Malvani dishes. Dining, we believe, is one of the most important things to do in Malvan. Spice-rich fish curry and deep coloured cuisines will make your dining experience just wow. Malvan is famous for its lip-smacking seafood. If you enjoy non-veg dishes, you will get your taste buds pleased with the zanzanit kombdi suke (dry chicken), kolambi fry (prawns) and chamchamit masali tikhle (a mixture of mackerel and pomfret). 

There are affordable lodges in Malvan to rest your exhausted being when not roaming around the city. Malvan is connected to Kankavli and Dabolim through train and air routes. When you have gone through the things to do in Malvan, set up a plan to give the historic city a tour.   

Final Thought

Hopefully, you have got an idea of the things to do in Malvan in the above post. If you plan a trip to a native tourist spot, Malvan is just the spot for you.

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