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From Craggy Mountains To Deep Dive In Seas In Cape Town

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Cape Town a mesmerizing place on the planet which is a dream home to many. The sprawling city that possesses an abundance of natural splendour adds the spice of its own into the tranquility of people around. The wholeheartedly, welcoming city gives a big hug to one and all. I can swear on you that once you will be there, you can’t ever get over of the Cape Town. The craggy range of mountains always tends to take a deep dive in the glittering seas and beaches and on the other side it lines up with numerous variants of delicate flora and consistently chattering of faunas all around. Are there any plans of yours to be there? Then, in the meanwhile, let me know you about the city where you wish to be.      

The legislative capital of South Africa, Cape Town is a primate city of the Western Cape province with 433,688 inhabitants in an area of 400.28 square kilometers. Here are some of the amazing places you can visit once you are on a trip to Mother City, Cape Town.

1. Table Mountain

The Table Mountain is somewhat one of the most indispensable places to visit in Cape Town. This is because it is one of the famous landmarks of South Africa as the view from afar gives a resemblance to the tabletop. It is the most famous flat mountain. It is no less than a heaven for all those who are die-heart nature lovers and adventurers on this planet. The ones who are photogenic people can take their photography to the next level. It is standing at a striking height of about 1 kilometer and possesses some stones that are pretty 500 years old too!

You can enjoy the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, hike over the mountain, see the 12 Apostles, Lion’s Head, the ocean, and the city of Cape Town spread beneath you. It’s absolutely amazing to be there.

2. Bo Kaap

Bo Kaap is one of the most charming suburbs of Cape Town. It’s unique in itself as it has plenty of character as well as the soul. In this area, the houses are painted in numerous vibrant colours and shades varying from greens, pinks, blues, reds, purples, oranges and many more. The variants of shades are ample to make you go wow of the place.

The story behind painting homes in various shades is that the slaves and occupants expressed their desire for freedom by doing so. There are still many residents who are a reflection of the times when people from Malaysia and Indonesia were brought to Cape Town to work. This area has a strong essence of Islamic flavour.

You can enjoy the unfolding scenes of colours and riot in Bo Kaap as well as you can also visit the Bo Kaap Museum to know more about the neighbourhood. This area explains the thorough history of that place.

3. Boulder’s Beach

Boulder’s beach is another fascinating place at Cape Town where you can enjoy along with your kids. The sheltered water at this beach is perfect for swimming purposes. Adding more to this, there is a beautiful paradise of penguins residing there. It boasts off-white coloured sands and warm water gives a home to granite rocks. You can consider this place for sunbathing as well along with the swimming. You can see the penguins in this area throughout the year and the most interesting part of this place is that it has thousands of penguins that are found only on the Boulders Beach. 

4. St. George’s Cathedral

St. George Cathedral was built in the early 1900s and it is the oldest cathedral of South Africa. One of the most remarkable moments attached to this Cathedral is that it has played one of the most crucial roles during the resistance against apartheid, that welcomes people of every race to worship. It is often termed as The People’s Cathedral due to its open approach. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a clergy was the one who led numerous marches and campaigns. It is one of the most impressive pieces of architecture that barely ever fails at mesmerizing visitors. It’s an active place to worship and this cathedral also hosts some classical music concerts too. Adding more to this cathedral is also active in promoting social projects that aid in improving the lives of locals.

This impeccable cathedral offers an ambiance of serenity and escapes the heat outside. The stunningly stained glasses of windows portray religious scenes and the main window features a black Christ. You will also be able to notice Mahatma Gandhi in one of the windows, which depicts the sign of openness and tolerance of the cathedral. Additionally, you won’t be able to skip your gaze from the Hill Organ and bells and are absolutely worth seeing.  

5. The Castle of Good Hope

The Castle of Good Hope is pentagonal and it was built during 1666 of the 17th century by Dutch East India Company as a mark of the highly influential colonial past of Cape Town. This building is said to be the oldest functioning building in South Africa.  It was constructed to replenish the supplies of ships. The designs of the gates of this building include the coats of arms of several Dutch cities. Currently, this place is the Cape Military installation as well as a home to the Castle Military Museum and the Iziko Museums of Cape Town. The Military Museum narrates the history of Cape while on the other hand, the Iziko Museum showcases historical paintings and antique furniture, which is popularly known as the Wiliam Fehr collection. The Castle of Good Hope sits in the shadow of the Table Mountain that displaying some awesome views to the eyes. You can enjoy the varied artifacts and old weaponry, uniforms and other military memorabilia, the William Fehr Collection as one of the brilliant collections of antique pieces of art. Adding more to it, you can also enjoy horse and carriage rides at the national monument of South Africa.

6. Cape Point

Cape point is one of the most serene places that offer with breathtaking views to eyes. The Cape Point is located at the very end of the Cape Peninsula and is less than 65 km from Cape Town. This place can provide you an extravaganza view along with high boulders and spectacular ocean views. It is a part of Table Mountain National Park and is home to about 250 species of birds, baboons, and zebras. It has a tremendous diversity of plants as well that can offer a paradise of photography to people like you. There is an option of taking ways to the lighthouse at the top of boulders; either you can take a steep path or a funicular.

7. Chapman’s Peak Drive

Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the most spectacular roads of the world with jaw-dropping picturesque all around. This drive is considered one of the most fascinating drives in the world. This road runs along between Noordhoek to Hout Bay and 9 kilometers twisted stretch of road has 114 curves that can offer you 180 degrees of breathtakingly arresting views of the Atlantic coastline. It is located on the south-western tip of South Africa and provides most scenic drives in the world. 

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