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Party, Nature, History And Much More About Ibiza -Best Places to visit in Ibiza

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When the name Ibiza comes in ear, the first thing that comes to mind is a party. It is the place for the crazy people where they can stay up for all-night parties. If they want to let their stress go and dance is the love then some of the best clubs in the world exist here. Moreover, Balearic Island, one of the best places to visit in Ibiza, is being known for a party destination.

Although, the size of the island is too small, nevertheless it is packed with several attractions and things to do. Where Ibiza is widely known for its unparalleled nightlife, on the other hand, there are plenty of things to do in the day time. From sandy beaches to the historical town, breathtaking views of night lighting to chilling in buzzing markets, Ibiza is all about the fun. We know that delicious food is the heart of the parties and when we talk about the nightlife and parties how we can forget about the food. Yes, Ibiza is no less in offering palatable cuisines that will enhance the mood of the parties.

If you’re ready to explore Ibiza from the depth then we have enlisted some best places to visit in Ibiza.

1. Ibiza town

Ibiza Town is also known as the port city and one of the prettiest destinations on the island. The town is divided into sections and locals call it the Eivissa. Although, the whole Ibiza is prominent for nightlife the Ibiza town is known as the hub of the world-famous nightclubs. It is home to the well-known ‘Pacha night club’ where the best DJs of the world embellish the ambiance each night in the summer season.

Apart from this, Ibiza Town explores an immersive fashion. The visitor will find here a selection of boutiques, top-notch fashion stores, including show shops and all kinds of novelties.

2. Ibiza museum

Ibiza has an abundance of history and this island was once known as the richest coastal Mediterranean city and welcomed Punics, Romans, Moors, and Phoenicians. Then, there was the arrival of Christians that turned the island not only losing its richness but also the position as a crucial trading post.

To keep history alive in the local’s heart, the museum has extreme importance in Ibiza. All history can be found in museums and if you want to witness extra cultural inspiration then you should visit the Ibiza museum.

3. Es Canar

Es Canar is best known for the hippy market but it has far more options to offer than a market. It is a weekly market which usually happens on Wednesday. There are countless stores offering various unique items including handcrafted jewellery, clothes, and souvenirs. Basically, Es Canar is a beach resort on the eastern side of the island where you can chill during your vacations. The place is covered with a colorful and lively atmosphere filled with live music and street food.

Es Canar has pine forests and sandy shorelines that create a great contrast and exceptional scenery to behold. This place would be a dream destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts because there are unlimited opportunities to do things. Of course, this is one of the places that shouldn’t be missed in the list of best places to visit in Ibiza.

4. Cala Llonga

Cala llonga is an extremely long bay on the east coast of Ibiza. Amidst between the wooded mountains and colorful green scenery, it is the place that offers a wonderful experience to everyone. Right from the children to their parents, it has many things for everyone. Children can enjoy off stream with water spray guns while their parents soak up on the deck chair and relax over there. In all, this beach is surrounded by several interesting activities like holiday hotels, party halls, and nightlife.

When it comes to food and drink, tourists have several options to choose from which usually display their menu on large tables. Moreover, Cala Llonga leaves no stone unturned to make your vacation successful as it has every needful thing for your holiday, from classic supermarket to pharmacy.

5. Benirras Beach

Benirras Beach is the most crowded place in Ibiza. The crowd is mixed-up  here, from families to adults to children to parents; everybody is welcomed at this place to enjoy the spirit of freedom. Usually, on Sunday, hippy markets are also set at the shore of the beach. The place also includes various other activities like a restaurant, cocktail bar, juice bar, boutique, lounge, and massage room.

If you have a vehicle then this place has parking also that has revamped recently and allowing plenty of cars during the Sunday. Just be prepared while visiting here, because there are plenty of things to explore.

6. Teatro Pereyra

If you are a music lover then Teatro Pereyra is the live music bar in Ibiza. It is a vibrant place set between the lobby of the island’s historic former theater.  It is situated in the old town, with various vibrant performances of jazz, soul, and Latin on the stage from 11.30 P.M to 3.30 A.M. Along with this, there are various drinks varieties available at different prices. People can enjoy it with music and there is no better option than a mojito.

In all, the place is all about the mature crowd with no queues, real music, subtle lightning which is quite enough to make a memorable evening.

7. Sa Talaia

Stretching your body in the morning might be a good idea but if we give an option to do this activity in the fresh air then it would surely ice on a cake. You can hike on the tallest point in Ibiza, known as Sa Talaia, located in Sant Josep. Being a 1560 ft mountain, offer so many breathtaking views from east and west coasts. It is the place where you can watch the sunset in all its glory.

The peace is here at the peak where you are unable to listen to anything but can hear the sound of nature. You’ll explore the island darkening beneath a beautiful purple sky to the east while the west is still lit in the deep orange color of sunset. Overall, it is a magical way to explore the beauty of Ibiza.

8. Es Vedra

Not only in Ibiza but Es Vedra is one of those places on Earth that is full of mystery. Basically, it’s an uninhabited rock island off the coast with few myths and legends tied to it. It is also said that it was the island where the infamous sirens tried to lure Odysseus from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey. Moreover, the place was once called an incredibly magnetic behind the North Pole and the Bermuda triangle. Cruise is the option that can take you to see Es Vedra closely with the amazing views of the surrounding landscape.

The height of the rock is about 400 m tall which is standing between the oceans beautifully. Once you made a trip to Es Vedrs then don’t skip this one of the beau

It is the time to come out from the beautiful hill, alluring beaches and the sunset that is giving a beholding view because we are taking you towards the hidden sea caves of Ibiza. It is called hidden caves because it is the secret caves that were once used by the smugglers in the day time to store contraband. If you want to witness the caves from the inside then you need to go through the narrow staircase on the side of a cliff. Once you enter the caves, you’ll find the bright green color and creepy rock formations.

Overall, it is a fascinating experience for the one who hasn’t seen this type of scene before.

So before the summer knocks on your door, you should get ready with your plans.  A better place makes good memories. So choose a place that can give you more than just a cool temperature to unwind with your family, friends and colleagues if you are planning for a business trip. On the grounds of the reviews and our personal experience, we have found that Ibiza is the destination to witness this summer.

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