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Denpasar- A Perfect Place to Explore Some Unique Things

Places To Visit In Denpasar

Denpasar is the capital city of Bali. This is a city bustling with energy and one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. This city has famous temples, parks, museums, and many more places to explore. This city is a great place for traditional Balinese culture and architecture. It is a combination of a modern twist of tourism and a more commercial environment. The beaches at the fringes of the city, never-ending adventure in Denpasar, captivating cultural scene, makes it an ideal vacation retreat for all age groups. This city is known as a frenetic city for trade. This capital city is an electric mix of traditional beauty and modern architecture and amenities. There are some best places to visit in Denpasar to explore-

1. Bajra Sandhi Monument  

This temple was built in 1987 which serves as a reminder of the struggle faced by the Balinese during the war. The name of the temple “Bajra” denotes the shape of the bell which is used during the religious processions and ceremonies. This temple has also preserved many Balinese cultural aspects and also explained the tradition of generations of Balinese people that makes it one of the most popular places to visit. This monument consists of 33 dioramas which preserve many cultural facets of Bali. There are many other facilities are available like shuttle buses, a large parking area, food stalls, etc.

2. Bali Provincial Public State Museum 

The Bali Provincial Public Museum is an interesting Denpasar sightseeing point. Locally, this museum is known as Negeri Propinsi Bali which gives an insight into the culture, history, the lives and the varied traditions of the Balinese people. This is one of the oldest landmarks and the main museum in the city. This is a great place for enjoyment. The museum is completely filled up with stone carvings. Visitors can walk through tropical gardens distribute with several statues which shows the rich heritage and culture of this island.

3. Shark Island 

This is one of the most entertaining and family-friendly places to visit in the city. You can also enjoy their daily activities like playing, feeding, swimming with sharks, etc. and these activities are safe. And of course, you can enjoy this experience with your entire family. You can also do museum hopping. This conservatory gives you a 3-hours eco-tour. There is also a turtle conservatory and an education center available. This is one of the best experiences where you are allowed to getting close and personal with the sharks.

4. Pura Jagatnatha 

Pura Jagatnatha is a temple which is made up of white corals. It is situated near the Bali Provincial Museum and the city square. It gives a mesmerizing view of its beauty and structure. Locally, this temple is otherwise called as Jagatnatha Temple. It is a Hindu place of worship dedicated to Sanghyang Widi. The interior of this temple is filled up with many old stories, depictions from the history of Sanghyang Widi and also some other Hindu Gods. This temple celebrates two major festivals i.e. full moon and half-moon every month. The interior design of the temple offers an insightful glimpse of the past.

5. Sanur Beach  

This is one of the more high-end beaches in Denpasar. This beach is full of resorts and has a lot of upper-end restaurants, cafes, and clubs located in its surroundings. Its proximity to the bar and restaurants makes it a perfect place for enjoying a peaceful day in Bali. This is once a fishing village and the beach, now it is a tourist destination. This is the first beach that brought it to resort a luxury to the island. This is such a wonderful place for couples.

6. Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest 

This forest covers 1,373 hectares which include over 7,500 sqm of nursery plots and educational endeavors. This mangrove forest is home to the rarest species of mangroves and Ngurah Rahi. There are over 62 types of birds, 13 different types of major mangroves, 28 types of associated mangrove and almost 10 kinds of reptiles can be sighted in the thick mangroves of this sanctuary. It is one of the stunning mangrove forests in Indonesia.   

7. Pasar Badung Market 

Pasar Badung Market is considered as the largest market in Denpasar. This is the most popular tourist spot which is situated a kilometer from the city center. It is filled with a large range of groceries and goods. Frequent tourists, as well as local people, also visit this market due to its impressive variety of clothes, fabrics, homeware, souvenirs, handicrafts, fresh foods, accessories, etc. You can do your shopping in a very cheap way. It includes a four-story building that is constructed in traditional Balinese architecture is worth to explore.

8. Turtle Conservation and Educational Center 

The turtle conservation and educational center were opened in 2006. It has been since working towards eliminating illegal activities associated with the turtles such as selling, capturing, and trading turtles, and turtle eggs in Indonesia. Now, this is one of the major places to visit for the tourists to see and spend some memorable time with the turtle. You can find different kinds of turtle tanks here. You will get a brief idea about the turtle like how they are fed, how they are taken care of, etc. You will also witness different species of turtle present in Indonesia, how they hatch eggs, and many more.

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