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Spiti valley – A Spellbinding Place to relax in Vacations

places to visit in spiti valley

Spiti Valley is a hidden paradise, placed in the mid of mountains. Located between India and Tibet, this small piece of land is truly spectacular. This place will surely make you realize you a haven exists on earth. Just explore the enthralling things over there and feel heaven in your feet. Vibrant monasteries, picturesque lakes, snow-landed mountains, villages surrounded by flora & fauna building the list of most mesmerizing places to visit here. If you are looking for an adventurous place, a trip to Spiti valley is worth. Several trekking and camping places considered best to cater to one’s desire. Let’s explore some of the hidden places of the Spiti valley.

1- Key monastery

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The key monastery is exploring the treasure of ancient Buddhist literature, manuscripts, and murals. Being one of the splendid places to visit in Spiti valley, it is also known as the Kye Gompa. Located at the altitude of 4,166 meters above the sea level, the place is very near to the Spiti River. Key Monastery is also one of the biggest monasteries rendering great opportunities for sightseeing. Here, religious incredible dances perform such as Lamas, accompanied horns, pipes and other musical instruments which are enhancing the beauty of the dance.

2- Tabo monastery

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If you want to experience the ancient place then Tabo Monastery is one of the places in Spiti Valley. Prominent for its spectacular painting, it has 9 temples of Tara and Buddha Maitreya along with numerous stupas. Standing at the strong and dizzying height of 10,000 feet, it is the tallest Monastery in the Tabo village of Spiti valley. The most interesting fact, it is the oldest Monastery among all over India and has been functioning continuously in a proper way since it initiated. The walls of the Tabo Monastery are embellished by alluring painting which resembles ‘Ajanta of the Himalayas’.

3- Lhalung Monastery

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The next place to visit in Spiti valley is Lhalung Monastery. Founded by Rinchen Zangpo- a Buddhist Mahaguru, is one of the earliest monasteries of Spiti valley. This place is considered as a hub of Buddhist teaching as it is a home of 9 shrines. Lhalung Monastery is sometimes called a ‘Golden Temple’ because it houses various gold lead deities in its shrine. If you are keen to know the fact of historic places, this monastery will accomplish your desire.

4- Suraj Tal

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Suraj Lake is commonly known as a sun lake in the local language here. Located very near to Baralacha pass, it provides a beautiful scenic and matchless photograph. Being a photogenic place, it is frequently visited by nature lovers, ardent trekkers, and predominantly photographers. To witness the Suraj Lake at its best, visit the lake during the summer months like May to October. Aside from luring travelers with its charming beauty, devotees are not far behind as it is also a pilgrimage site.

5- Chandra Tal Lake

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None another lake can match the beauty of Chandra Tal Lake. Located at the height of 4,270 and about 6 km far from the Kunzam Pass, it is situated in the mid of mountains.  The crystal blue color water lake surrounded lush greenery and snowy mountains enhancing the beauty of the lake and make it paradise for photography lovers. Additionally, it is a highly recommended destination for camping and trekking as well. The name Chandra Tal Lake has been derived from its crescent moon-line shape.

6- Dhankar Lake

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Located at the distance of 5 km from the Dhankar, Dhankar Lake sits on a cliff. Besides other lakes in Spiti valley, it is one of the mesmerizing things to witness here. If you want to experience this scenic lake then a challenging trek will lead you to the breathtaking view of clear water lake. Undoubtedly, the entire journey will take you through the serene and picturesque beauty that renders you calm and tranquil surroundings. These spellbind views attract one’s attention.

7- Spiti River

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If you are visiting Spiti Valley and not visiting Spiti River then your trip is incomplete. The River originates from the Kunzum Range of the Himalayas and divides Lahaul and Spiti. This area of Himalaya comes under desert areas and no rain. Consequently, the river gets no rainwater and all water of the river comes from melted glaciers of the Himalayan range. This splendid river itself made the place must-visit of the Spiti valley. This river allows a mud bath and swim under the proper guidance for the tourists if weather permits.

8- Pin Valley National Park

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Besides having various lakes and Monastery, Spiti valley is also known for its Pin Valley National Park. Located in the cold desert ibex of Spiti valley, it is a home of an interesting collection of flora & fauna along with varies wild animals like wooly hare, snow leopard, and Tibetan Gazelle. If we talk about the weather conditions, it receives heavy snowfall in the winter season and generally, it is equipped with cold and dry weather. Melodies of the water gushing along the shores make you forget about the worries and give you relax.

9- Komik

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This Komik village is just beyond the expectations of the tourists. Located above the sea level of 18,000 ft and 20 km from Kaza, this village is placed between the hills that entice tourists through its pristine beauty and magnificent surroundings. This place is not less than a paradise as it is quintessential for camper’ and trekkers. But remember, it may a daunting task to survive here as weather conditions are harsh and tough. Eventually, it is one of the offbeat places to visit in Spiti valley. 

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