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10 Scenic Places in India You Need to Visit With Your Best Friends For an Awe-inspiring Journey

10 scenic places in India

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” have you ever realized this saying when canceling a prosperous itinerary with your friends?

Though life becomes beautiful when you’re with your friends, especially the best one who knows you more than anybody else. Whom your family reaches when you come late at home after a night out, whom your momma thinks is good. However, our best friends often act like our enemies. Of course, canceling a trip is an offense, especially if the best friend commits. 

Travelling with best buddies is perhaps the most exciting and enjoyable thing that one can experience in life. Friend reunion often includes adventure, fun, and of course, reconstruction of memories you’ve lost on the avenue 0f progress. Though travelling with best friends dissolves love and brings unlimited and invaluable happiness in life, convincing a best friend for a trip can be the hardest thing in the world. Because excitement, thrill, and enjoyment are always guaranteed with best friends, it takes a lot to convince them. Here, we have put together 10 outstanding travelling destinations in India, where your friends cannot refuse to visit. So, get ready with your bags because this is gonna be an ideal trip with your best friend.

Get Soaked in the Invaluable Charm of Scenic Places in India to Visit With Best Friends

From mouth-watering food to the stomach-dropping adventurous activities, everything turns out to become an unforgettable memory. It’s time to drop an idea to walk through the wicked streets of Las Vegas or admiring the grace of Paris from Eiffel Tower, just pick your bags and head to these Scenic Places in India where you can introduce your best friends to a whole new world where they always wanted to be. 

1. Chadar – Frozen Trek

Chadar - Frozen Trek

How rarely do you think about walking on a frozen lake or river? No, it’s beyond the thrill you’ve experienced after watching Titanic or other Hollywood movies. Instead, it consists of adventure & an experience that is hard to stamp out. Connecting scenic villages in the lap of Himalayan mountain in Zanskar Valley, a trek to the frozen Zanskar River is perhaps the best way to live your life adventurously with your best friends unless they’re naughty enough to push you ahead. 

2. Manali-Leh Road Trip

One of the best road trips in India to take with your friends, it covers some of the most Scenic Places in India. Passing through snow-capped mountains to lush green meadows & pastures, you will get lots of exciting things to admire en route to Leh from Manali. Just pick your or rent a bike and let your best friends capture the delights of this heavenly place. 

3. Markha Valley Trek

Of course, the common excuse you will get from your best friends while planning a trip is budget issues. Therefore, you better plan your trip around North India, the land of surprises, where travelling won’t exceed your budget. If you love trekking them Markha Valley Trek is the best place surrounded by enchanting panoramic views. You can continue climbing to reach the highest point at 4,800 meters while listening to the chirping of rare Indian birds.

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4. Rishikesh

Referred to as ‘Yoganagari’, ‘Yoga Capital of India’, and ‘Gateway to The Garhwal Himalayas’, Rishikesh is perhaps the Scenic Places in India . You can admire it’s engrossing beauty while enjoying river rafting, bungee jumping and plenty of other adventure sports in Rishikesh. 

5. Manali

We know this is the place you’ve been looking for. Well, it’s not a part of this world because the kind of snow falls and scenic landscapes are here, you’ll only admire heaven. You can just hold a tea and admire the most beautiful sunset here while cuddling your best friend. 

6. Dharamshala

It’s slightly tough to maintain a list of the best Scenic Places in India without Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is another picturesque place to visit with your best friends in India. It has a favorite place for adventure and nature lovers while groups of best friends are often captured having fun in another dimension.

7. Kuari Pass Trek

This is another fastest growing Scenic Places in India where you must visit with your best friends. Surrounded by snow laden mountain peaks, it lies at a high altitude of 3800 meters and captivating enough to make your summer vacations memorable. You better take your bestie at the peak to witness the heavenly beauty of the Nanda Devi Peak overlooking Tibetan valleys. 

8. Rajasthan

Holding the grace of being UNESCO heritage sites, Rajasthan is more than just a historic site. It offers a lot to best friends. From mouth watering food to astonishing activities in Jaipur and Pushkar, you’ll have such a wonderful journey with friends. 

9. Hampta Pass Trek

One of the most adventurous treks in India, Hampta Pass Trek is the best way to add some venture to your life. You’ll be so much pleased when visiting this stunning place with your best friend. Loaded with invaluable adventure and delights, this is the best place that you should definitely not miss.

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10. Goa – the land of water bodies

Definitely, you will need to struggle with your friends first, then your parents for permission. Well, this is the most ambitious and planned trip that everyone dreams of experiencing with best friends, however, the friends are getting cunning with every passing day. Well, if you want to admire the beauty of the beaches, holding hands of your female best friends, then nothing can beat the grace of Goa. This wonderful place is one of the best and cheap summer destinations in India to unlock the thrill with your best friends.

These are some of the most Scenic Places in India you need to visit with your best friends for an awe inspiring journey. We can bet that none of them will refuse to accompany you to these scenic tourist places in India. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your bags and reunite your friends for trip to best Scenic Places in India.

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