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Ranking Top 7 Best Places To Visit In Germany and When To Go

Best Places To Visit In Germany

Rich history, culture, jolly locals, and great food, these 7 best places to visit in Germany create an aura of excitement and adventure. In this blog post, we have mentioned the best time to visit Germany and where to go for a perfect adventureful journey.

Whether you are looking for soaking into arts, culture, or want to savor delicacies, Germany offers a variety of things to do and activities and places to explore. From Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to Cologne Cathedral, some of the best places to visit in Germany attract visitors magically. In this post, we have gathered 7 of such magical tourist attractions in Germany. Also, we will elaborate on the best time to visit Germany. We will ensure you make the most of your journey to this splendid country.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Germany?

With warm summers and relatively mild winters, Germany ranks among the best countries to visit for year-round journeys. According to German aviation reports, around 543,232 people visited Germany on tourist visas between May to September. Thus, the best time to visit Germany is from Mid April to Mid September because the weather remains calm and pleasantly warm through this phase.

If it is not enough, here is a detailed guide on the best time to visit Germany. Let’s check the best season to travel to Germany.

High Seasons

  • Mid-June through August, Oktoberfest and Christmas vacations

Germany has the best moderate weather which makes it a perfect place for year-round journeys. While summer is peak season, Oktoberfest in mid-September or early October, and mid-December are also considered the best time to visit Germany. In this phase, you can expect long lines at popular tourist attractions in Germany and both accommodation and airfare at their peaks too.

Shoulder Season

  • April through mid-June and the first half of September

The shoulder season is considered the best time to visit Germany with family because it is well composed between the high and low seasons. With multi-colored springs, pleasing sunny and warm weather throughout the day, it makes sense to visit ancient sites like Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. Also, the crowd won’t have arrived yet, so you may get some discount on flights and accommodation as well.

Low Season

  • November through March, mid-December, and early January

With the advent of Winters Germany opens its door for penny pinchers and couples who want to spend quality time away from the crowd. Rosy winters hit Germany followed by faded autumn colors and bring dark & dazy cold days. If you love snow and looking for some exclusive experiences with this trip, November to Mid December is the best time to visit Germany. While this is the quietest time in the country, you are likely to grab some best deals on your side.

We hope you can now plan your trip better with the best time to visit Germany, but do you know what are some best places to visit in Germany? If you’re planning a trip for the first time, we have gathered a cool list of the top 7 best places to visit in Germany. So, let’s check and have fun.

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Best Places To Visit in Germany

We have enlisted the most beautiful cities in Germany that are offering a variety of places and things to do. So, let’s not waste more time and check out the best places to visit in Germany you can visit right now:

1. Berlin

Coming in at 8th among the best capital cities in the world, Berlin is one of the most important and best places to visit in Germany. Like other large cities in the world, Berlin offers something for everyone to plan customized trips. From lively nightlife, cafes to quaint gardens and must-visit historic sights, Berlin ranks among the top artistic cities in the world.

Highlights: Berlin Opera, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Historic art galleries, Events, and Museums

2. Munich

Famous for its seasonal festivals, Munich is one of the best places to visit in Germany to explore Germany’s exclusive fun-living side. Besides the world-famous Oktoberfest, Munich offers a variety of activities and experiences including impressive gardens, exquisite churches, and splendid museums that are worth a visit. You can enjoy festivals with locals, shop around colorful markets or savor Munich’s famous cake.

Highlights: Neues Rathaus, Englischer Garten, Asam Church, and BMW Museum

3. Hamburg

Home to Germany’s largest cruise port. Hamburg is one of the best places to visit in Germany for boating and other water sports. Europe’s most prominent cultural and commercial center, Hamburg is famous for its harbor area but you can explore it on foot as well. It is a perfect place for art & music lovers. Talking about the best part, Hamburg has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice, Italy.

Highlights: Miniatur Wunderland, St. Michael’s Church, Alster Lakes, and Tierpark Hagenbeck

4. Neuschwanstein

Famous for its scenic natural beauty, Neuschwanstein was never so popular until its castle inspired Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. Today it receives more than 1 million tourists yearly. Ranking among the best places to visit in Germany, Neuschwanstein is best known for its castle which has now become a popular attraction. Besides the castle, you can enjoy sightseeing surrounding mountains, alpine lakes, and foliage, especially during rain.

5. Mainz

Ranking among the best places to visit in Germany, Mainz is best known for its universities and Roman heritages. Also considered the wine capital of Germany, Mainz holds the highest place in the heart of all wine lovers. Mainz old town is famous for locally made riesling and more silvan, which makes it perfect for couples and friends.

Highlights: Museum of Ancient Seafaring, The Iron and Wood Towers, and Augustinerkirche

6. Hannover

If you want a spring stop in Germany, make sure you have Hannover on your itinerary. Mapped in northern Germany, Hannover is famous for its river lane, parks, and gardens which make it the perfect place for visiting with family & friends. You can start your journey from royal gardens, including the perfectly preserved Herrenhausen Garden, featuring an amazing orchid collection.

Highlights: Berggarten, Marktkirche, Eilenriede, and Kröpcke-Uhr

7. Bamberg

If you want some old-school feels in Germany, you must explore this small medieval town in northern Bavaria. One of the best places to visit in Germany, Bamberg is popular for its well-preserved architecture, writers, and great philosophers like Ernst Theodore Amadeus Hoffmann and George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. It boasts a range of attractions including riverfront and an old town hall. In short, it is perfect for all trips destined for adventure and pleasure.

Highlights: Cathedral & Diocesan Museum, The New Residence, St. Michael’s Monastery, and Lisberg Castle

We hope you have got an idea of where to visit and when to visit in Germany. We have gathered this list of best places to visit in Germany based on the number of tourists they attract annually. Best of luck with your trips ahead.

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