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Top 10 Best Things to Do in Virginia That You Can Enjoy Right Now

Best Things to Do in Virginia

Regardless of all your previous trips, we can bet that you have never traveled to a place like Virginia. Even today, it seems like an out-dated 19’s country. Right from the well-reserved colonial architecture, attractions, parks, museums, restaurants, and carnivals, everything is coated with a cultural touch. 

Besides, its culture, the country is known for a unique honor. You would be glad to know that four out of the first 5 United States presidents were born and played on Virginia’s soil. Therefore, most of the city’s major attractions are linked to notable personalities, including homes and cemeteries.

Apart from all these attributes, what makes it on our list is that it is considered to be the most visited states in the United States of America. Preserving historic glory, natural attractions, and thousands of amazing things to do, Virginia is undoubtedly the lover’s paradise where spending a week is like living a phase of life. If you are planning to visit Virginia, here is our pick of the top 10 things to do in Virginia to add some crispness and adventure to your journey.

Best Things to do in Virginia That You Cannot Miss

We have shortlisted the top 10 best things that you must experience in this historic city of the United States. Let’s go!

1. Walk Through Old Town Roads of Williamsburg

The United States is itself a replica of the modern world but if you want to experience the American Revolution period, you must walk through this old-town, ‘Williamsburg’. This town is well known for its well-preserved architecture as most buildings here are completely original and are still standing right from the 18th century.

You can live history by visiting places that are frequently visited by notable U.S. heroes such as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. It’s the site that witnessed the final battle of the American Civil War, where you’ll experience American culture thoroughly.

2. Grace the Natural charm of Virginia Beach

There are over 20 beaches in the United States, but Virginia Beach is undoubtedly the one you cannot resist visiting. Besides sunbath and beach activities, it offers a range of amusement activities and food to bless your taste buds. 

If you find the sea too cold, you can either visit museums or water parks to swim in. Also, the Virginia beach has a resort that can attract a huge crowd during summers, so you better schedule your visit accordingly.

3. A Visit to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

This well-structured Palladian-style mansion, designed and owned by Thomas Jefferson, one of the most beautiful and visited country homes in the United States of America. He said the design is inspired by a well-recognized villa in Vicenza, Italy. In this house, you will have a number of letters and inventions of Jefferson and to the rear, you can enter the prestigious garden offering a number of species of flora.

4. George’s Mount Vernon

Founding father and the First President of The United States of America, George Washington spent 45 years of his life at Mount Vernon along with leading The US Army in the Revolution. Walking through this historic house will give you a clear perspective of Washington’s family. US First Man also worked on the grounds of the Villa, offering an amazing view of the Potomac River.

5. Trekking Shenandoah National Park

One of the most beautiful and scenic among the top 10 national parks in the USA, Shenandoah National Park lies in the heart of Virginia with the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is nearly 4.000 feet high. 

If you love trekking, you’re gonna love this place beyond! There are plenty of natural trails to experience all suits of trekking and adventurous activities. It becomes like a fairy’s ground during the Spring and summer. But, if you want to capture the grace in your mind, you better visit this spectacular place in October when the Autumn colors embrace the park.

Don’t forget to walk through the skyline driver along the park which offers an amazing view of President Hoover’s summer home and the Old Cave Cemetery as well.

6. Live the Rural Life at Jamestown

More like a countryside land, Jamestown was built in 1957 and the commemorates celebrated the 350th founding anniversary of this beautiful town.

If you think the United States will be all about high-tech gadgets and model lifestyle, you may go wrong at this place. Though it’s not as advanced as other states of the US, you will find it perfect for experiencing the rural lifestyle of the USA. 

For visitors, here is a museum and plenty of galleries preserving memories of colonization of the new English world. Also, you can pay tribute to Pocahontas, the man of history who helped to ease up the tensions between Native Americans and settlers.

Canons and buildings belonging to the American colonization era are still here.

7. Richmond National Battlefield Park

Played an important role during the American Civil War, the National Battlefield Park displayed every incident and detail of campaigns that took place here. 

Apart from this, visiting John Marshall House is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Virginia that will give you a lifetime experience. It is one of the few rare Federal homes built during the Civil War and still remains.

It preserves the handlooms, furniture, and other objects giving a clear insight into supreme court justice life.

8. Assateague and Chincoteague Islands

Seems like a place from 90’s Hollywood movies, the 38-mile long island of Assateague is bound to the eastern Chincoteague Islands. It’s a perfect place for both a romantic walk and a family picnic. This spectacular island is encircled by a range of meadows and lush green pratiques, serving as a well-preserved wildlife sanctuary.

Talking about Chincoteague Island, it shares 14,000 acres long shoreline with forests, marshes as well as a riverfront, which homes a variety of wildlife.

Interestingly, you can meet the Wild Ponies here. Apart from this, it is a perfect place for some adventurous activities including hiking, camping, and kayaking as well.

9. Walkthrough the Natural Bridge of Virginia

It’s an all-natural place consisting of numerous natural wonders but this phenomenon is really interesting that hands at 200-feet and covers a distance of 90-feet.

This bridge is considered to be one of the oldest tourist attractions in the United States, attracting people with its natural grace. Visiting this natural wonder is one of the best things to do in Virginia, U.S. after Niagara Falls.

10. An Adventurous Walk to Luray Caverns

In a nutshell, it’s the best place to visit in Virginia for an amazing night trip. This reserve lies in Luray and was founded in 1878 and the natural phenomenon attracts thousands of visitors daily. 

If you have a shortage of time but you want to explore the city of Virginia thoroughly, you must make your way to this one telling a story of American history. There is a so-called “organ” which is considered to be the biggest musical instrument in the world.

These are the top 10 things to do in Virginia that never turns old. You can try them right now! To know more about the United States, stay tuned to Tourtoreview – your unofficial traveling partner!

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