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Top 7 Longest Road Trips in the World and Major Attractions

Longest Road Trips in the World

What is the most adventurous journey you’ve ever delighted? If you love traveling across meadows and tropical islands, we can imagine it to be likely mountain biking, surfing, or maybe something called volcano climbing. But, what about a road trip bound to some of the most adventurous yet exciting activities?

A journey passing by a dozen cities, countries, and thousands of attractions, is itself an adventure and to make you explore the same, we have curated a list of the top 7 longest road trips in the world and places they covered en-route. It’s not just about national highways or the most scenic roadside sights, instead, we picked the best road trips passing by some of the most exciting places where one must visit before dying. So, get your car ready for this amazing ride this weekend!

1. US Route 6

AKA Grand Army of the Republic Highways, U.S. Route 6 offers one of the longest road trips in the world along with serving an essential part of the United States highway system. Beating the U.S. Route 20 in terms of the longest ‘continuous’ road trips in the world, the U.S. Route 6 will take you to drive through the fourteen most beautiful regions of the United States. The Journey starts from California and terminates in Massachusetts.

Major Attractions En-route:

  • DENVER, U.S.

The only capital city that comes in-route to the U.S. Route 6. Situated at stunning landscapes amid rocky mountains and high plains, the capital city of Colorado is itself a wonder.

  • AREA 51, U.S.

Highly sensitive area watched by the U.S. Air Force, it’s a point of many alien conspiracy theories.


It comes on the tip of Cape God and the eastern termination point of the U.S. Route 6.

Route Length: 5,100km

Travel Time: 4-6 Weeks

2. The U.S. Route 20

One of the longest road trips and second most adventurous road trips in the United States, U.S. Route 20 comes with lots of adventurous things to do. It is the longest highway in America passing through the 12 most beautiful landscapes in the States.

Major Attractions En-route:


One of the best National Parks in the United States, it gives an amazing turn to this road trip.


Here you go to explore one of the most discovered yet well-preserved volcanic areas of the United States.


Founded in 1983, this is perhaps the most influential historical figures in the United States.

Route Length: 5,500km

Travel Time: 2-4 Weeks

3. The Golden Quadrilateral Highway

Coming to us as one of the longest road trips in the world, the Golden Quadrilateral Highway was designed to interlink the four most popular megacities of India; Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata. It consists of both four and six-lane express highways.

Major Attractions En-route:

  • New Delhi

An international hub of culture and economics, New Delhi consists of the most popular historic monuments of India.

  • Mumbai, India

The birthplace of Bollywood, Mumbai is undoubtedly the most delightful city of India where you must stop.

  • Chennai

One of the oldest Indian cities has thousands of oldest temples in the route, making it one of the most fascinating yet longest road trips in the world.

Route Length: 6,000km

Travel Time: 2-4 Weeks

4. The Trans-Canada Highway

Passing by six different time-zones, the Trans-Canada Highways organizes perhaps the longest road trips in the world. It will take you through the 10 most enchanting Canadian provinces across the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean as well.

Major Attractions En-route:


It serves as the Western seaport and endpoint of the Trans Canada highway.


Encircled by a range of Appalachian mountains, the Gros Morne Park, Canada is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of this longest road trip in the world.


The most eastern endpoint of the Trans-Canadian highway, this is an iconic church situated atop of seaport.

Route Length: 7,000km

Travel Time: 2-4 Weeks

5. The Trans-Siberian Highway

Starting from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, the Trans-Siberian Highway offers one of the most amazing and longest road trips in the world. Besides this, it has some of the most dangerous roads too, reported thousands of rash driving reports every year. It undergoes some of the toughest environments and terrains making it the most adventurous road trip in the world.

Major Attractions En-route:


It comes as the world’s most historic ports and cultural capital of Russia.


Here you will explore the country’s culture thoroughly.


Closing the borders of China and North Korea, Vladivostok is the endpoint of the Trans-Siberian highway in Russia.

Route Length: 11,00km

Travel Time: 1-2 Months

6. Highway 1

Here is the second-longest road in the world, connecting the mainland of the Australian Capital. Opened nearly half a century ago, it was the only Australian Highway at that time and people used to travel across the same for their weekend. Since then it has become the best route to experience the longest road trips in the world.

Major Attraction En route: 


Home to one of the most popular cricket stadiums in the world, Perth is the best mix of British, Greek, and Italian culture.


This leading cultural and financial city also comes in the way.


The most populated city has the largest harbors that can overcome your travel fatigue.

Route Length: 14,500km

Travel Time: 3 Months

7. The Pan American Highway

Needless to say, you must have words about this, the longest road in the world. Covering a large area, the Pan American Highway organizes the longest road trip in the world. Spanning from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina, it owns the titles of the longest designated road in the world. It’s even marked in the Guinness Book of World Record.

Major Attractions En-route:

  • SUMMIT OF DEATH, Costa Rica

A mountain at the elevation of 11,300 makes it worse for travelers to continue their journey.

  • DARIEN GAP, Panama

The 100-miles gape can give you an unparalleled adventure.

  • ATACAMA DESERT, Chile & Peru

The Pan American passes by 4 different time zones, giving it an additional advantage.

Route Length: 48,000km

Travel Time: 6-12 Months

These are some of the longest road trips in the world that includes a desert, mountains, and even seaports and historic monuments. Spanning across thousands of miles, these amazing roads are perfect for a wonderful long drive.

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