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European Heaven: Top 5 Most Beautiful Countries in Europe for A Perfect Vacation


How would you decide whether or not a country is beautiful? Do you have any criteria to measure the grace of a place, besides knowing that beauty depends on the opinion of the viewer? It can sometimes be complicated to answer such questions, especially if it’s about defining the charm of Europe. 

Europe.. There’s no other place as engrossing as this, no other place is as beautiful as this! Encompassing the heavenly beauty, this is a dreamlike destination that is called paradise for all types of travellers. From adventure seekers, to nature lovers and romantic couples, each type of tourist feels connected to European countries. From wild to elegant, it’s countries showers love and bring together various cultures, and spellbinding scenic landscapes are as entrancing as it’s past. 

People who have traveled European countries have said that “A Visit to Paris Was The Best Decision” and charm lies in the eyes of the beholder, so many of you will find it absolutely enchanting as European cities are designed as a dream come true. In this blog we have drawn up a list of the top 5 most beautiful countries in Europe — finding some of the best UNESCO Heritage sites in Europe to measure the tranquility and charm, we have made this list of the top 5 most beautiful European Countries. Get ready with an upgraded camera to capture the charm and delights like never before. Get set… go to experience the timeless beauty lies in these beautiful countries in Europe. 

1. United Kingdom… Home of Amazing Moments

The birthplace of Shakespeare and the Beatles, the United Kingdom is made of the charm of England, Scotland, Wales and, of course, the grace of northern Ireland. Famous around the world for it’s spellbinding beauty, United Kingdom homes to some of the most beautiful sites in the world, including England’s Neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman Spa and century old universities like Cambridge and Oxford. One of the most beautiful countries in Europe has a lot to explore excluding its world class art galleries and museums. 

Beautiful Cities in United Kingdom: London, Edinburgh, Medieval York, Manchester, and Loch Ness

2. Switzerland… A Royal Experience

There is no place as beautiful as Switzerland, seems a dream come true, this place is like an English Rose in the list of the most beautiful countries in Europe. You will experience the most astonishing side of the world in the winters here. Snow laden peaks of the Swiss Alps, portrays the most enchanting scenery that goes beyond imaginations. One of the most royal ski destinations, Switzerland is truly a wonderland where the magical spells work. 

Beautiful Cities in Switzerland: The Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch, Lucerne, Lake Geneva, St. Moritz, and Bern

3. France… Rendez-vous en France

The land of fashion, delicious food and fine wine is designed to seduce all types of travellers whether a bachelor or a married couple, it temps everyone who craves for something new. With a rich history, and of course, romance, France is considered the best country in Europe. From the timeless beauty of Paris, entrancing hilltop villages in Provence and skiings in the Alps, it has something for everyone. France is popular among the travellers for it’s finest architecture, Romanesque churches, and of course, millions of people visit here for experiencing an evening in Paris. 

Beautiful Cities in France: Biarritz, Paris, Nice, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Annecy, Riquewihr, and Marseille.

4. Spain… #spainindetail

From Toledo to Pyrenees, and from there to the Atlantic ocean, Spain is more beautiful and picturesque that you have ever heard. This land of amazing surprises, offers a lot, including discovering the mouthwatering taste in Barcelona that goes through the cobbled streets preserving a well-designed city. Great architecture associated with great people, Spain will be etched on the mind like none other. It is said that “It’s easier to make friends in Spain than elsewhere.” With it’s entrancing cities and spellbinding natural beauty, Spain is the most beautiful country in Europe. 

Beautiful Cities in Spain: Cadaques, Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Valencia, Girona, and Seville

5. Austria… Arrive and Revive

The land of Mozart and Waltz, Austria is popular among the people for it’s natural beauty, grace of Alpine lakes, snow capped mountains & peaks, and of course, well-preserved cities. With an award winning architecture, Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that has the highest living standard around the world. What about the culture, the whole country is rich and with it’s alluring cafes, art studios, museums, and iconic restaurants. 

Fantasies, desires, and dreams everything turns out to be real, here in this magical country of Europe where the travellers find solace. Vienna is the most beautiful city of Europe after Paris. This is the place where you learn to live a life luxuriously. This little heaven is pretty popular among the passionate holidaymakers. 

Beautiful Cities in Austria: Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Hallstatt, Badgastein, and Dürnstein.

Walking through the land of miracles, Europe has a long list of beautiful countries as the grace comes from the Atlantic and freezes at the Alps. If you are planning a trip then taking a U-turn towards any of these beautiful countries in Europe would be a great idea. Friends, Adventure, Entertainment, Wine and Fine Dine… This is Europe. 

And we have made a list of the most pleasing countries in Europe where you can live for a while. All these soul-stirring countries will leave you speechless, the otherworldly picturesque landscape and entrancing scenery will be etched on your mind forever. We can lay a bet that you haven’t even imagined such a grace and quaint place before. What are you waiting for? Get ready to break the walls and explore the European culture, walking through these captivating countries in Europe.

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