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World of Wonders: Top 10 Most Engrossing Canal Cities In The World

canal cities in the world

Waterways have been an integral part of transportation for decades and this is how we have seen some most amazing waterways or canals around the world? Do you think in the same way that waterways are nothing but a part of transportation? 

Well, it seems that you have never been through Venice, Birmingham or Netherland therefore you haven’t seen the most beautiful side of these canals. Today, we have mentioned the top 10 most alluring and picturesque canal cities in the world to change your mind. We can bet that you will surely take a U-turn after gauging through these ultimate, staggering canals cities around the world. 

From families to bachelors to couples, these cities are captivating enough to bind your heart. If you’ve been planning to walk through the most spellbinding canal ways in the world, then here’s the list of the best canal cities offering a range of picturesque places to capture. And yes, Venice is not the only city having canal routes, here you will come to know some of the most stunning tourist places to visit with your beloved with a perfect vacation. 

Waterfront Paradise: Top 10 Most Bewitching Canal Cities Around the World

Craving for white night festivals or fairy rides? Here are some of the most captivating canal cities where to go this year. From houseboats riding to admiring the fascinating grace of Venice-style canals in Birmingham, here’s everything that you couldn’t resist admiring.

1. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

The capital city of Sweden is probably the best city in the world with a range of picturesque destinations and, of course, the iconic Canal Tour in Sweden. Walking through the most historic waterways and eating at one of the most alluring waterfront restaurants is the best thing to do in Stockholm that one can ever experience. Passed over 14 islands and through 57 connecting bridges, Stockholm homes to some of the most post-war memories including 17th century warships. It’s better to rent a bike to explore the grace of this town once the sun sets beyond the clouds. Get ready with your camera while Canal Tour in  Sweden because it goes through the beautiful routes. 

2. Annecy, France

Annecy, France

A little, but most illustrating Alpine town, lies in the foothills of southeastern Alps will cast your mind back into the most delighted and pleasing time of your life. Popular for its old-school cafes, houses and Vieille Ville, this is the place revolving around the cobbled streets, fascinating canals and entrancing pastel-colored old structure houses. It feels like wandering in the streets of Heaven while walking through the narrow streets and tiny cafes lies down the shadow of the Alps mountains. The most graceful vintage beauty of the triangular houses will leave you speechless therefore keep your camera always ready. 

3. Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach, California

One of the most beautiful coastal countries, California homes to some loveliest coastal cities including Newport Beach, an alluring city in CA famous for its high waves. If any of you aren’t afraid of high waves, then this is the best place where you can visit or plan to stay during international holidays. Surrounded by fascinating modern houses and villas, waterways in Newport beach introduce a whole news side of entertainment and recreation with its most stunning amusement park amid the high waves namely Balboa Fun Zone, featuring a Farry Wheel that includes an outstanding ocean view. 

4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

One of the most visited tourist places in Thailand has a lot to explore as it is a sin place where you cannot visit with your parents unless your trip is bound to a simple Canal Tour in Thailand. From Sean Seap to Chao Phraya River, there is a lot to do while sitting and savoring the taste of Thailand in a waterfront restaurant. Canals are more than just a mode of transportation and you will come to know this after spending an evening here. 

5. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

One of the most visited tourist places in Germany, Hamburg is surrounded by a range of spellbinding tourist places where you must visit alone. You can visit here with your parents too, because, of course, you wouldn’t like your mom watching you playing with the hottest cheeks here. Well, Hamburg is the paradise that is popular for its fascinating nightlife and the recreation doubles while wandering in the street with charming girls. Nikolaifleet is probably the best canal here in Germany that goes to Elbe river and the original branch of Alster Estuary. You can search for a Canal Tour in Hamburg. 

6. China’s Water Towns

China’s Water Towns

China is truly beyond your imaginations and, therefore, it has neither one nor two, a total of 7 famous water towns to fascinate passionate tourists. Breaking from the tranquility of Shanghai, it goes to Ming Dynasty passing through the arch bridges that connects to Yangtze River Delta and, of course, you cannot forget Zhujiajiao water town that is one of the most popular and iconic water towns in China attracting tourists with its iconic waterfront cafes and food shops. Also Suzhou sits in the middle of the Yangtze River, passing through the sideways offering an entrancing and scenic water view covered with paper lanterns to welcome backpackers. 

7. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

The capital city of West Flanders is engrossing and, of course, bewitching and stunning to be etched on someone’s mind in just one quick stare. This well-designed city is also well-preserved and known as the most-preserved historic city around the world with a range of amazing things to do in Flanders. If you are planning to visit Belgium then your journey cannot end without a canal tour in Bruges. Passing by the old town featuring old-school markers, pubs, and bars, this is the place where debauchery starts from. 14th century architecture will please you the most and Canal tour in Bruges covers all these surprises. 

8. Kerala, India

Kerala, India

The land of some famous and holiest rivers like Ganga & Yamuna, India is one of the most visited and beautiful tourist places in the world. With it’s diversity and great culture, it’s popular among the worldwide tourists and south India is perhaps the best side of India. From Kerala to KanyaKumari, we can lay a bet that you have never seen such an alluring sighting ever before. Gorgeous women, wearing candy-colored saris, walking in the streets or collecting spices, will be easy to capture. Kerala is one of the famous places that preserves a century old waterways including some 14th-century canals as an integral part of transportation. You can experience a ferry trip here and, of course, get ready with an upgraded camera because Kerala is the most beautiful and naturally rich town in India. 

9. Venice, Italy – A Vacation Paradise

Venice, Italy

It is almost impossible to create a list of the best canal cities in the world without putting Venice on in. One of the most beautiful parts of the earth, Venice has been the inspiration of most novelists/authors and each of them has described the grace in their own words as “A Fairy Tale and a Tourist Trap” and “World’s Most Beautiful Dream Portrayed on a Land”. Venice is the world’s most spellbinding city where everything depends on canals. From transportations to business and revenue, these canals are the lifeline of Venice, UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. 

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is undoubtedly the best place where romance blows in the air and this is the reason why most couples love visiting here. Giethoorn is one small but magical town where the grace melts from the waterways and century old arch bridges. Well, the most stunning part is that the canal tour in Amsterdam passes through the 150 old-school type wooden bridges. Get ready with your camera to capture some ultimate and award-winning pictures. 

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These are some of the most enchanting canal cities around the world where you will experience another side of the world. If you have always wanted to visit a place like heaven then this is the best way to explore love in the air. Get ready with your Bae to walk through some lovely canal cities in this world.

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