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Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka: Top 10 fascinating Ramayana Place to Visit in Sri Lanka

Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka

Everyone knows the significance of the Epic of Ramayana in the Hindu religion and the historical events took place between Lord Rama and King Ravana. The ‘Golden Lanka of Ravana’ is present Sri Lanka famous for fascinating trails. This little island is packed with thousands of unexplored natural treats where you can enter the parallel world. Today’s Sri Lanka is a gateway to enthusiastic adventure seekers across the world and, of course, a treasure box for those craving for visiting Ramayana related places. 

Apart from its alluring elegance and natural trails, Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka is quite popular among the locals and foreign tourists visiting here in this little Island country set amid stunning tropical. 

With a tranquil grace of Ashoka Vatika and the battlefield where two of the greatest armies of all the times were fought, the Epic of Ramayana lies more in Sri Lanka than India. Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka is a perfect blend of spirituality and full of natural attractions to be etched into your mind forever. Covering all the popular Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka, we have made the list of most visited tourist places in Sri Lanka. These hidden paradises are renowned among the most fervent backpackers around the world. 

Top 10 Extraordinary Place to Explore in Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka

Here’s the list of some of the most popular and historic Ramayana Related Places in Sri Lanka. If you are interested in exploring mythical, but spiritual sites, then no place can offer better than Sri Lanka does. Covering all the majestic places in the Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka, this list comprises a concise account of the best trip to the mysterious “Golden City of King Ravana“.

1. Seeta Amman Temple

This interesting place in Sri Lanka is popular by numerous names among the locals. The city of lights, Nuwara Eliya is famous for its astonishing places like Gayatri PedamDivurumpola and, Seetha Amman Temple that has been an integral part of the Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka. This little resort city offers a lot including an opportunity to revive the past time at these iconic pilgrimages in Sri Lanka. Seeta Amman Temple is situated in the park (Mentioned as Ashoka Vatika in the Epic of Ramayana) where Goddess Sita is said to be captivated by King Ravana during exile. 

Hanuman also gets caught by the troops while stealing fruit in the same park and this incident has laid the Lanka to be burned out. Seeta Amman Temple is one of the most-visited Ramayana Related Places in Sri Lanka where you cannot resist visiting.

2. Seetha Kotuwa

Similar to the garden where you have seen Sita to sit along with Trijata – daughter of Vibheeshana, Sita Kotuwa is the main place mentioned in the Ramayana. Encircled by some of the most enchanting waterfalls and neighboring the river where Sita is said to be bathed, this place is also known as Sita Fort where Ravana kept Sita after the abduction. 

3. Munneswaram Temple, Manavari Temple & Ramalinga Shivan

This place is related to the return ceremony of Lord Rama after victory over Ravana. He had a curse of killing a brahmin on his head therefore he stopped here when he felt that Brahmahathi Dosham was not following here. He stepped down from the Pushpak Viman and memorized for Lord Shiva who advised him to establish four lingams that are famous as ManavariThiru KoneswaramThiruketheeswaram, and Rameshwaram and prayed to get rid of that curse. 

Ramalinga Shivan is the second most popular pilgrimage and the only lingam in the world that is named after Lord Rama other than Rameshwaram in India. Devotees visit here from different countries of the world to pay homage.

4. Trincomalee

This picturesque beachside town is more popular among the adventure seekers than devotees as it’s appealing golden sandy seashores where tourists often enjoy sunbathing. There is a mysterious temple placed on a rock cliff said to be built by Agastya Rishi after Lord Shiva instructed him on being so impressed by Ravana’s hard devotion. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Rama established the second lingam here to get rid of the curse of Dasham. Well, apart from spirituality, this is the most engrossing place that you would find in the Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka

5. Dandu Monara Yanthraya

This is the most notable and mysterious thing to be explored after the ‘Golden City of Ravana.’ It has to be said that Ravana landed his Pushpak Viman here when he came back after abducting Sita. That Viman is strong evidence of science in that era. Surrounded by high rock cliffs, this place is also known as a large peacock machine in Sinhala and Gavagala among the locals. 

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6. Ramboda

This heavenly place is embraced with rich natural sceneries with an enrapturing background of the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka that drops from the heights of 109 meters. Ramboda waterfalls are one of the most remarkable places from the Epic of Ramayana and there is a temple dedicated to Sri Ram Bhakt Hanumana on the hilltop. It has to be said that Lord Hanuman started his search to find goddess Sita from here. You will fall in love with the scenic beauty of this place and have a walk through the lake where the waterfall dissolves.

7. Colombo

The historic city is the capital of Sri Lanka. This graceful city is popular for ancient but engrossing architecture and appealing temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Embracing with the most valuable Indian art of architecture, Colombo is famous among the tourists for two major Ramayana Related places in Sri lanka namely Anjaneyar Temple that is the only temple in the world dedicated to Anjaneya. The Kelaniya Temple is situated right next to Anjaneyar which is said to be the habitat of Maharaj Vibheeshana after the death of his brother King Ravana. 

8. Kothmale

According to the Epic of Ramayana, Kothmale is one of the popular Ramayana Related places in Sri Lanka, where Goddess Sita dropped rice balls to help Lord Rama to trace her easily. Locals still serve rice balls as Prasadam called Seetha Goli that is supposed to cure some common gastric and stomach disorders.

9. Jaffna

Most historic and ancient Ramayana Related places in Sri Lanka mentioned in The Epic is Nilavarai, a small but most engaging village of Jaffna. This place is popular among the people who believe in the almighty as Lord Rama found a water spring that never dies. There is a water tank with unknown depth and no one has ever tried to measure the depth. Lord Rama shot an arrow towards earth to make this water spring to cure the water crisis while fighting against Ravana. 

10. Ella, Badulla

Not exactly a Ramayana Related Place in Sri Lanka but probably the best place to be explored by nature-lovers on a trip to Sri Lanka. With so many waterfalls and natural water springs, this little hill station in Sri Lanka is said to be inhabited by the King Ravana. You can add this majestic place in your Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka for a mesmerizing vacay.

There are many other tourist places to explore in Sri Lanka but these Ramayana Related Places have more importance and are mentioned in the Epic of Ramayana. Also, the weather keeps calm and pleasant in Sri Lanka and this is what makes it a year-round tourist place in the world. Get set, go to walk through the most historic and religious Ramayana Place in Sri Lanka. 

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