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Explore Pristine Meadows — Top 10 Most Ranked National Parks in The USA

national parks in the usa

The United States is really big, so massive that it spans across 419 globally-recognized national parks. From San Diego to Hawaii, there’s just a little climate & ecosystem change you can experience. The United States is perhaps the best destination in the world to visit tropical rainforests, snow-laden cliffs to pine-clad mountains, dunes, and scrublands. 

If you’re a nature-lover or adventurer, fortunately, there is an amazing national park system consisting of some of the most popular dense forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers. More than 300 million passionate backpackers head to the US, contributing over $36 billion into the national economy. Would you like to be one of them? There are several national parks in the USA offering free entrance and if you want to visit round-the-year, an $90 annual pass gives you access to unlimited visits. From sandstone monuments, multicolored hot-springs to coast to scorching desert streets, we have got everything covered in the list of top 10 most beautiful national parks in the USA. So, ready to experience a rapidly changing climate and weather at some of these largest national parks in the United States.

1. Yosemite National Park, California

This is simply a whole new world that has everything to put a smile on your face. From cultural musical festivals to sierra art trails, you will experience an astonishing side of the USA here. There’s a place called ‘El Capitan’, the largest slab of granite in the world. Apart from this, there’s a Half Dome, Glacier Point, and the tallest waterfall in North America to grab your adrenaline on your first visit then etched in your mind forever. You can capture the most spectacular & enchanting viewpoints of the park through the ‘Wawona Tunnel’. In addition to packing your trip with thrill, adventure, and recreation, you can climb, stargaze or swim in the Merced River — an iconic piece of this natural paradise. This is the most beautiful and most-rated national park in the USA.

2. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

It is arguably the best national park in the USA but for the smoky mountains, hilltop trails and waterfalls only. There are several things that you would probably never try, but there are many more that you would love to do. With plenty of adventure activities, you can climb, paraglide, mountain bike, and hike — Grand Canyon in itself is one of the world’s most popular hiking places. Get ready to add some of the most challenging rapids rafts on the Colorado River or just capture the most beautiful scenery from the Skywalk observation deck — perhaps the most exciting and must-try thing in the United States.

3. Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Idaho

Oh, why do you need a twist? See, the first, a visit to Yellowstone will remain in your heart & mind forever even after a memory loss. To be clear, we took more than 5 hours searching the best trails and things to do in Yellowstone National Park, USA. With its extraordinary grace and elegance, this heavenly place looks even more beautiful with every passing season. From springs to winters, you’ll experience an outstanding geological viewpoint amid mountain peaks overlooking tree-lined trails. A drive through red-soiled land will turn your journey towards an awe-inspiring expedition. And, that’s all you’ll love about Yellowstone National Park.

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4. Sequoia National Park, California

Here’s another piece of heaven from one of the most popular cities in the world, California, US. Famous among the passionate adventure-seekers around the world, it seems like a gateway to winter’s paradise. Featuring underground Crystal Caves and lots of other appealing natural delights, this is the best national park in the USA, you cannot resist taking a drive-through. 

5. Death Valley National Park, Nevada

Lied in Eastern California, Death Valley is one of the deadliest places in the world bordering both astonishing cities in the USA — California & Nevada. Though it seems like a hot & hellish place, it isn’t. Instead, there’s a lot of natural abundance to enjoy. With dunes, volcanic craters, and slices of gushing streams and dead land, it proves itself the name — Death Valley. 

6. Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Let’s take you underground to explore the world that has been abandoned for years. And, now is blowing lives to the adrenaline of daredevils. It lies just 25 miles away from a rich former ranch town. The network of caverns and just incredible to define the true beauty of the planet. It’s illustrating charm and temp will take you through an entirely different world that you have probably seen in your dreams. 

7. Hawai’i Volcanoes, Hawaii

Hey ladies, get ready with your bikini and beach suit because next is a coastline, national park in the United States. Sits in Hawaii — or maybe the Big Island — Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is perhaps the Best National Park in the USA. It’s slightly surprising to experience an astonishing Volcano dissolving in the Pacific Ocean. The scene itself is engrossing enough to bind your mind forever. This park is all about capturing cooled lava flows, rich, dense rainforests, pleasing to eyes green meadows in the mountain, and the hilltop pristine lands along with natural miracles as a part of geological wonders replicating through Lava Tubes. 

8. Bryce Canyon, Utah

This place is seriously outlandish, especially the way the mountain cliffs have been designed after dressing a giant mountain. Famous for enchanting rock cliff formations, Bryce Canyon National park is the most-rated national park in the USA. These spiked spire-like sand-rocks look so photogenic when captured from the sky. You cannot forget walking around Bryce Point — may be the most silent place on the planet.

9. Glacier National Park, Montana

This is arguably the most scenic national park in the history of the United States. Well, the invaluable and magical grace of this place has been heating down for years due to global warming. As we know the world is struggling with climate changes and these 25-years old active glaciers in Glacier National Park are melting gradually. Though you can still witness the wonders of nature, including natural waterfalls, lakes, and other delights.

10. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

There is an abnormal world that nurtures inside this national park in the USA. Beholding the charm of scenic water bodies and fountains, Shenandoah park is also recognized as “Dense Heaven” for its tree-lined trails and humid tropical. Also, if you ever visit here, then you must walk through the rock formation where a former park ranger holds the world record of being struck by lightning — seven times. However, this is not why this park is popular. There are plenty of things that you would probably love to discover at the top of rock cliffs overlooking years-old tree stamps. It’s amazing to spend an hour on the nature trails around Rose River or South River Falls. 

Encircled by pristine meadows preserving some of the rarest birds and plant species, these are some of the best and most-rated national parks in the USA. If you’re planning to try something unique this summer season, a visit to any of these natural lands won’t be disappointed. Whether you’re a nature-lover or an adventure seeker, you will get plenty of adventurous things to do. So, get ready with your backpacks to explore the world you’ve never imagined.

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