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Pattaya- A Destination Full With Myriad Attraction

Pattaya in Thailand

Pattaya is a famous city in Thailand. The range of attractions of this city includes the ancient Thai tradition to modern adventures. Here, you can explore the culture, art, nature, science, and many more in various ways. You will see the beauty of the rainforest canopy of the glitz and glamour of the cabaret stage. This city is popularly known for its glittering nightlife. Here, you can enjoy the secluded islands and beaches, cultural programs, water sport activities, nightlife, etc. This place will give you family-friendly, kid-friendly attractions. Pattaya is a place that has many beautiful temples and beaches.

1- Sanctuary of Truth 


Itis a kind of awe-inspiring sanctuary to a philosophical truth that tells the importance of the religion, art, and philosophy that has played a human development and some morality or spiritual contentment of materialism. It is a beautiful demonstration of human skills. It is promoted as “the magnificence of heaven recreated on Earth”. The entire monument was built only with wood. Most interestingly, no chemically protected wood has been used. Everything is decorated and designed with wooden carvings. During visiting the sanctuary, you must enjoy the cultural shows and Thai boxing, elephant trekking, horseback riding, speedboat riding, etc.

2- Walking Street  


It is 500 meters of road found at the end of the Beach Road of Pattaya. This street, as well as many side streets, is full of many beer bars, restaurants, nightclubs, restaurants, or go-go bars to the extent that the road is almost completely deserted during day time. At night, whenever the road comes alive with neon lights, thumping music from totally different food vendors, genres, street performances, and also party animals all across the world. There are no vehicles allowed on the street after 6 pm.

3- Tiffany Cabaret Show  


The Tiffany’s Cabaret show takes place in a grand theatre along with its huge faux marble lobby that manages almost as spectacular as the dazzling costumes. This show is performed by some super talented ladyboys. The performers designed their dresses from long sweeping ball gowns which are plumes of feathers to headdresses to skimpy polkadot swimwear. The colorful lights ensure that the entire hemisphere should mesmerize through dance, song, and skit. This show includes a Bollywood musical take on the Indian Raj, a traditional Korean fan dance, an homage to China’s Imperial past and progress, slapstick burlesquer, Broadway show tunes, Siam’s history told through graceful Thai dance, and many more. Usually, these performances last for an hour and full of nonstop excitement. The entertainers perform scenes including Indian, Thai, Korean, and many more. This show is also suitable for children.       

4- Wat Phra Khao Yai


Here, a giant Buddha statue is situated which is 18 meters in height. It is spotted nearly 100 meters above sea level. It is sitting at the top of a forested hill between South Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches. Around the temple complex, a highly detailed golden seated Buddha creates a reflective mood. There are so many bells, numerous smaller statues, burning incense, and impressive views over the area. The site is an active temple with locals ofttimes visiting to pray. Many locals come here to pray for good health, prosperity, and happiness.

5- Pattaya Floating Market 


This floating market is divided into four regions. And the sub-sections of this 100,000sqm development represent the four major areas of Thailand, such as; the north, central, northeast, and south. Each section of the market sells the products which represent the country. Here many things are available such as; shops and selling souvenirs, art, food, postcards, clothing, fruit, handicrafts as well as their wares from traditional boats and canoes. This place is also great to indulge in some exotic cuisine. Here, you can find the meat of scorpion, crickets, and crocodiles also. Not all the stalls are floating some move around the canal and some stand at the sides on the bank.

6- Nong Nooch Tropical Garden  


This Nong Nooch garden is full to bursting with some of the most remarkable flowers, landscaped gardens in Thailand. It covers 2.4 sq.kms areas. The team associated with this continuously won international awards because of their designs that include 17th-century French style gardens i.e. European Renaissance garden, creative topiary displays created exclusively with cacti, a recreation of Stonehenge, bonsais, and tropical palms. This garden offers a home to around 670 native and hybrid species of orchid and regular displays of classic Thai dancing, boxing, and drumming. Apart from this, there are also some other activities done such as; Thai kickboxing, traditional Thai dancing, an elephant show of dubious, sword-fighting, etc.

7- Art in Paradise 


The art in Paradise is not an ordinary art gallery. It takes the normal art gallery concept to turn on its head. The gallery is set up accurately in the form that you can take pictures in such a way that it looks similar to cross a bridge or flying over the desert on a magic carpet. This paradise is divided into ten sections and houses over one hundred pieces of art. This place is appropriate for youths as well as adults. It is a family-friendly art museum. There are many types of arts present here such as; touch a rhino, tickle a whale’s belly, or tackle a marlin in life-like artwork, etc. Alongside, the museum is equipped with various kinds of zones include Egypt, safari, dinosaurs, fantasy, the underwater world, classic art, etc.

8- Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan) 


This is the biggest engraving of Buddha in all over the world. There is a gold-embossed image of 130 meters in height and 70 meters in width which was carved out of the side of Limestone Mountain with a laser. That area in which the statue resides, is known as “Silverlake”. It is one of the remarkable beauties along with some attractions. Previously, it was used to be an active site for the construction industry. 

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