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Happy New Year: Top 7 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

7 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Evening

New year’s evening is being celebrated everywhere, but the enthusiasm, passion and excitement may vary from country to country. In some countries, New Year’s Eve is quite a backscatter, making resolutions & commitments for the upcoming year and leaving all the bad habits backwards. But it’s not all about those bars & nightclubs where millennials move their bodies in hangover. Instead, it’s about imagining the whole year in one flashback, sitting on a seaside, stare at the firework-filled sky and showers. 

New Year’s Eve is all about a lovely glance, that you must celebrate with beer & dance. We’ve made these entries of the top 7 places to celebrate New Year’s Evening, where the firework never stops, lovely music keeps pouring into our ears, the crowd keeps rolling on the beats, couples stare at each other and you can’t help but be a part of the crowd. You can shout and cheer happily because that’s what everybody else will be doing. We’ve shortlisted 7 of the world’s best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Gauge through the best place to go for a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration around the world. 

1. Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

Marked as one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, Queenstown is much popular among the party seekers. From awe-inspiring fireworks in the background of picturesque mountains to vintage cafes houseful of young party seekers, this city knows how to make New Year’s Eve memorable. With a total of 60 bars, Queensland tops the list of best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. And it becomes unforgettable with a mind blowing live music and firework show from 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. along with a crazy hooter celebration at midnight. 

2. Sydney – the city of celebration

Sydney - the city of celebration

Sydney’s summer season starts with a lovely New Year’s Celebration laced with dazzling fireworks and live music concerts at every corner in the city of celebration. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Sydney feels like roaming in the parallel world because no country celebrates New Year in such a beautiful way. Most iconic Harbour Bridge displays an engaging picture of the world’s best fireworks when over 10,0090 fireworks burst and shadow falls over the Opera House. There is a ticketing system to enhance your experience that may include live opera, cruise tour and candlelight dinner beneath the most colorful sky on the 31st night. 

3. Edinburgh – Incredinburgh

Edinburgh - Incredinburgh

The Scottish capital sponsors the most epic three-day long New Year’s celebration, in honor of its traditional “Hogmanay Celebration”. This Scotland’s pride preserves a medieval old town and elegant Georgian New Town with gardens and neoclassical buildings. And the party season starts with a torchlight procession on December 30, that sets the crowd on fire and turns the streets into dance floors. This three-days long New Year’s Celebration ends with lovely multicolored fireworks overlooking the dynasty of Edinburgh Castle, home to Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny.

4. London – home of amazing moments

London - home of amazing moments

England’s capital seems unbeatable when dark clouds embrace the city and thousands of whopping fireworks burst at one count on the New Year’s Eve. The multi-colored sky makes everything beautiful as the colors seem  to explode over London Eye, Big Ben Tower and River Thames. The Whole city awakes this evening to celebrate New Year along with open DJ sets and full-on parties at both corners of the Thames River. Don’t drink too much, save some energy for the January 1st New Year’s Day Parade as well. 

5. Paris – Rendez-vous en France

Paris - Rendez-vous en France

There is no wonder in saying that the city of lights sponsors an amazing New Year’s Eve that lasts forever. Spending a lovely evening kissing your beloved underneath the pride of the city “Eiffel Tower” is the best experience to add to the list of things to do in Paris. With a dedicated lane of vintage Parisian owned bars & restaurants, the city is just wonderful for any celebration. Laser light shows along with live music concerts continue for months as the French people celebrate New Year’s Eve for the Entire January. 

6. Prague – Tourists go home, immigrants welcome

Prague - Tourists go home, immigrants welcome

The capital city of the Czech Republic, encircled by the Vltava River is nicknamed by the travellers for its elegance – “The City of Hundred Spires.” If you’re visiting Prague for New Year’s Celebration, there’s a deal: official fireworks start coloring up the sky around 6 p.m. but unofficially you can capture the grace of the old town city overlooking multicolored buildings, gothic churches and heavy crowd dancing in the streets. 

7. New York City

New York City

Some passionate party seekers with extensive enthusiasm in heart for New Year’s Evening – rolled a ball over Times Square in 1907 – and the tradition has been continuing since then. New York City is one of the most iconic cities for New Year’s Eve Celebration that is popular among the hot blooded party poopers. Millions of visitors land here for New Year’s Celebration, but you’ll hardly find a local who could hook up or just spend a night in your arms. S0, don’t waste your time there and enjoy a lovely enthusiastic New Year’s Eve and tickets start at $495. 

Leave the New Year resolutions and focus on wine and dine. With this list of the top 7 most beautiful places to celebrate New year’s Eve, you can plan your itinerary en route to the countries of celebration. Make new friends, share memories, capture pictures and enjoy everything which delights you the most. 

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