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Memorable Singapore: Things Are Strictly Banned In Singapore

Things Are Strictly Banned In Singapore

Often known for its beauty and attractions, Singapore follows the impeccable rules and regulations to keep the country clean and low crime rate. There is no second thought to say Singapore comes at the top in the list of best places to visit in holidays. But we also can’t overlook the fact that Singapore has a high reputation for being safe and clean. Thereby, the company had to put a warning stating that “NO CRIME DOESN’T MEAN NO CRIME” reminding people to stay vigilant. Above this, the country gets high regards over its cleanliness. 

If you’re visiting Singapore, you need to be aware of some activities that are banned in the country. So before you went to the country to enjoy the beauty, activities, and some of the attractive points, go through the list of the things that are banned to avoid the hurdles you could face while on the trip. 

Besides its scenic scenes, beholding views, and various attractive points, it has some strict rules that locals and tourists have to follow. 

1. Chewing Gum

If you have a habit of chewing gum to keep yourself active or as a mouth freshner, keep it at your home or take some other mouth freshener because chewing gum is banned in Singapore. The country follows some quite strict rules, even if you are not trading it, incorporation of the chewing in the country is illegal unless it is used for medical terms. Further, if you are caught selling, having, or chewing gum, you could face a penalty of maximum SGD 1,00,000

2. Firecrackers 

Lightning crackers may be a suspicious activity for some cultures and countries, but firing crackers in Singapore has been banned since 1970 when it injured a local. Hence, Singaporeans are not allowed to firecrackers during the festive season. If you’re hoping to take some crackers with you to celebrate a festive season or a party over there, not possible at all. Though, if you have still inquisitiveness to witness the majestic firecrackers display as a part of the celebration, be sure to travel Singapore closer to National Day Celebration (August 9).

3. Nudity

Well, this might seem slightly strange. Most of the countries have not banned this and people themselves do not come out nude. But Singapore has legally banned walking around both public and private premises nude. If you have a habit of forgetting your towel on your bed, make sure to close the windows of your room before going to take a shower. Because if you are caught or reported publicly in a naked pose, you may get fine and jailed for 3 months

4. Owing or trading exotic animals 

Unlike other countries, it is illegal for anyone to own, breed, sell amphibians, lizards, or reptiles in Singapore without a license. The country finds it against the ecosystem and biodiversity and wants to protect it by doing this. If anyone has reported doing this, they could be charged, fined or jailed. 

5. Gathering

It is often found in the countries in specific situations but in Singapore, it is illegal to assemble even 3 people after 10 P.M. in the public space. You may find it unfair But Singapore Government sees this as a way to limit the happening of unlawful assemblies, which could disrupt the public peace and stability of the nation. So next time when you visit Singapore with your friends and want to party late at night, make it before 10 P.M to avoid trouble & caught with cops over there.  

6. Purchasing Alcohol after 10 P.M.

If you’re a party lover and love to booze over the night out parties, kick out this plan. Because Singapore has banned the sale and even consumption of alcohol at the public places from 10.30 P.M. to 7 A.M. unless the restaurant has applied for the relevant permits. And if you are caught selling the alcohol during this timeframe, it could be sentenced to a fine of SGD10,000. The ban came into existence after the riot took place on the road due to public disorder by excess drinking. Though, this is a great excuse to call friends at home for a party!

  7. Cat as Pet

If you’re a cat lover and living in a residential flat, you’re not allowed to keep a cat as your pet, rules applied by the Housing Development Board. They claim that cats are difficult to keep within boundaries and to urinate in public spaces they should roam free. However, dogs are allowed but would require a license to be an owner. Though, this rule doesn’t apply to the residents in condominiums or private properties. 

8. Urinating In Public & Not Flushing The Toilet

Not flushing the toilets and urinating in public is more than a breach of propriety in Singapore, you will be breaking the law and sentenced to pay a fine if you are caught doing so. So when you visit Singapore for the trip, don’t even think of urinating in elevators, as they are equipped with UDD (Urine Detection Devices), which can easily detect the smell of urine and make authority inform via alarm and keep on closing the doors until police arrive to arrest the offender. You can imagine how securities are strict in Singapore. 

9. Littering

Littering is one of the main causes of dirt and Singapore is known for impeccable clean. With an active campaign against littering helps Singapore effectively to keep the country clean. The country imposes strict penalties about $300 on those who throw small items like cigarette buds or candy wrappers. This is all to keep the country clean and free from infection. Because littering is one of the big reasons for spreading the infection. So while planning a trip to Singapore, ensure to not litter at public places. 

10. Smoking

So, Smoking is banned in some areas of Singapore. And it especially covers all indoor places such as shopping centers, offices, shops, etc. and outdoor areas like fitness courts, playgrounds, pedestrian overhead bridges, hospital outdoor compounds, the five-meter perimeter around the bus shelters, etc. This restriction is also implemented in common areas like residential buildings. 

This act was passed in order to ensure a safety, health, and clean environment for the public and safeguard people, especially infants and senior citizens, from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. Being a visitor, you must follow this rule otherwise be ready to pay a penalty. 

Though, these were few things that are banned in Singapore. But the list of things that you can do in Singapore is long that includes you can take durian onto public transportation, E-Cigarettes, spitting, homosexual relations, jaywalking, drugs, vandalism, feeding pigeons, connecting to another Wi-Fi, annoying someone with musical instruments & flying kites that interface public traffic. There might be some other restrictions also that we perhaps missed to put on this list. So be careful while planning a trip to Singapore. 

Well, with this list, you are prepared to an extent and all set to avoid deportation or arrest. It is time to enjoy Singapore and make your trip memorable. 

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