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Happy Monsoon: Spectacular Monsoon Destination In India To Explore

Monsoon Destination In India

Rains are magical. Rains are mood changers. And sometimes Rains are Romantic. Actually, raindrops are much more than you imagine. Though, most travelers do not consider the rainy season ideal  traveling. But there is nothing to ignore traveling during the rainy season. However, India experiences the gorgeous and vibrant rains that cast the magical spell around the country and transform many pieces of land into a magical paradise. 

India is a country that is known for different hues, enthusiastic cultures, and pleasant welcome. With different beautiful destinations, be it hill stations, trekking, monasteries, temples, beaches, there is no shortfall of Monsoon destinations in India. With the different parts of the country receiving different levels of rainfall, each destination offers a unique ambiance that is breathtaking and makes you feel so special. Travel to some places in India where rainfall is something like heavens is actually preferable during the monsoon season.

With the list of spectacular Monsoon Destinations in India, you will find yourself in the sky and every passionate explorer should witness. These are the Best Places to Visit in India During Monsoon which certainly change your opinion about traveling in the glorious rainy season. Be it beauty & relief, adventure & sightseeing, relaxation & fun, these monsoon destinations will leave no stone unturned to make you feel even light drops of rain and the delicious smell of Earth. Rainy season comes with bliss, beauty, and relief, savor your vacations in India of such pleasure. 

1. Lonavla, Maharashtra

The common news every year that inundated news channels is Mumbai’s rainfall. Yes, Lonavala is located near Mumbai and resting in laps of the Sahyadri Mountains of Western Ghats. It is the most beautiful hill station in India that offers various truly scenic views out of the world. With the dense green forest, picturesque scenery, voluptuous river and magnificent waterfall, it is a lush green paradise to which rain embellishes every year. If you wanna feel the rain amid natural greenery, Lonavla is the ideal place to visit during Monsoon. We are damn sure, it will change your thoughts regarding rain and you will fall in love with it.   

How to Reach- It can be easily accessed from Pune & Mumbai. Driving to the hill town in the rains through is blissful. 

2. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

No other place can be on the list of Top India Monsoon destinations than “Valley of Flowers”. The name of the place has been set as Valley of Flowers because of its attribute of the abundant variety of flowers but rain brings all flowers to life and embellishes them in most vibrant hues across the valley & making it a fantasy world. The valley has more than 400 varieties of flowers and offers you trekking amid different flowers. This will give trekkers a paradise feeling in the rainy season where magnificent mountains standing tall and embellishing with different colors of flowers. 

How to Reach- It can be accessed through and the nearest bus station is Govindghat which can be accessed through Dehradun or Rishikesh. 

3. Munnar, Kerala

Kerala is itself a paradise for couples. Newly married couples often come here for their honeymoons. Rain adds magic and romance in an already romantic relationship when you take your bae to the beautiful hills of western ghats. The best thing about monsoon vacation at Munnar is, it is a tree-crowded place where rainfall is more beautiful than usual places. You can enjoy trekking on hills, walk through the tree gardens, and savor delicious Kerala cuisine. Munnar is truly a paradise when it comes to Best Places to visit in India during Monsoon. 

How to Reach- It takes 3 hours 40 minutes to reach Munnar from Cochin via road. Driving from Cochin is pleasant in monsoon. 

4. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Another scenic place on the list of Top India Monsoon Travel Destination is Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. It is the place explorers must add in their list to experience the monsoon from too close. Monsoon adds value to the forests, farmlands, houses, and pastures and they shine with a healthy glow. The grass grows overwhelmingly everywhere and creates the same look as the Scottish Highlands. So, go and enjoy the walk-in rustic beauty of Meghalaya and fall in love with the rains in Cherrapunji. 

How to Reach- Cherrapunji is well connected with roads, you can access through the road from Shillong which sometimes brings down the visibility null when clouds play hide and seek game. 

5. Coorg, Karnataka

Being one of the most visited destinations in India, Coorg is not just a beautiful hill station but also the Best Places to visit in India during Monsoon. Blessed with the scenic views with a vast coffee plantation, Coorg is the perfect getaway in Monsoon. During the monsoon, Abbey and Jog waterfalls flow heavy water and create an impressive picture that is worth witnessing and capturing. Also, if you’re in an adventurous mood, trek to the highest peak of Tadiandamol which will make your trip perfect. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of a rainbow. 

How to ReachYou can approach Coorg via road from Bangalore and Mysore. A drive during the rainy day will make your trip. 

Those who underestimate the trip during Monsoon must visit these Monsoon destinations in India. Plan your trip to one of these destinations for healing and therapeutic vacation. These places will not only provide you a relaxed mind with different picturesque views but also fall you in love again with your partner. In fact, you can also approach here with a gaggle of friends or can perform a solo trip. If you really want adventurous trekking destinations, long relaxing walks, fresh and cool winds, water splash, and want to bless your souls with a natural environment, then no season can be better than monsoon. Don’t Waste Time, Get ready with your favorite color raincoat and rainboots & experience something out of the ordinary this time!

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