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Are You A Passionate Biker- Here’re Best Biking Routes In India

Best Biking Routes In India

Road trips are always awesome, be it with your friend, partner, or cousin. But to make them more spectacular, you should know the most hilarious route you need to go with. Traveling in India is not just about staying at resorts with your spouse, trekking mountains with your friends, enjoying camping with your colleagues, and having a family trip on any hill station and sightseeing. India has a lot of experience when it comes to exploring beauty. 

Time has changed and so as the way of thinking and experiencing things has changed completely. The time has gone when gaggles used to pack their bags and go to another place in the name of travel. For today’s generation, the definition of traveling is arduous to understand. They love to experience new things that are interesting yet adventurous. Road Trips are one of the most popular traveling ideas among youngsters and have become new normal nowadays. From college students to office colleagues, more and more groups are participating in road trips be it for fun or exploring new things and nature. There are several routes that are famous as Best Biking Routes In India where you can find numerous bikers accomplishing their desires. 

If you wanna know, what are those Best Biking Routes In India that offer beholding views, adventurous stunts, and take you away from the crowd of the city, then stay tuned with us. All you need to do is fuel up your bike tank, take your partner with you, and set with your bike.  

1. Mumbai-Goa


Route Details- Mumbai-Pune-Satara-Kolhapur-Belgaum-Goa

Approx. KM & Driving Time – 604km, 7 Days

Mumbai to Goa bike trip is the most recommended one when it comes to thrilling experiences. If you don’t want to leave a single beat over the road trip, December to February will be best for this trip. The route also includes beautiful destinations such as Lonavala and Satara that are marked as scenic spots. Mumbai-Goa route will not let your biking excitement down as there are a lot of enthralling spots where you can accomplish your photography passion. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants that offer palatable food throughout the route to kill your appetite. You’ll pass through the smooth NH17 highway that offers effortless riding. 

Tip- Make a stop at Guhagar and Tarkarli to savor great food and experience gentle sea breeze.

2. Manali-Leh


Route Details- NH3. Manali-Jispa-Sarchu-Leh

Approx. KM & Driving Time – 473km, 4 Days 

You may have experienced so many road trips, but nothing can beat the experience of a Manali-Leh road trip. Riding bikes over the Manali-Leh route is absolutely an adventure. Amid white snowy hills, foggy clouds, and cold breeze, you’ll be able to witness the real beauty of India that you have never even imagined. Biking at this high altitude will definitely give anyone goosebumps. Rohtang La and Khardung La are some of the passes that are enough to adventure for any passionate biker. And for a better experience, land here with your bike in the months of July-September. 

Tip- There is no Petrol pump after Tandi until Leh. Keep it well-marked to fuel up your bike. 

3. Guwahati-Tawang


Route Details- Guwahati-Bhalukpong-Dirang-Tawang

Approx. KM & Driving Time- 509km, 5 days 

If you wish to go on scenic rides on the eastern terrains in India, Guwahati-Tawang Road Trip can be a perfect pick for you. Right starting from the trip, you’ll pass through interesting villages, scenic views, and LDL Buddhist Monastery. Throughout the ride, you’re exposed to lush green Himalayas and when you come across the gigantic Himalayas ranges covered with white sheets of snow means you are in Tawang. Tawang is the crowd-free place where you will be lost in the beauty of hills that are covered with show sheets, direct rays from the sun make snowy hills shining that can grab anyone’s attention. 

Tip- Be careful while riding a bike because roads are curvy and mountains are beautiful that can attract you and divert your mind from driving. 

4. Delhi-Ranthambore


Route Details- Delhi-Gurugram-Jaipur-Swai Madhopur(Ranthambore)

Approx. KM & Driving Time- 436km, 3 days  

If there is something most common in Delhians is bike riding and the best biking route in India for them is Delhi-Ranthambore. Rajasthan is a beautiful city to explore with numerous forts and various attractions. It will be fun and enthusiastic to cover the route to Rajasthan with your bike as you can explore various old buildings and forts for long as much as you want. We would like to recommend you, as per our (Tourtoreview) personal experience, spend some time in “Pink City” Jaipur to enjoy the trip at fullest. During the ride, you’ll also pass by picturesque Aravalli hills and plenty of Rajasthani Dhabas to cool down your stomach fire. And when you reach Ranthambore, you can halt your bike ride and rent an open Gypse to explore the national Park Over there. 

Tip- Try alternate route of Toll Gate that will be 1.5 hours shorter and almost 50 KM less and believe us you’ll not compromise bike riding experience at this route

5. Ahmedabad-Mount Abu 

Ahmedabad-Mount Abu

Route Details- Ahmedabad-Kalol-Mehsana- Palanpur-Mount Abu

Approx. KM & Driving Time- 235km, 1 day

Riding from Ahmedabad-Mount Abu is really a pleasing ride. What makes your ride more delighting is the cultural delicious cuisine of two states- Rajasthan & Gujarat offered at the traditional dhabas. During your journey, you’ll pass through the Nakki Lake- stop your bike over there to experience the mesmerizing views of the beautiful place. Both states are immensely cultural and will have different experiences throughout the trip. This is what made Ahmedabad-Mount Abu one of the Best Biking Routes in India. So whenever you wanna create a balance between hill station and cultural traveling places, opt for Ahmedabad-Mount Abu route because Ahmedabad is perfect for a cultural experience and Mount Abu offers unimaginable views, from the cloudy sky to shining hills. 

Tip- If you want to experience Mount Abu at its best, make your trip after August. Though being the hill station, Mount Abu has a cool climate and year-round destination. 

Bike riding has many facets, from adventure to fun, scenic views to different experiences because you get a chance to explore the beauty from too close. And it would be more fascinating when you’re in a country like India. There is no other thought to say that India is a country of many facets, attitude, and various definitions of beauty. The best idea to explore it as much as you can is through bike rides. Nothing can beat the thrill of being on the road. All you need to do is to choose the best biking routes in India. 

Get more ideas from us to explore the natural beauty of our world. We have rounded up several blogs on different aspects & countries, just hit the link and get more exciting ideas. 

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