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10 Things To Do In Lancaster PA

Things To Do In Lancaster PA

Lancaster, just three hours away from New York City,  is the most beloved tourist destination to enjoy your weekend. If you want to spend your family time somewhere away from lifeless home-stay, you should surely take count of Lancaster. You can find many fun things to do in Lancaster PA, from feasting in restaurants to gloating over the historical sites. Undoubtedly, the seat of Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County has so much to offer for the joy of vacationers.  

The county is full of tourist attractions offering you zillions of choices to roam around, from parks to farms and markets to museums. Believe us; you will never fall short of the fun activities when in Lancaster. Just for the ease of your trip to Lancaster, we have picked out some most amazing things to do in Lancaster. 

1.Dine in Restaurants 

Dine in Restaurants

Fooding is one of the best fun things to do in Lancaster PA. From typically restaurant-style platters to home-cooked country meals, you have so much in Lancaster to please your taste buds. Though the county is full of restaurants, there are some famous names not to give a miss when vacating in Lancaster. “Plain & Fancy Farm Restaurant” in the Old Philadelphia Pike is there to give your palate the delight of family-style provisions. You can also think of paying a visit to the Country Store to take some bites of delicious Shoofly Pie, i.e., a molasses crumb cake baked in a pie shell that grew popular as a breakfast food in the old times. 

2.Strasburg Railroad

Strasburg Railroad

Strasburg Railroad is the oldest steam train that is still functional and working in Ronks. Though you will also enjoy touring around the Strasburg Railroad, this is a thing to do in Lancaster PA; for kids, the trip around the only running steam train in the world will be fascinating. It is just 20 minutes away by car from downtown Lancaster. A single ticket allows you a 45-minute ride on the world’s only working steam train. Alongside taking a ride on the steam train, the screen has been installed inside to teach you fun facts about the train and the history of the surrounding regions. 

3.Take A Trip To The Amish Village

Take A Trip To The Amish Village

A trip to Amish Village, located in Ronks, is one of the must-do things in Lancaster. The Amish Village, which is spread over 12 acres, encompasses the Amish Farmhouse and Village itself. Better get accompanied by your family and friends when visiting the Amish Village – it will be more enjoyable than anything else in Lancaster. 

4.Corn Cob Acres

Corn Cob Acres

Lancaster proves to be genuinely a fun-filled destination for kids as they can find so many things to do in Lancaster. Take Corn Cob, Acres, for instance; this is a not-to-be-missed site in the county, particularly when you have younger kids along. This theme park offers a myriad of fun things to do, e.g., fun rides, slides, sandboxes, ball toss, and toy trains. Then you have a pumpkin patch, scarecrow, and dozens of dressing and photo spots to spend your time in joy. Gift shops and food trucks are also there to cash out on some purchases. 

5.Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland

Another fantastic fun site for kids. Dutch Wonderland is an amusement park in Lancaster which is worth touring around when holidaying in the County. Spinning around 48 acres of area, the park offers many things to do in Lancaster PA, more enjoyable for kids than anyone else. The amusement park has a small water park area named Duke’s Lagoon. Special Christmas and Halloween events are organized every year; you can plan in sync with these once-in-a-year events to get more bang for your bucks. 

6.Refreshing Mountain

Refreshing Mountain

This is the site for nature lovers, particularly those looking for adventure and outdoor activities. If you are one of them, the site is worth your attention. Refreshing Mountain is the site for adventure lovers and has a stock of things to do in Lancaster PA. It is surrounded by attractions like swimming pools with trampolines, canopy tours, a farm animal section, and an elevated obstacle course. You can either rent a rustic cabin for a cozy stay inside the park, or you can just give a day-visit to the park to delve your courageous soul into adventurous activities. 

7. Lancaster Central Market

Lancaster Central Market

Those who think that the farmers market has recently evolved to be a trendy idea, Lancaster Central Market proves them wrong. The Lancaster Central Market is a famous farmer market that started in 1730. Its visit is one of the fun things to do in Lancaster PA when touring around in the popular County regions. The farmer market brings you an assortment of things for sale, from flowers to fresh fruits to cheeses to sausage and vegetables from the local farms. 

8.Lancaster Science Factory

Lancaster Science Factory

Lancaster Science Factory is a kind of museum which is too large to take almost three hours to tour around. The museum has been developed keeping in mind the kids aging seven years or younger. Visiting the Lancaster Science Factory is also a thing to do in Lancaster PA if you have kids around on the trip. This is a fun site in Lancaster your kids will surely love to enjoy. 

9.Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum

Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum

We have got another museum on the list that will really prove to be a ride of pleasure for your kids. Spread in around 100 acres of area, visiting this museum is another great thing to do in Lancaster PA when you have planned the trip to the County with your family. The museum, which is located in Manheim near Dutch Wonderland, has plenty of attractions inside from artifacts to heirloom seeds. Kids will enjoy the site when playing with the farm animals. If you are fond of gardening, the trip to Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum is not worth giving a miss. 

10.Kitchen Kettle Village

Kitchen Kettle Village

The site offers a range of things to do in Lancaster PA for everyone from kids to young ones. It has a market with multiple shops inside for shopping, restaurants to dine in the outdoors, and lodging to give your tired soul some rest in coziness. From fine arts to handicrafts and watch jams to jellies, you can buy a bucket of things from the shops in and around the village. The Lapp Valley Farm has a stock of fruit-made ice cream that kids will certainly love eating. 

Hopefully, you have enjoyed getting through the above ten things to do in Lancaster PA, but the real fun will be when you turn your airy-fairy plan into a real trip to the county. Depending on the season and what you prefer to tour around, you can plan the trip to Lancaster – it has an abundance of scenic views and adventurous outdoor activities to make memories for a lifetime. 

Final Thought 

Lancaster offers much more than what has been showcased in the above points. You will find an assortment of things to do in Lancaster PA. You will know when you plan to give the County a visit with your family and friends. 

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