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Guide To Panama: Incredible Things To Do In Panama On Your First Trip

Things to do in Panama

With All The Things To Do In Panama, It Is A Little Easy To Judge How It Becomes The Traveler’s Destination. 

The reason behind reaching here is you might be planning a trip to Panama. Right? That’s great. We’ll make your purpose of reaching us successful as we have done our homework to make your trip memorable and successful. 

With the top things to do in Panama, we have done all the research to make the trip most epic and desirable. We want to tell you that not just the things to do in Panama, but you can also add hotspot places to visit in Panama to plan your itinerary a bit well. 

In this destination guide to Panama, we have narrowed down the best of the best things to make sure to not miss the good stuff on your bucket list, otherwise, there are various tourist attractions that are created for money-making and actually not offering much fun and worth visiting. 

Check our guide to Panama including things to do and places to visit with the possible travel tips including currency, accommodation, transportation, etc. 

Overview of Panama

Despite the heat and humidity of Central America, the enthusiasm of traveling to Panama is not less than other fascinating destinations. It is fun to visit Panama that will give you a blend of feeling because it is a tourist attraction with varieties. From tropical beaches to jungle hikes, incredible islands to a great capital city, Panama is a hub to various wow factors. 

The thing to notice here is, Panama is the contrast between the poor majority of the population and the extremely rich majority, which sets a great example for those who spend unnecessarily. 

Besides this, Panama is an extremely fascinating country to visit. Also, it is very easy to travel here when you want to explore the diverse range of landscapes, interesting towns and cities, and many other spellbinding places. 

A beautiful blend of appealing beaches and islands can be found along the Pacific and Caribbean coast and the mountainous region is home to coffee plantations, waterfalls, small towns, wildlife, and some wonderful hiking trails. Also, the country is no less in its metropolitan aspects like shopping, dining, and an assortment of attractions & things to do. 

This was a short description of the beauty of Panama. For more details and ideas that help to plan your trip, check out our below guide on Panama including things to do in Panama and places to visit in Panama.

Things To Do In Panama

  • Enjoy The Live Jazz Music In Panama City

If you love listening to music, Panama City is all about jazz music. Even the hills of Boquete and the restaurants are full of live Jazz music. The most popular spot in Panama City is Danilo’s Jazz Club in America Trade Hotel. If you’re looking for things to do in Panama City at Night, there are so many bars where beer is served with cool flavors and pleasing Jazz music. 

  • Hike Baru Volcano In Boquete

Note: No matter if you love hiking and you’ve enough experience, Hiking Baru volcanoes alone is strictly prohibited. Hiring a guide to hike Baru Volcano is highly recommended. 

When a group of friends hikes Baru Volcano, it would be more enthusiastic and crazy. Lush greenery and dense forest may take you the wrong way, so you have to be careful and follow your guide. You can also enjoy a night in camp over there in the half-way, the rest is all up to you how you make your hiking more interesting and one of the most adventurous things to do in Panama. 

  • Savor Street Food In Panama City

From the sweet snacks covered in syrup to savory empanadas, there are so many delectable foods on Panama City’s street to try. Also, you can try here fruit juice from the roadside and you don’t need to worry about falling sick from the street food. Panama City offers a wide variety of healthy snacks to help you cool down from the heat. 

  • Learn History Of Panama

The rum and Captain Morgan share a close relationship with history. Yes, it is quite surprising to know that a man on a bottle of rum is not just a common picture to display but he’s real. Actually, he is originally known as Henry The Terrible and he raided and attacked Panama City in 1670. There is a lot to know about Captain Morgan and you can enjoy it while taking photography and exploring other activities.  

  • Kitesurf At Punta Chame

Although, this one of the unique things to do in Panama, and most travelers don’t even include this in their itinerary. Punta Chame is home to some of the best beaches and also the best place to kiteboarding in the country. If you want to enjoy some best things to do in Panama, visiting Punta Chame and performing Kitesurfing could be a great idea. Apart from this, there are various other things to do at Punta Chame such as night stay at small yet luxury hotels, etc. 

Places To Visit In Panama 

  • Visit Panama Canal

A trip to Panama won’t complete if you don’t visit the Panama Canal. While you might want to skip this but it is worth seeing. The history of the canal is actually very interesting and the active ship over there made it complete. Make sure to book the ticket in advance or consult with the local when the boats are coming as they aren’t going through all the time. It is literally heartwarming to witness them from too close.  

  • Check-in Gulf Of Chiriqui

When it comes to places to visit in Panama, the Gulf of Chiriqui is the pure blend of nature and wildlife and a must to visit if you are in Panama. Located on the Pacific Coast of Panama, the park was founded in 1994 and spread across 25 volcanic islands. The tranquil water of the islands is the best place for diving. 

  • Hangout in Bocas Del Toro Archipelago

 Basically, Bocas Del Toro is a chain of islands, 9 large islands, 52 small islands, and more than 200 islets. This archipelago is a beautiful place to visit in Panama having plenty of tourist spots. While having green palm forests, white sand, and crystal clear water, it is one of the most famous destinations to visit. Fans of scuba diving and sea fishing flock can be seen here year-round. A variety of water wildlife including crabs, lobsters, and countless tropical fish species is entertaining tourists without fail. 

  • Get A Deep Dive In Pearl Island

An archipelago of 97 islands, is mainly known for mining pearls (the famous 31-carat Peregrine Pearl was found here). It has now become one of the favorite holiday destinations for the beauty of the island. In total, the Pearl Island house 83 excellent beaches, numerous luxury hotels, and a guest house which is known for offering comfort as well as for the most attractive spots for snorkeling. So, if you wanna include one place to visit in Panama that will give you a fantastic feeling over the entire trip, Pearl Island must be on your bucket list. 

  • Try Soberania National Park

Despite being one of the best things to do in Panama, Soberania National Park is also counted as one of the must-visit places in Panama. Soberania National Park is considered the best birdwatching spots in the world inhabited by about a thousand feathered species. You can witness Crested Eagle and Sunbittern here only. To make bird watching more convenient, the park retooled the former five-floors high radar tower from where you can see rare birds enjoying the natural environment. Another highlight of the park is 60 meters high cotton trees. 

Best Time Visit Panama Country

If you want to make your trip best, try visiting between January to mid-April. As this is a tropical country, this is the most stunning time to visit here. However, other times of the year are worth visiting just to experience local festivals and events. 

Where to Stay

You can hire any hotel in Panama City as the place is the hotspot of the country. Every small accommodation is worth staying there in any part of Panama. 

Local Currency



Buses are the primary way to travel for Panamanians. They are convenient, frequent, cheaper, and faster modes of transportation. 

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