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Traveler’s Choice: World’s Most Expensive Destinations To Travel

Most Expensive Destinations To Travel

It’s not an unknown fact that traveling is expensive, but there are certain destinations that are more expensive than others. The world has endless destinations that are mesmerizing and worth visiting but some of these are expensive but best to spend your hard-earned money.  

And if you’re a person who believes The More You Travel, The More You Will Experience, then TourToReview has announced the list of the world’s most expensive destinations to travel to. These places might be harder to pick for your bucket-list due to their soaring prices but they will leave a blueprint on your mind that you would love to visit again and again. 

Come along with us to take a dream tour to some Top Luxury Travel Destinations In The World.

Let’s give you a rough idea that will build up your interest and fill you with excitement to travel to the most luxurious destinations in the world and also ease you to make your itinerary accordingly. 

  • Paris 
  • New York
  • Fiji Islands
  • Seychelles
  • Dubai 
  • Oslo
  • Tuscany

You Only Live Once, But Once Is Enough If You Focus On What You Want To Do: So Why Not To Experience Top Luxury Travel Destinations In The World

  1. Paris

Known as the most romantic place in the world, Paris can burn a hole in your wallet if you want to impress your girl here. It has some of the most expensive attractions in the world, also housed to some luxurious hotels in the world and designer shops that you won’t find anywhere in the world as Paris is known as the fashion city in the world. If you put Paris on your bucket list, don’t forget to have a meal in Jules Verne, located on the fifth floor of the Eiffel Tower, which will cost you around £250.

  1. New York
New York

The place itself known for a luxurious life, New York is the next world’s most expensive destination to travel on our list. The city is the heart of many U.S. industries and has been a hub for businesses. The industry culture justifies the higher rates due to the demand and limited space. The hotels here and restaurants are just overpriced but worth visiting if you want to witness the limit of the luxurious life. With the starting rate of $ 730 a night for a luxury hotel and the average price for a mid-range $ 350, NYC is not a destination for affordable trips. Else a day or night spent in NYC will leave a mark on your heart on the name of luxurious life as this place leaves no stone unturned in making their travelers please with some of its attractions. 

  1. Fiji

If you are looking for the most luxurious holiday destination, Fiji would be on your bucket list. It would be hard to believe for you, Fiji is not just one island, but it is actually a series of 332 islands of pristine white sands, palm trees, cool tropical breeze, and some eye-catching views. And what will cost you here out of your budget is a bill for hopping to and from the Islands, boat rides to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. If you visit Fiji with your partner, include a fancy stay on the island of Laucala where you are welcomed with the country’s traditional greeting of ‘Bula’ that will cost you around £11,500.

  1. Seychelles

Unsurprisingly, another most expensive country to travel to is Africa and the destination is Seychelles that makes the list complete. Not just home to astounding beaches, but Seychelles also give place to most luxury hotels in the world where a night would cost around £6,000 which actually a normal budget person can’t afford. Also, activities like windsurfing and guided hiking are also expensive compared to other places. And if you’re planning a date with your spouse, then it would be the most romantic place. Villas must be rented for a minimum of 3 days and rent starts at around $ 3000 or about $ 1000 USD for a day.

  1. Dubai

There were many rumors about Dubai in the past decades and has been known as one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world. This Middle East hotspot to various top and trending travel destinations has become the modern excess that has become popular among the travelers who have money to burn. The place which is financially strong was developed by the rich and for the rich. Dubai is all about money spending, where some of the luxurious attractions are attracting travelers with their charm. From man-made Island to Burj AI Arab, where you will spend money with an open heart.

  1.  Oslo

Norway’s capital- Oslo is scenic and delightful, tends to be the clean and safest city. Whereas the other place of Oslo – Scandinavia is synonymous with the expense. Even without entering higher regions, day-to-day prices in Oslo are highly expensive. Due to these reasons, Oslo is ranked as the most expensive tourist place in the world. For travelers looking for Oslo, there is a tip to make it possible and affordable. TourToReview offers tips and tricks to travel the world while sticking to the budget including secret tips to find and book cheap flights around the world and many more. Check for more quality information.

  1. Tuscany

Italy is known as one of the most expensive countries to visit and Tuscany is the world’s most expensive destination to travel to. Only a few think of Tuscany when they think of visiting Italy because of unaffordable flight tickets. Tuscany is predominantly known for its history, which stretches back to pre-Roman times. Many of the hotels aren’t a hotel at all, but ancient villas that have been converted into lavish suites for rich tourists. Though Tuscany is still rural, there are plenty of buildings to behold, the area is stunning and famed for its vineyards, but accommodations can be a little rough and when it comes to staying, they still cost around $3,000 or $4,000 a week. Additionally, renting a car to travel is also expensive.

It is quite possible, you have heard and known these cities and countries for their beauty, attractions, and scenic views they offer to tourists. This might be the first time that you’re knowing these destinations for their eye-watering prices. Price may make you feel disheartened but don’t be if you’re a true travel lover because the fact is these destinations might be expensive but best at the same time that can make your trip memorable and unimaginable.

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