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Top 7 Most Scenic Flights Around the World for a Breathtaking View

Most Scenic Flights in the World

Even the most frequent flyers cannot tell you exactly where to fly for an aerial view. After all, it’s exclusive and limited to a few spectacular destinations where the passengers fall on each other to capture the best shot of breathtaking views from the plane’s window. Yes, we are talking about the most scenic flights in the world in which you must travel with a window seat.

Though everything is scenic and spectacular for someone who travels the first time via air, there are some special places where people only fly for the bird-eye view of majestic mountain peaks, volcanos, thundering waterfalls, and the mysteriously colored horizon. To help you witness some of the beautiful and fascinating sites in the world, we have shortlisted the 7 most scenic flights in the world that pass by the wonders of the world. You can check our pick of the most beautiful flight routes in the world and share yours in the comments. 

1. Santiago to Punta Arenas

Listed first on the list of the most scenic flights in the world, flying through the pristine meadows, stunning lakes, snow-capped mountains, and volcanos, is a rare combination that can only be witnessed on a flight from Santiago to Punta Arenas. It passes by Patagonia that is perhaps the most beautiful place on the planet visited by millions of travelers for its spectacular natural beauty. Flying over the Andes Mountains – the longest mountain range in the world will make your trip memorable.

2. Sao Paula, Brazil to Iguazu Falls

A journey to Brazil’s most populated city Sao Paula to one of the most popular waterfalls in the world, Iguazu Falls starts with the majestic views of the metropolis and instantly turns to intense green lush forests. Along with the grace of Iguazu waterfalls, the passengers traveling from Sao Paula to falls get a beautiful aerial view of the second largest dams in the world with the hydroelectric facility.

3. Sydney to Johannesburg

Get ready with your camera or just leave everything aside and witness the most strange scenery of snow-laden, the great white continent of Antarctica. This is perhaps the shortest yet most scenic flight route between Sydney and Johannesburg that offers a magnificent view of the edge of Antarctica – the incredible iceberg and tundras.

4. Taipei, Taiwan to Hong Kong

The world is full of wonders and nothing can be more wonderful than capturing skyscraper towers with clouds floating on them. Flying from the hub of technology Taiwan to Hong Kong gives you the opportunity to capture the most fascinating views of Victoria Harbour with the Symphony of bright lights. Make sure your flight is scheduled in the night so that you won’t miss the heart-melting scenic view of the metropolis of Hong Kong.

5. New York to Chicago, Illinois

In the beginning, it may seem like a boring business route, but soon you would consider it one of the most scenic flights in the world. Thanks to the vertical skyline of both La Guardia and Illinois’s skyline that offers a spectacular view to the passengers. If you sit on the left side, you will capture the most fascinating scenery, building shadows reflecting over the water. 

6. Zurich To Naples – Heaven’s View

If you are shortlisting the most beautiful countries in the world, you would always include Switzerland. After all, the country has been attracting with its fascinating visually appealing sceneries and mainly the Alps. We have enlisted Zurich to Naples as one of the most beautiful flights in the world for the breathtaking view it offers to the people flying over this Central European Grace. You will be fascinated by the spectacular views of Pompeii mount Vesuvius, the Isle of Capri, and the Amalfi Coast when flying over one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It is one of the most scenic flights in the world for the majestic Metropolis scenery.

7. Santiago to Calama, Chile

Truly the piece of heaven, you witness the most stunning red mountains when flying from Santiago to Calama as a part of the most scenic flights in the world. The stunning snow-capped Andes cover-up the two-third of this most scenic flight route in the world. Breathtaking scenery of flowering jagged mountains to desert flats, with a beautiful scenic view from the former salt lake. It feels like flying through Mars as the region near Calama is the driest place on the planet.

These 7 are the most scenic flights in the world where you must visit once in a lifetime. Well, there are so many best flight routes in the world, but our pick of the most scenic flights in the world is based on the data collected from various websites and frequent flyers. You can drop your ideas in the comments below and we will feature them in our next post.

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