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10 Cheap Romantic Getaway Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Trip

Cheap Romantic Getaway Ideas

Planning a romantic trip with your sweetheart? You have reached the right place. With the following 10 entries of cheap romantic getaway ideas, you can give a pleasant surprise to your partner. 

While every couple has been through beaches and wellness destinations, we have some top cheap vacation ideas for couples that are beyond the journeys made in the past. From sleeping under open-sky to be treated like a king & queen at Venetian Palazzo, we have stitched a list of cheap quick honeymoon ideas for a perfect vacay. Let’s go and explore the best & cheap romantic getaway ideas for a perfect and affordable valentine’s trip.

1. Narrate Your Own Fairytale at Magical Australian Castle

Magical Australian Castle

Takes the number #1 on the list of the cheap romantic getaway ideas, staring at Thorngrove Manor’s tempting artistic interior and spending an evening amidst a romantically fascinating atmosphere will make your escape better and more pleasing than ever before. You can narrate your own fairytale at this Gothic-style castle.

2. Spend Quality Time in Thailand’s Artsy Bedroom

Iniala Beach House in Thailand

If you have always made a romantic trip to beaches, these auspiciously designed bedrooms will redefine your itinerary. Appealing oceanfront villas and resorts from the Iniala Beach House in Thailand will leave you speechless. One of the best cheap romantic getaway ideas, this beautiful resort is situated amid pristine meadows, over the sandy land of Natai Beach, and attracts couples with its romantic interiors and spa.

3. Spend Amazing Night in Private Malawi Beach House

Malawi Beach House

It may sound strange, but nothing is more beautiful and romantic than spending quality hours with your partner in a private beach house listening to ear-pleasing wave sounds. Ranked 3 on the list of cheap vacation ideas for couples, spending a night at this remote island in Malawi is perhaps one of the romantic getaway ideas for couples.

4. Hit the Future in Tasmania

If both of you love spending a holiday at a secluded coastal location, it would be great to plan a romantic trip to Saffire Freycinet, where nature and modern architecture come together. One of the cheap romantic getaway ideas, this amazing resort lies at a remote location in Tasmania’s coles bay that offers a mesmerizing view that is just perfect to capture as a romantic background.

5. Cuddle in a Treehouse

Lion Sands Game Reserve

What could be more romantic than having lunch in a lighted tree house surrounded by straight alpine-trees? That’s what every couple loves, and makes an escape to fascinating treehouses of Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. This luxurious remote destination is pretty popular among the couples looking for a private place for spending memorable evenings. Stargazing and dining beneath the open-sky, experience an amazing romantic trip in a Treehouse encircled by the world’s most stunning wildlife.

6. Beach Dinner in Zanzibar’s White Sand Beach

Zanzibar’s White Sand Beach

Dining at the beach is perhaps the cheapest romantic getaway idea for couples and floating in the Indian ocean off to the northern coast of Zanzibar, makes your escape memorable by allowing you to savor mouth-watering seafood at a private table only for you. Sitting barefoot and feeling the waves playing with feet is just amazing.

7. Stare at Italy’s Starry Sky

If we ask you to plan a stay at one of the most beautiful & romantic spas in the world, you will expect a high cost. But sleeping beneath open-sky at Italy’s L’Alberta costs nothing but happiness that drives couples crazy. Spending a night at this astonishing 9th-century country villa facing Italy’s lake Iseo is one of the cheap romantic getaway ideas. With amazing hotel service, a charming Italian interior, and an open bedroom, it becomes one of the best romantic trip ideas for couples.

8. Go! Glamping in Australia

Ningaloo Reef Sal Salis

Settings around stunning Ningaloo Reef Sal Salis amidst the greenery of lush forests in the Cape Range National Park, glamping in Australia’s offbeat destinations is undoubtedly one of the finest cheap romantic getaway ideas for couples. The romance comes out of the fantastic interior, savory food, and spectacular scenery at the backdrop of huge sand dunes. Sleeping on a king-sized bed and eco-friendly washrooms.

9. Feel the Love in Marrakech


There is something amazing and undoubtedly romantic about staying in a Moroccan Riad and this traditionally desired beautiful bedroom, depicting the grace of Riad Hikaya offers a complete honeymoon package for a magical romantic trip. Handcrafted furniture, precious fabrics, curtains, and a gothic-style bathroom, an escape to this heavenly place becomes more beautiful when passing by a door that opens onto the pool.

10. Experience a Royal Stay in Venetian Palazzo

Venetian Palazzo

Regardless of anything, a man always treats his woman like a queen and so the girl treats his man like a king and to welcome such an amazing royal couple, Belmond Hotel Cipriani is always ready. If you want to make your trip unforgettable, nothing can beat an escape to this extraordinary place consisting of romance and grandeur. The spectacular 15th-century Palazzo treats its guests like they’re in a royal palace where all their wishes will come true. Experience the world’s best hospitality at this wonderful honeymoon destination overlooking the spectacular St Mark’s Square. We can bet that you and your partner, both are gonna love this place and enjoy a night of couples together.

If you don’t want to spend more time searching and surfing, picking either of the aforementioned entries of the best & cheap romantic getaway ideas won’t ruin your journey. We spend hours on shortlisting these cheap vacation ideas for couples for a lifetime experience that never fades. So, get ready to enjoy an ultimate valentine’s trip somewhere amidst the timeless grace or in nature’s lap. We hope you will love these cheap romantic getaway ideas! We are waiting for your appreciation.

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