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Most Exciting Things To Do in Puerto Rico On Your Next Visit

Things To Do in Puerto Rico

Welcome to Puerto Rico! A destination with endless opportunities. From mountain hiking,  enjoying waterfalls in the rainforest, exploring contemporary art in the museum, to kayaking in the Bioluminescent bay, there are a lot of exciting things to do in Puerto Rico. To help you plan your itinerary efficiently, we’ve rounded up the eight best things to do in Puerto Rico.  Let’s not delay anymore and head towards this wonderful virtual tour!

1. Go on a Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling is one of the adventurous things to do in Puerto Rico, popular among the youngsters. Culebra is the common snorkeling destination where thousands of tourists explore this activity and add memories to their list.
Why to do– Culebra is an underdeveloped place with various reefs and beholding views that make it an excellent place to view wildlife. This is the most relaxing adventurous activity that you can enjoy and have fun with.

2. Learn About Native Plants

Puerto Rico is a naturally beautiful place to travel. There are various beautiful plants that naturally flourish because of the unique tropical and semi-arid environment. If you’re low on budget and want to explore nature, this is one of the cheapest things to do in Puerto Rico that  you can do.
Why to do- There are a couple of endangered plants to keep an eye on. Learning something new about the native plants will please you deeply. You can capture the beauty of Peperomia Wheeleri that has white flowers, 6.5 feet tall Cactus Leptocereus Grantinaus, etc.

3. Explore Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest

If performing water sports activities is not your cup of tea, there are coastal mangrove forests that have been restored. Walk through the forest, experience the wildlife from the close as this is among the most adventurous things to do in Puerto Rico.
Why to do- Forests are dense and it is interesting to learn about the mangroves and how they help to maintain a healthy marine and coastal ecosystem and preserve wildlife such as fish, birds, brown pelican, etc.

4. Spend Time At Puerto Rico Beach

Puerto Rico Beach

Beaches are always impressive, but Playa De Puerto Rico is a beautiful beach with lots of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy coffee and other cuisines with your partner. So if you’re newly married and looking for romantic things to do in Puerto Rico for couples, plan a date at Puerto Rico beach. 
Why to do- With fine golden sand and tranquil water, Puerto Rico beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy. You can plan various things here besides a date, like soaking in the sun, taking a deep dive in the water, etc.

5. Explore Puerto Rico Market

If arts, creative and handmade local items attract you most, you should visit Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. This is the recently opened market in Puerto Rico which is actually a modern-looking shopping center but consists of various shops of local foods and items. This is among the best things to do in Puerto Rico this weekend. 
Why to do- Here, you will get a chance to experience the local culture of Puerto Rico, explore unique items and taste different food.

6. Take a Visit to Museums

Puerto Rico Museums

Let’s keep the adventure and nature aside, and understand more about the Island deeply. Exploring museums is one of the unique things to do in Puerto Rico that allow you to get insight into the art, culture, and history of the country. 
Why to do-  You will find engaging exhibits, inspiring architecture, and beautiful art that can attract you for hours. With no other thought, this is among the best things to do in Puerto Rico as Museums are the blend of preserved history, culture, and other pride of the country.

7. Attend Annual Festival of Puerto Rico

Festival of Puerto Rico

The Festival in Puerto Rico is colorful and loud. Each festival is engaged in traditional activities, live band play, amusement park rides, local food, starting mostly in the mid-week and lasting through the weekend. Some events start from one end of the country and take you to the other, which is the best way to explore more about Puerto Rico. 
Why to do- Going to the Puerto Rico festival is a great way to experience local culture while having a great time with family. Weekend festivals are some biggest and most popular events that you should add to your things to do in Puerto Rico this weekend.

8. Play Golf on an Island

If you’re looking for something luxurious on the trip, this is something that matches your taste. Puerto Rico Golf Course is calling all Gold aficionados. If playing Golf on an island surrounded by stunning beaches and lush mountain views is on your bucket list, Puerto Rico should be the next destination on your list. 

Why to do- There are several luxury properties, from the north coast near historic San Juan, out west, down south, and on the east coast that give you heavenly feelings.  

This is how you can enjoy your trip and make most memories with just these eight things to do in Puerto Rico. These are some unique activities to do on this heavenly island. Go, Enjoy and Share your views with us!

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