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The Aboriginal Tribes of India That Are Shrinking to Become History

Tribes of India

What makes India a great country to visit is its culture and tradition that has been shrunk to the indigenous tribes of India. Setting amidst the forests, away from the contemporary technologies and economic development, they own their personal and aboriginal identity as Adivasi following their trends, religion, festivals, cuisines, dance, music, language, and apparel. Besides preserving a fascinating culture and enigmatic hospitality, they put light on patriarchal and matriarchal society as well. 

Geographically adorned by the pride of the Himalayas and grace of beaches in the South and golden-colored dry terrains, India introduced civilization to the world, and have witnessed some of the greatest empires and emperors over the world. However, the tribes of India chose forests as their home and have been protecting Indian nature and culture for years. India homes several different tribes and cultures and communities, that have been living their life as a natural substance for years and now on the edge to disappear. While most people were introduced to the tribes of India with the Narmada Dam Project, thousands of cases have been faded away as they were not too big. Therefore, we have made up a list of 10 aboriginal tribes of India that are shrinking to become history. We have mentioned unique facts about their lifestyle and culture to help you understand India’s internal diversity and background.

How Indian Travel and Tourist Industry is Linked to These Tribes of India?

Whether you are searching for the best places for trekking in India or the offbeat places in the lap of Himalayas, You will surely come across some indigenous tribes of India. There are thousands of enthusiastic travelers or adventure seekers that only pack their bags to explore the history, culture, lifestyle, and art. 

These Indian tribes significantly contribute to the Indian handicraft industry and the journey takes a whole new turn when you visit offbeat places to experience festivals like Hornbill in Nagaland or visit ‘Mana’ as the most beautiful tourist place in the Himalayas. Indian Tribes celebrate in their way having unique dance styles, music, and culture. A few major tribal festivals in India are;

  • Kesha Khaidi Festival
  • Disum Sendra Festival
  • Bhagoria Haat Festival
  • Baneshwar Fair
  • Sammakka Saralamma Jatara Festival
  • Kokan Festival
  • Thappathu Festival

The tribal tour in India offers a mind-blowing itinerary comprising enchanting landscapes, scenery and takes you to offbeat tourist destinations in India. However, it needs professional-level planning but with this blog, you can witness the major tribes of India without having a tribal tour in India. Let’s go!

The Color of Culture: Major Tribes of India

Welcome to the mysterious world, where the aboriginal people of India reside. Their lifestyle, language, culture, and religion, everything is completely different from the world. With a rich history, they are still ready to compete with the modern world. Solely dependent on agriculture and handicrafts, we are going to replicate “Another India” with 10 major tribes, shortlisted from different corners of India. 

1. Gonds Tribe – Madhya Pradesh

Gonds Tribe - Madhya Pradesh

An Indian ethnic group, the people of Gond Tribe are mainly found in central and south-central India. They are two million in numbers and live in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and Odisha but majorly found in the Narna village of Madhya Pradesh. Here is some more info about the Gond Tribe in India.

Language: Gondi Language

Festival: Keslapur Jatra

Food: Kodo and Kutki

Interesting Fact: This is the largest tribe in India.

2. Bhils Tribe – Rajasthan

Bhils Tribe - Rajasthan

Bhils were the largest tribe in India unless the Gonds surpassed them in 2013. They are listed as one of the indigenous colors of the Western Deccan regions and Central India and in Tripura, on the borderline shared with Bangladesh. If you are on a tour to explore the legacy of Rajasthan, you can spot Bhils around Udaipur, Dungarpur, and some places amidst the Aravali Range. 

Language: Indo-Aryan languages

Festival: The Baneshwar Fair

Food: Seasonal Fish and Crabs

3. The Great Andamanese Tribe – Andaman & Nicobar

The Great Andamanese Tribe - Andaman & Nicobar

One of the greatest tribes of India, Andamanese tribes are found on one of the islands of Andaman and popular for their mysterious world. However, the government has restricted meetings with these people, but you can arrange a cruise tour to Andaman to capture this indigenous tribe. The population status of the Andamanese tribe is not available, but they are quite popular for their unique culture, physical structure, complexion, and occupation. The Great Andamanese tribe had several sub-groups, but most of them disappeared over time. As of now, Onges is one of the major tribes living on the Andaman Islands. This is solely dependent on hunting and gathering. Well, the last speaker of two native Andamanese languages, Khora and Bo, died back in 2010 and the world lost two greatest languages of all times.

Language: Önge language

Festival: Ossuary Feast

Food: Meat of The Wild Boar and Turtle, Fish, Tubers, and Honey.

4. Angami Tribe – Nagaland

Angami Tribe - Nagaland

Hosting the famous Hornbill Festival, the Angamis are one of the major tribes of India (Naga Ethnic Group) natively belongs to Nagaland in North-East India. This tribe is now settled in the Kohima district and the Dimapur district of Nagaland and recognized as one of the ancient ethical groups of Manipur. Famous for their outstanding bamboo work, cane furniture, bed shawls, and powerful machetes, this tribe is the point of attraction to thousands of tourists visiting Manipur and Nagaland. If you are en route to the North East, here are some mind-blowing things to do in Shillong.

Language: Naga language

Festival: Sekrenyi festival and Hornbill Festival

Food: Dacie/ Dzacie/ Axoni/ Axone

5. Siddis Tribe – Karnataka

Siddis Tribe - Karnataka

One among the major tribes of India, the Siddis are said to have South African ancestor as they believe to belong to the Bantu People who were brought to India as slaves by Portuguese merchants. Today, the Siddis tribe is commonly found around Yellapur, Haliyal, Ankola, Joida, Mundgod, Sirsi, Belgaum, and Dharwad in the state of Karnataka besides some pockets of Pakistan. The Siddis are commonly Roman Catholic, but in India, they follow Hinduism and some follow Islam as well.

Language: Konkani language

Festival: Siddis Nyas Festival

Food: Tomato Sambar and Tur Dal Sambar

These are some aboriginal tribes of India that have been a major tourist attraction for both domestic and international tourists in India. If you are willing to explore these indigenous colors of India, get ready to check out the best tourist destinations at original places.

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