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Wondering What to do in Korea? Here are 10 Fun Things to do


If South Korea is the next destination to visit on your bucket list and wonder what to do in Korea, this post will reveal a few most interesting and thrilling things to do in Korea. Get ready with pen and paper because it’s time to prepare your itinerary. But before we take a dive into fun things to do in Korea, let’s explore this incredible place. 

South Korea- Land of Morning Calm

If you’re the type of traveler who loves to savor different food, artistic architecture, local festivals, and culture, South Korea is an exceptional place to visit. Backed with cultural history, developed by modern designs, and housed several events and advanced technologies, South Korea has been an incredibly developed country. 

While there are plenty of things to do in Seoul only, you will find endless things to do in Korea. So, we would recommend that you don’t limit yourself to the capital city only. However, South Korea is a little expensive, but you can take advantage of public transportation to explore more places at ease. Other best things about South Korea that help you to survive there is cheap and healthy food.    

If you wonder what to do in Korea, we will break down the things to do in South Korea in the next section. Before that, you should discover the things to know before you visit South Korea to ensure safety and easily get around. 

Things to Know Before Visiting South Korea

What to do in Korea must be your inquisitiveness, but things to know before you land on your dream destination should be your concern. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Just give painstaking attention to the details below. 

South Korea is a Little Expensive, So Manage Your Expenses Accordingly!

Accommodation in the capital city, Seoul, can take a toll on your pocket, but the rest of the country is affordable. You can take a spacious room in a two or four-star hotel at affordable prices, so book in advance.

The Country Has Great Ancient Korean Culture, You Must Experience it!

Wondering what to do in Korea? Exploring Korean culture is one of the things to do in South Korea. The country is known for preserving culture and history. Safeguarding the ancient art of Korea promotes tourism as travelers can try ancient skills at cultural centers. 

Be Mindful About The Time When You’re Visiting South Korea!

South Korea is extremely chilly in winter and harsh in summer. Whether you’re visiting in winter or summer, choose your clothes wisely. Also pack a raincoat in case of a downpour. 

South Korea is an Extremely Safe Country to Travel!

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a college group, South Korea is extremely safe to travel. You’ll be under police surveillance every time, so there would be no fear of robbery, chain-snatching, rape, and other crimanal hapeenings. Solo traveling can be the answer of what to do in Korea.

The Korean Language is Easy to Understand! 

Unlike China and Japan, Korean alphabets are quite easy to learn. For some, it is just a one-day task. Knowing the Korean alphabet will make traveling easy, you will easily recognize the food name and navigation on street signs. 

Now, it’s time to know what to do in Korea. Without further ado, let’s have words on things to do in South Korea. 

10 Extremely Exciting Things to Do in South Korea

Aside from what to do in Seoul and places to visit in South Korea, the country has a plethora of things to do. From satisfying your appetite with mouthwatering food to a range of pristine attractions, walking through the streets and beaches of Korea will give you a never-ending smile. Here are 10 things to do in Korea that you must explore.

Enjoy Delicious Korean Food  

When it comes to what to do in Korea, savoring Korean food is the best way to experience Korean culture. Korea has a variety of street food that will blow your mind. 

Collaborate With Street Artists

Thinking about what to do in Korea? Exploring the artists performing on the street is one of the soothing things to do in Korea. If you can’t stop yourself from dancing on drum beats, get indulge with locals there. 

Check Out the Museums

South Korea has so many great museums showcasing art, unique style, history, and many other South Korea facts. If you’re on budget traveling and wondering what to do in Korea, visiting free museums would be a great idea. 

Learn About Traditional Hanok Architecture

Hanok are the traditional houses in Korea. You can still find it in Korea in some rural areas, and most of them are remodeled into guest houses, restaurants, cafes, and other cultural centers. This is one of the exciting things to do in Korea. 

Explore Seoul on Foot

Well, what to see in South Korea is irrelevant to ask because Seoul is one of the dynamic cities which has almost everything for every type of traveler. From traditional hanok villages to museums, shopping, and street walks. So what to do in Seoul Korea is not a concern at all. If you’re wondering what to do in Korea, you must explore Seoul on foot for an unexpected experience. 

Visit Korea Temples

Visit Korea Temples

Korea boasts more than 900 Buddhist temples that reside around the country. Each temple has Buddha statues, a Meditation hall, and ceremonial tearooms. Visiting and staying in a temple is one of the things to do in South Korea. 

Take a Trip to Busan

Take a Trip to Busan

What to do in Korea is not something you can’t finalize as Korea has a beautiful city called Busan where you can breathe fresh air, savor delicious food, enjoy the nightlife, walk-on long modern bridges, explore majestic mountains and infinite beaches. So what to do in Busan is as simple as described here. 

Visit DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

Visit DMZ

Visiting the DMZ is one of the popular things to do in Korea. It is the place where the remnants of the Cold war still flourish. When it comes to what to do in Korea, you must explore this place. 

Take a Visit To Botanical Garden Island

Take a Visit To Botanical Garden Island

Among various things to do in Korea, visiting the botanical garden island is the most soothing, pleasing, and colorful. You can visit here to see colorful flowers, unique European Rome-style architecture, and other Korean attributes. This is what to do in Korea when you visit here with your family. 

Relax in Luxury Cruise Resort 

Relax in Luxury Cruise Resort 

What do you know about Korea? The country is beautiful, peaceful, and a little expensive; is that all? No. This cruise resort will tell you the potential of the country’s development. You may have stayed on various cruises, but this is something different and makes you realize this is exactly what to do in Korea. The Sun Cruise Resort is built on the top of a rocky cliff. This is not an actual cruise but a resort designed like a cruise. The resort is home to 211 rooms, 6 restaurants, a glass floor observation deck overlooking crashing waves below, and a rotating lounge with a 360 view of the ocean.  

Hopefully, we have made your concern about what to do in South Korea simple with this post. We will be back soon with the tips to travel to South Korea including what not to do in Korea and weird things in South Korea. 

If you still wonder what to do in South Korea, we would recommend you to not miss staying in a Luxury Cruise Resort and taking a trip to Busan. Rest, everything is just mind-blowing!

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