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Top 7 International Destinations Not To Go With Your Family

tourist place where you cannot visit with your family

How many of you remember the very first trip with your family? That must be planned with your grandparents or cousins. Wasn’t that? There is no second thought about it to be organized elsewhere than your relatives house. We all have experienced our first trip with our family, whether around the hotshot beaches or a pilgrimage to any religious place. And now it’s become the most cherished memory in our hearts. 

With traveling on everyone’s head, we are diverting your route towards something unique that you may have only imagined. Since the internet is getting overwhelmed searching for the best tourist place to visit with your parents and most-visited summer destinations to visit after coronavirus, we want you to experience something new that you have not even imagined. We want you to think twice before planning the same boring trip to any hill station to capture clouds and snow-capped mountains. Well, we want you to take a U-turn and, of course, you should because the world is so strange, my dear friends! And you need to run the extra mile when it comes to family. 

In this blog, we’ve mentioned some playful countries where it’s too risky to visit with family. Get ready with a pen & paper because it would take a while to plan an itinerary that goes to paradise. Here we go.

1. “Walking Street” Pattaya

Well, you can not even think about planning a trip to Thailand with your family because we all grew up listening to what happened in Thailand and, of course, a few words in our vocabulary such as Sandwich Massage and Thai Massage originated here in Thailand. Although, it is slightly tough to decide whether this place in Thailand is well famed or just created an illusion to hoax the people. If unfortunately you plan a trip to Pattaya then it would be awkward to stare at the voluptuous figure of hot ladies inviting people to have fun with them. We would like to enlighten you that Walking Street is one of the most demanded beachside red light areas in Thailand. You won’t be able to off your eyes even for a minute while walking through the streets and this is why it’s the most prohibited place with families. 

2. Kasol, India

One of the most romantic offbeat destinations lies in the lap of Himalayas, Kasol is one of the most beautiful, but family-restricted places where you cannot accompany your parents until they share a joint with you. Often known as the Amsterdam of India, Kasol is the paradise of Stoners where it goes to an entirely different world after puffing a joint of the freshly handpicked marijuana from the hilltop gardens. Late night stone parties are definitely not a thing to be experienced with your family. Though you can visit here with your girlfriends because it feels like none other after getting high. 

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3. Las Vegas, USA

The strangest thing about this place is that “What Happens Here Only Stays Here” which means you cannot create memories because Las Vegas is more than just a tourist place. It’s another world where dreams come true. It is the same city that we all have grown up watching in Hollywood movies. Though you can change the scene because everything you will see here will go to your home if you visit Las Vegas with your family. This is the original sin city of the world with the most playful streets, Quick Weddings, Broke Nights…. Life in Vegas is not the same for all. Because precaution is better than cure therefore you better plan carefully before it’s gone wild and the wild stories of nightclubs and casinos reach your aunt. It’s better to accompany your parents anywhere but Vegas. 

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4. Caracas, Venezuela

Stepping up the development with urban footprints, Venezuela is one of the most amazing countries around the world. It’s beautiful and offers a range of exciting activities to experience, but you cannot visit here with your family. Though it’s wonderful, most things are hidden behind the concrete walls. Boom! You’re in the most dangerous city of the world. A well-designed city Caracas is famous for its raunchy nightlife, but also known as the murder capital in the world. 

5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Famous around the world as the Carnival capital of the world, Rio De Janeiro… is one of the sexiest and the hottest cities in the world where one cannot visit with family. Surrounded by playful houses, casinos and walking streets, this is the most amazing city with — hottest beaches covered with hot booties — babes blending with each other’s body — sensual and playful weather passed through the blue sky. 

While your parents may enjoy the colorful building structures and jolly nature, people, it would be awkward not to hide the party scenes from the wicked streets of Brazil. You better cancel their tickets before your mom stares at your performing Samba with ladies in short dresses. 

6. Hamburg, Germany

Dream of international tourists is not the same as shown in the travel brochures. When it comes to entertainment and joy of travelling, nothing comes against Germany, the land of delights offers an array of tourist attractions and activities to do in Germany. If you’re new then you would be glad to know that Germany is the second most visited country for experiencing the safest nightlife. With stripping clubs adoring the streets and open bars underneath the blue sky, Germany is the land where dreams come true. Though it can turn a daydream into a nightmare and, of course, you wouldn’t like to visit here with your family. 

7. Amsterdam, Netherland

Yeah! The paradise of youngsters. Amsterdam is all popular among the people for its outstanding nightlife, including music festivals, food festivals, stripping clubs, and high-life. What else you would even like to add to your itinerary. The heaven of bachelors, Amsterdam is best known for its seaways passing through the streets divided into canals. It is better opting for a fairy ride with the hottest cheek over there. Ahh! It feels amazing unless you think about accompanying your parents. You may fall into an awkward situation after visiting Amsterdam with your family. 

Apart from prostitution and drugs… the place is called the most beautiful city in Europe for it’s recreational activities and certain things that you haven’t even imagined. And, of course, prostitution is legal here. So, better light the joint before reaching a Pow! Shop. 

These are the top 7 most beautiful, but in cities where family trips are prohibited. Calling bachelors paradise these places are absolutely amazing when it comes to creating an unforgettable travelogue for you. From raunchy nights to hottest days, you won’t forget everything, especially while wandering in Las Vegas, because what happens there stays there. It’s time to plan a religious trip for your family and an original trip for you. 

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