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10 Countries Where Getting A Visa is Easier Than Ordering Food Online

visa on arrival countries

If you are a frequent sightseer but have never made an international trip just because of visa denial, then you can probably feel the pain of visa disapproval. It’s perhaps a long and exhausting process of visa that convinces your mind to go for a domestic trip over an international one. 

Though it’s frustrating to realize how we need a Visa to visit almost anywhere in the world. Well, up to 55 countries around the world are providing Visa on arrival to promote happy tourism. Reaching a few of these naturally rich and picturesque countries might be expensive, but wandering around is cheaper than setting foot in. Also, there is a promising natural delight, landscapes and spellbinding beauty to engross the vacationists. And yes, a few of these international tourist destinations with Visa on arrival, are so fetching that travelling there is cheaper than an iPhone. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning a trip with this list of 10 ultimate international tourist destinations where getting a Visa is easier than ordering food online. 

Top 10 Naturally Rich Spellbinding Visa On Arrival Countries for International Travellers

If you have scrapped hundreds of itineraries just because of the tedious Visa application process, then worry not. There are a few astonishing countries offering Visa on arrival. Here’s the list of best Visa-free or Visa-on-arrival International Tourist Destinations to visit this year for a picture perfect holiday.

1. Dominica – Discover the Caribbean Island

Beholding enraptured grace and indescribable scenic beauty of boiling hot springs, lakes, spellbinding Victoria waterfalls, Dominican Islands offer a range of adventurous things to do to choose from. Photogenic  Roseau and hundreds of other appealing tourist attractions, this is the place where fervent tourers around the world land. And don’t worry about Visa approval because the country is providing free Visa on Arrival for over 56 countries including Americans and Indians. 

Visa Type: On Arrival

Visa Duration: Not Applicable (However, Americans and India are allowed for 90-days stay)

Tourist Attractions in Dominican Republic: Victoria Falls, Boiling Lake, Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

2. Samoa – Where Beautiful Just Happens

A series of ten stunning islands embracing a range of lush greenery and marshy lands, Samoa is called traveller’s paradise where one can never be fed up with adventure activities and other things to do. Whether you are a beachside person or fond of fishing, Samos is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the world where you should be. This little, but interesting country in Oceania allows tourists to explore the mini paradise without any Visa. If you are a nature lover and feel life in water, then this is the perfect spot for you.

Visa Type: Not Required

Visa Duration: 3 Months for US citizens (60-days for others)

Tourist Attractions in Samoa: Upolu, To-Sua Ocean Trench, Manono, The Dwarves Cave, and Tafuna Peninsula.

3. Saint Lucia – Let Her Inspire You

If you haven’t made a trip to Caribbean Islands yet, you have missed a lot. Featuring groovy beaches, scenic landscapes, natural scenery, and other tourist attractions in Caribbean Islands, Saint Lucia is ready to introduce the most unexplored places here. With it’s evergreen picturesque grace and untraceable trails, the country allows the explorers to make the most of their voyage. This little volcanic island is more mountainous than any other Caribbean island therefore people love to visit here the most.

Visa Type: On Arrival

Visa Duration: 6 Weeks

Tourist Attractions in Saint Lucia: The Pitons, Marigot bay, Soufriere, Edmund Rainforest Reserve.

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4. Mauritius – The Dream You Can Afford

Whether you are planning a memorable honeymoon or a leisure trip with your family, nothing can beat Mauritius to be on the list. This extraordinary land of Islands is quite popular for its timeless natural beauty that never fades. Offering unlimited fun, adventure and exploration, Mauritius is undoubtedly a dream that you can afford without breaking your bank.

Visa Type: Not Required

Visa Duration: 2 Months

Tourist Attractions in Mauritius: Trou Aux Biches, Pereybere, Le Morne, Ilot Gabriel Beach

5. Ecuador – All You Need is Ecuador

Seems like a cut-piece of any movie-set or art, Ecuador is one of the most beautiful countries around the world that has been along with the capital city UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With acres of the green zone and marshlands, Ecuador is a stunning country in South America where dreams come true. Spellbinding water bodies, fascinating greenery, and lush landscapes, everything comes together to take over your mind. This is the most-visited international tourist destination for passionate holidaymakers. 

Visa Type: Not Required

Visa Duration: Not Applicable (90-days for Indians & American)

Tourist Attractions in Ecuador: Cotopaxi, Quilotoa lake, Baltra Island, Chimborazo

6. Grenada – Pure Grenada

One of the dreamlike destinations in the world, Grenada is another heartwarming country to visit this year. This small picturesque country offers a range of scenic destinations and lush landscapes makes it like an appealing old-school drawing. One among the most-visited Caribbean countries, Grenada is as pure as paradise and maybe this is why people refer to it as a parallel paradise. Aromatic trails and sweet-scented destinations will convince your mind to spend the rest of life here. Start planning a trip to this heaven.

Visa Type: Not Required

Visa Duration: Not Applicable

Tourist Attractions in Grenada: St. George’s, Underwater Sculpture Park, Carenage, The Grand Etang Lake.

7. Jamaica – Get All Right

Who knows Bob Marley ‘Reggae’ music, would love to visit here. This small country is such an incredible destination that is hard to beat by London and Switzerland. With it’s natural grace and scenic towns, it makes everything beautiful that goes through the enchanting water bodies. The Non-visa policy enables fervent travellers to visit here for an unforgettable voyage. 

Visa Type: Not Needed

Visa Duration: Not Applicable (Up to 90-days for Americans and 60-days for Indians)

Tourist Attractions in Jamaica: Negril Beaches, Dunn’s River Falls, Blue and John Crow Mountains.

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8. El Salvador – The 45-minutes Country

Similar to most of the other countries on the list, El Salvador is one of the least explored countries where you can move for an exhilarating and rich travelling experience. Set amid the most appealing scenic backgrounds, this little country is packed with magnificent beaches and is popular among the explorers for it’s mysterious scarred lands amid dense forests. You can visit an active volcano, take part in festivals, do surfing and many other outstanding adventure activities here.

Visa Type: Not Necessary

Visa Duration: Not Applicable

Tourist Attractions in El Salvador: Lake Coatepeque, Cerro Verde National Park, San Salvador Volcano.

9. Georgia – Europe Started Here

Who has never visited Georgia has ever seen paradise. There is no doubt in saying that this little world of delight is all about happiness and wonders can happen at any moment. With its rich history, Georgia is an amazing country where desires come alive. Home to some of the best wine and quality grapes, Georgia is like nothing else. This spellbinding country promotes ecotourism and is open for American and Indian tourists. 

Visa Type: On Arrival

Visa Duration: 90-days Max

Tourist Attractions in Georgia: Narikala, Uplistsikhe, Vardzia, Gergeti Trinity Church, Ananuri.

10. Ethiopia – Thirteen Months of Sunshine

The land of origins, Ethiopia is popular for its timeless beauty, lush green landscapes, waterfalls and mountainous grace that never fades. Also known for its A-one quality of coffee beans, gold medalists, rock-cliff churches, this is the best honey and coffee bean producer around the world that is popular for it’s ultimate tourist places as it offers free-visa for travellers.

Visa Type: On Arrival

Visa Duration: 30-days Max

Tourist Attractions in Ethiopia: Simien Mountains Park, lake Tana, Blue Nile Falls. Bale Mountains, Erta Ale.

These are the top 10 outstanding travel destinations around the world where you won’t ask for a Visa or if asked then they will provide on arrival. Engrossing charm and lush green charm, things will be etched in your mind forever like a glue. Get ready to explore the world that has never been seen before. Visa on arrival countries are waiting for you!

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