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Top 5 Best Place To Visit in China That Are Beyond Your Imaginations

best place to visit in china

Whether it comes to size or population, China is dramatically unbeatable. This huge country is vast and astonishing in every direction from the great wall of China to sandy deserts covering up Central Asia and from tropical rainforests to scenic beaches in the Pacific Oceans. China is beyond your imaginations as per it’s tourism slogan, it offers a range of enthralling activities and some unseen destinations that you couldn’t imagine existing on the planet. 

China is the 4th largest country in the world when it comes to the area. It enlists some of the most populated, yet iconic cities in the world. The Republic of China is just like the imaginations of ‘Marco Polo’ that he imagined and portrayed in his travelogue during adventurous journeys around the world. Preserving one of the oldest cultures in the world, China has a long list of forbidden cities and historic sites recalling the days of Chinese emperors. With some of the most enchanting UNESCO World Heritage sites, cultural icons like tombs of Xi’an, and discovering the history at ‘The Great Wall of China’, we have put together the top 5 best place to visit in China on the following list. 

Here are the most scenic tourist places in China to visit this year

Place To Visit in China

1. The Great Wall of China

You cannot call yourself an adventurer, unless you have been through the Great Wall of China, set at a stomach-falling altitude. It stretches over 6,000 kilometers, starting from the most scenic fortresses of Shanhaiguan in the east, it spans over Hebei, Tientsin, Beijing, and many other famous cities and finally termites in Jiayuguan in the West. Preserving the rich history of Mongolia, Ningxia, and Gansu, this wall is perhaps the most mysterious structure in the world. You better plan your stay in Beijing—the city of love & light. It’s the best destination to admire the Great Wall of China.

2. The Forbidden City and the Imperial Place

It is the largest and most important building in the Republic of China, popular for its well-preserved architecture. It sits in the heart of the city of love & light Beijing and tempts the explorers with its rich historical legacy. It is the most splendid building in the World when it comes to grace & history. With a palace and museum, it served as a residence of the former Emperor of China from the Mind dynasty to the end of anarchy with the Qing dynasty. And the best way to explore the wonder here is walking through the Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square.

3. The Terracotta Army

It’s an awe-inspiring tourist destination in China, where love pours into veins. If you are fond of exploring historical pieces, then nothing can please your mind better than walking through this mysterious place. The army is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the Army of Qin Shi Huang—the first emperor of China, designed and developed China in the historic world. Designed in the form of funerary art buried with the emperor in 210-209 BCE. Though the huge army was built to protect Qin Shi Huang but it’s a most-visited and engrossing tourist place in China and popular among today’s travelers. 

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4. Kunming

One of the best summer places in China, Kunming is the economic, transportation, industrial, and cultural center in the Republic of China. It’s linked with some other popular Chinese cities including Vietnam and Shanghai as well. Water rides, flowers, and a huge botanical garden draw an appealing picture of this place, especially when the spring winds cuddle the flowers in the gardens. You can enjoy boating in the most iconic lake in China. 

5. Jiuzhaigou

Do you love waterfalls? If yes, then this place will replace ‘Niagara Waterfall’ on your list. Also known as the land of water bodies, Jiuzhaigou valley is popular among couples. The poets have described this land as the most beautiful place on the planet ‘Fairyland’ due to serene landscapes nestled around the turquoise lakes. The water in the lakes is so clear that you can capture the bottom with your camera. You can be lucky enough to encounter some of the giant pandas living here. 

We could add Shanghai, Beijing, Lhasa, and many other beautiful cities from the best tourist places in China, but these are the top 5 places to visit in China that will surely blow your mind. Once you’ve been through the great wall of China, nothing will be left unseen from your eyes and finally, you will be a true hero. You can also make your way towards Shanghai’s sky-towers to enjoy a lovely evening on the top-of-the-world. Get ready with your passport and if you don’t have a passport, then here’s how to apply for the U.S visa in minutes.

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