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Stunning Places To Visit In Galapagos Island For Thrilling Vacation

trip to galapagos island

Galapagos Island is something different from other travelling destinations. A place to witness active Volcanoes, featuring some beholding beaches and offering wildlife reserves, it is one of the scenic places that give some unexpected spellbinding views. If you’re planning to visit the place that can amaze you with its beauty, Galapagos Island is one that can match your itinerary. If you want to go far from city life and take some break from your routine chores and give a rest to your mind while amid natural views & want to experience wildlife ventures, then yes, Galapagos Island has something unmatchable for you.

Basically, Galapagos is the archipelago that consists of six small islands and thirteen big islands. The isolated terrain area of these islands’ shelter has a vast variety of animal and plant species which is another spellbinding yet beholding thing to explore there. To grab the most of the beauty from this beautiful island, we have enlisted five tourist attractions in Galapagos Island so that you won’t miss major tourist attractions on the list while planning a trip to Galapagos.

Find Below Five Fabulous Tourists Attraction To Explore While Visiting Galapagos Island 

1. Santiago Island

Santiago Island is one of the most beautiful islands among the archipelago of Galapagos that offers you a great opportunity to watch Galapagos hawks and Darwin’s Finches. The shore of the beautiful island lets you take scenic pictures and take your visit to excellent spots to explore the unique birdlife in Galapagos. If you want multiple experiences on a single trip, Santiago Island is something that offers wildlife, beach and other beautiful views to behold. 

2. San Cristobal Island

San Cristobal Island, also known as Chatham Island, is one of the oldest geological destinations and one of the largest Islands in the archipelago of Galapagos. If you’re a wildlife lover and wanna experience species closely such as sea lions, dolphins, red and blue boobies, frigate birds, here you can do. Alongside this, this island is an excellent place to practice Galapagos surfing. This destination is a beautiful yet worthy place to explore on the trip of Galapagos. 

3. Sombrero Chino

If you have an eager feeling to witness the live volcano, then this island has some live volcanic activities which have developed a volcanic cone that is really something not to miss over here. You can find aquamarine colour blended with basaltic black surrounding this fabulous volcanic cone that gives a natural and interesting view to capture in your camera. Needless to mention the reason for visiting this beauty of Galapagos Island. 

4. Isabela Island

If we talk about the archipelago of Galapagos Island, Isabela is the biggest island among them and known for the Equator line that crosses this Island. One is the most seeing island from the group of islands as it offers some picturesque views that can attract you and compel you to behold for hours. Visiting this place is a must if you don’t wanna miss anything major on the list of Galapagos. 

5. Fernandina Island

Known as one of the youngest islands on the earth yet the third largest island in the Galapagos Island. One can enjoy hiking on the black lava rocks and can watch hundreds of marine iguanas, sea lions, penguins, and mangrove forests. If you wanna enjoy something different at this place,  visit Fernandina Island and enjoy the beauty of nature.

From wildlife to the beach and to various different species, this small yet amazing island will not let you disappoint when it comes to taking a trip with your family and friends. This small archipelago is an incredible tourist attraction and has some worthy places that you must not miss visiting wh planning a trip to Galapagos. So whenever you are keen on the tranquil place for an extraordinary trip, make it to Galapagos Island.

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