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Romania- A Landscape To Remember Forever

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Have you ever seen a place which is an astounding mix of nature and urban life? If not, then get ready with your bags packed to head to Romania. It has the tranquility of nature and alluring modern artifacts. There are various places that you can’t ever miss if you are there. Ranging from a plethora of medieval towns to pretty bold cosmopolitan capital city, it’s an unbelievable collaboration of natural as well as the cultural epitome.

Apart from this, Romania is one such place that is thoroughly rich with its history, culture, and spirituality. The giant mountains and unexpected natural treasures along with time-forgotten hamlets are the reasons ample for visiting this place. In case you haven’t been to Romania yet, then it’s the right time to be there.

What Romania Is?

Now take a halt and let us tell you a brief about Romania.

Romania is a country that is located over the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. It is the 12th largest country of the European Union which is spread across an area of 238,397 square kilometers. Romania is also the 7th most populous country of the European Union with around 20 million people residing. Apart from this, this country is on the 52nd position in the Human Development Index and is also a developing country. Additionally, the country has 47th largest economy with a nominal GDP and the nation is growing at a rate of 7% (2017) and it is the highest in the EU during that time.

What Romania Has In It For You?

1. Bucharest


Visiting a country but not the capital resembles a condition when you are alive but you don’t have a heart. As for now, you are in Romania, a country that welcomes everyone with warm hugs has the potential to drag to its capital, Bucharest.

Bucharest is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. It has a perfect combination of Eastern-block architecture and beautifully Art Deco buildings in Parisian fashion. It has majestic boulevards and cobbled streets of the medieval period. The baroque palaces add a lively essence and colors to the dull and grey blocks and obscene palace which was left by Ceausescu’s curse.

 The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is one of the largest buildings in the world. Additionally, it has many things like fascinating museums, theatres, opera houses, vibrant bars, night clubs and all. You have many options to choose from if you are planning to visit museums that depict the life, folklore, and architecture of rural Romania. Some of the museums are as follows:

  • National Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum,
  • Bucharest History & Art Museum,
  • Museum of the Romanian Peasant and the Village Museum (Europe’s largest outdoor museum)

2. Poenari Castle

Poenari Castle.jpg

If you are in Romania and haven’t visited Poenari Castle, then you are actually missing an astonishing place. It not only offers adventures, but it also traces the marks of ancient architecture. It was built in the 13th century by first Walachian rulers and is accessible after climbing a staircase of 1500 steps. You will be able to see the cliff-side ruined castle has a history which is stained with blood smears. Poenari Castle can be found on the right-hand side of Transfagarasn Highway. It is on a rock face near the Carpathian Mountains. However, a part of this castle was destroyed during the 1800s in a landslide but still it been restored as well as maintained lest people can have a glare at its glory.

3. Balea Lake

Balea Lake.jpg

Romania’s one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes is none other than the Balea Lake, which is at an altitude of 2034 meters in the highest mountain chains of Carpathians- Fagaras Mountains. It is surrounded by astonishing sceneries and is not so far from the Poenari Castle.

Balea Lake is a glacier lake that was formed when a glacier melted and eroded mountains. This erosion left a mesmerizing glacier lake. The term, Balea has been derived by a local legend. It is said that there was a time when a shepherd, named Balea was along with his sheep in the mountains but all of a sudden a bear attacked both. However, he fought and defeated the bear. When the king got to know about his gallantry act, Balea was invited to join the king’s royal guard at the castle. Later he fell in love with the king’s daughter and both of them made their minds to get married. Unfortunately, a deadly storm took their lives along with many others. So, in his remembrance, the lake was named as Balea.

You can reach this astounding place by driving through the Transfagarasan Highway in summers and the rest of the time; it is accessible via a cable car from Balea.  

4. Transfagarasan Highway

Transfagarasan Highway.jpg

The zigzag curves, slightly horrific hills, astounding scenery is all that you can say about Transfagasan Highway. Driving this highway is no less than a dream coming true moment for all the nature lovers and travelers. It has also been labeled as “the Road to the Sky”, “the Road to the Clouds”, “the Best Driving Road in the World” and even “A spectacular Monument to Earth-Moving Megalomania”. The highway twists climb and descend through the Moldoveneau and Negoiu, which is the highest peaks in Fagaras Mountains, in Romania. The spectacular picturesque is deserves your time and is worth it.

Transfagarasan Highway is also known as Transylvanian Alps and the Fagaras Mountains showcases the unique wildlife, scenic hiking and biking trails over the route.

This highway was built for the fulfillment of military purposes as an initiative of Romania’s last communist ruler, Nicholas Ceausescu. It connects two crucial historic provinces of Romania with the help of 5 tunnels, 27 viaducts, and 831 small bridges. The names of these two historic provinces are Transylvania in the center and Walachia in the south.

The Transfagarasan mountain ranges’ elevations vary from 1,630 feet at Cartisoara to around 6,700 feet at Balea Lake.

5. Black Sea Coast

Black Sea Coast.jpg

The widely stretched in around 275 kilometers away from the Danube Delta towards Bulgaria, Romania’s Black Sea Coast has a large number of towns and beach resorts that fit every pockets and taste buds. Additionally, it has various ports that are pretty busy, some museums, shops, bars, and restaurants. In case, you are planning to explore the area in a better way, then you should reach Constanta which is the gateway to the Romanian seaside.

Mamaia is the nation’s favorite summer destination, as it has an upmarket resort. It has golden sand lined up on one side of the beach and beautiful hotels with scenic views attract people a lot. You can also enjoy water sports and party atmosphere at Black Sea Coast.

There are some other popular destinations as well that you should visit if you are planning to visit the Black Sea Coast. These include Neptun, Olimp, Navodari, the spa towns of Mangalia and Eforie Nord, as well as Vama Veche.

Do visit this place for sure if you are searching for adventure and tranquility along with a perfect combination of glimpses of the modern and medieval periods of Romania.

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