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Top 10 Extraordinarily Astonishing Tourist place in Amsterdam to Visit in 2021

tourist places in amsterdam

To unveil the picturesque beauty of a country or city, you must go through its culture and have an eye on the way of living of the residents. If we talk about the most beautiful country on the basis of these factors, we are unable to find a successor to the Netherlands. You would be glad and excited to pack your bags after knowing that one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Amsterdam is here that comprises thousands of scenic attractions to please your eyes. “Amsterdam lives and breathes creativity. One moment you walk into a building from the 17th century, and the next you find yourself in a hub of creative start-up companies.” There are thousands of such quotes wandering in the streets because Amsterdam is said to be the city of Love, “Amsterdam is a city where stars live in the mind and mind in the sky. It is unpredictable where the ways would take your journey towards.

Amsterdam, Netherland ‘Venice of the North’ is widely known for blowing the air of excitement in the adrenaline of bag-packers through its impressive canals, seaway system, historical architecture, and a raunchy place popular for its wicked reddish activities in the dark of night ‘De Wallen’. Amsterdam is just about recreation and living the way you were not allowed elsewhere. If you are ready to pack your bags and head toward an all-new tourist destination, then here are the top 10 astonishing tourist places in Amsterdam that must be on your itinerary for an unforgettable vacay in a country called ‘The Heart of Masterpiece’ Netherlands.

1. Exploring Amsterdam in A Canal Cruise

Amsterdam is also known as ‘The Venice of North’ and this name came all the way down from the most impressive and engaging canal & seaways system that Amsterdam preserved for years. Whether you are visiting alone or accompanying your beloved or family, indulging in a canal cruise through the miles-long canals in the middle of the town would leave you speechless. It fills your journey with memories and excitement when the boat goes through the bridge, crossover the streets.

Pro Tip: Made online pre-bookings if you’re visiting Amsterdam during high season and plan your ride in the early morning or late evenings to experience the most luxurious and lechery part of your canal cruise.

2. Museumplein- A Place Conserves the History

Culture is the name for what people are interested in, their thoughts, their models.” The Netherlands has been preserving one of the most lovable cultures in the world and Amsterdam replicates that culture through its engaging and impressive historical buildings. A few tourist attractions in Amsterdam are as perfect as nothing else and this is what blows an air of excitement through the mind of bag packers. The Museumplein is one such place where you will forget everything you have been through. This place came to the light after renovation in the 1880s right after ‘Rijksmuseum’. It is such a picturesque tourist place in Amsterdam that must be on your list.

Pro Tip: Avoid Smoking. It’s prohibited and you may end up paying a heavy fine.

3. Vondelpark- Romantic Nature in The Air

It’s more like a taboo but a visit to Vondelpark may fill your journey with lots of excitement and pleasure. More and more visitors are visiting here since the Netherland government officially accounted for ‘Legalization of Public-Sex in Vondelpark, Amsterdam’ However, you can walk through the romantic trails and spend some lovely moments with your beloved in this park.

Pro Tip: Don’t little, Ride Cycle, and Walking with dogs in the park.

4. Herengracht- A Canalside Heaven

Woo! It is simply amazing the way the ancient architectures designed this beautifully engaging and most visiting place in Amsterdam. Neighboring an impressive canal in front, Herengracht is perhaps the most beautiful place to visit in Amsterdam. Here you can gauge through some elite gambling houses of the 17th century where most prestigious gentlemen used to relive their night preciously. Currently, it is preserved by UNESCO.

Pro Tip: Do not touch the artwork and other objects inside.

5. Prinsengracht- An Evergreen Ice-skating Route

It seems even more beautiful when the lake turns out to be a temporary skating platform in the winters. Encircled with lots of scenic buildings and historical places, this is another must-visit destination in Amsterdam. The waterways freeze around the winters that bring unique fun in the city of Amsterdam. We have not mentioned ‘The house of Anne Frank’ that is right next to this beautiful place.

Pro Tip: Plan your visit in the middle winters to explore the original splendid of Amsterdam.

6. De Wallen: A Red Light Area that isn’t Red

Whether or not your trip is bound to some extraordinary pleasures, a visit to this mesmerizing tourist place in Amsterdam can enhance the joy of your journey. Walking through the streets full of windows and coffee shops will add another level of enjoyment in your journey. Peepshows, Sex shops, De Wallen is one of the most popular red light areas in Amsterdam. If you are enjoying a solo trip to Amsterdam then it would be a great sense to turn your trip to any of the renowned brothels.

Pro Tip: Smoke a wafer and keep it close to the Coffee Shop, and do not stick in windows.

7. The Heineken Company- Less Alcohol, More Love

Do you love beer? You may have tried your taste buds with the Heineken many times, but did you know the origin and other facts of the ‘Heineken Beer Company’. Expanding over 3 hectares, this company has a 5-floor building where you can explore the making of the world-famous beers. Also, you can purchase and try there in the bar.

Pro Tip: Every equipment and document is subjected to privacy so don’t touch and ask the management before taking pictures.

8. Hortus Botanicus- Oldest Botanical Garden

This outstanding tourist place in Amsterdam is slightly different from the rest of the others. Enriched with a wide range of tropical and lush green rows of beautiful flowers, Hortus was known to be the oldest botanical garden in the world. In previous years, locals used to grow medicinal herbs and plants over here during the period of 1638-1650. Over 7,000 kinds of plants are available here and you can experience a picturesque beauty of nature in the lap of scenic but quaint trails siding mesmerizing lake in the middle to enhance the grace.

Pro Tip: Don’t pluck and touch and plant over there.

9. Albert Cuypmarkt- Where the foodies stop

It is slightly hard to find a better place than this market for savoring lip-smacking delicious street food in Amsterdam. This place is known to be the paradise of foodies where you can explore over thousands of different types of taste buds shaking food. Serving since 1905, this place is renowned for its historic restaurants and tastes right from the history of the Netherlands. The food street in Amsterdam is full of traffic and a great crowd of people savoring food. It’s a perfect destination for Families and all other types of tourists.

Pro Tip: Go through different restaurants before settling down to satisfy your appetite.

10. Sugarfactory – Abstract the Sugar of Love

It’s been too late to walk through the seaways or streets in Amsterdam? Don’t worry, this place awakes the whole night and this is what makes it the most visiting place in Amsterdam. Sugar Factory is one of the most popular tourist places in Amsterdam, where you can try lots of food along with moving your ass to the live western music beats. You wouldn’t complete without holding hands of a gorgeous girl waiting for someone to accompany her to the dance floor amidst lovely musical air around the Sugar Factory club & bar.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are visiting at the weekend to experience the most lovely moments.

Amsterdam is just about fun and you can double your enjoyment here by following the tips given above. It would be great to plan your trip through the help of tourist companies providing lucrative Holiday packages for Amsterdam and other cities of the Netherlands.

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