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Happy Holiday: 5 Amazing Things To Do In The Caribbean For A Perfect Vacation

5 amazing things to do in the caribbean

Do you think Caribbean is only famous for its spellbinding beaches and tropical islands? It is shocking but there are thousands of exciting things to experience while on a summer trip. From stunning river falls in Jamaica to Gros Piton hiking experience, things will turn out to become an unforgettable memory rather than one or two-days experience.

Whether you are planning a family trip, a romantic one or convincing your friends to join this journey, Caribbean has a lot to offer you including some of the famous beaches, islands and, of course, waterfalls and natural trails. Here are the top 5 things to do in Caribbean for a picture perfect vacation. You can prepare an itinerary and add these amazing adventurous activities to do in Caribbean. Scroll down to allow the happiness to enter your life. Here Amazing Things To Do In The Caribbean –

1. A Visit to Dunns River Falls For An Outstanding Experience

Are you planning to visit some of the best and most-visited beaches in the world, take a trip to the most popular Dunn’s River Falls & Park? This is a unique tourist place widely famous for its diversity as it offers an extensive range of flora and water activities including climbing up the falls. One of the Top 10 Scenic Tourist Attractions In Jamaica Dunn’s River Falls is an astonishing place to make your mood cherish even in the hard times. Also, this is the most visited tourist place in the Caribbean but still, it is worth a visit.

2. Hiking in Waitukubuli National Trail, Dominica

Do you love miles long trekking through some of the dense, lush forests and set a camp amid the rich wildlife? If yes, then experiencing 115 miles long hiking on the natural trails of the Waitukubuli National Park is beyond your thoughts. Offering 14 different sections to enhance your adventure this is the most popular hiking spot in Caribbean. This place is famous as the ‘Nature Island’ featuring some of the most challenging hiking routes in the lap of Dominica’s most enchanting and serene tourist places, including Morne Trois Pitons National Park, preserved by UNESCO as world heritages. No matter what, this is the best way to enjoy a breathtaking hiking experience in Caribbean.

3. Swim Through the Pig Route, Bahamas

Caribbean Islands are world famous as this region is more popular for it’s amazing sea life. Having excellent sunbathing experience on the seashore along with savoring some of the most mouthwatering Caribbean dishes, you can take an off from your life to swim with pink pigs here in the Bahamas. It has to be said that these pigs are left by the sailor with an intention to come back, cock and relish savoring pork, however, nobody knows the reality, but you will get some of the world-famous tastes here to satisfy your appetite. Stuttering underneath the open sky can add an extraordinary turnover to your dream vacation here.

4. Cayman Island, The Only Home of Stingrays

Have you ever seen something like Stingrays? I mean it is totally unique and Stingray city itself is a series of shallow sandbars that exist in the North East of Grand Cayman. You can see the most tourists swim with and feed stingrays, swimming across the seas underneath the crystal water. These stingrays in Cayman Island are extremely friendly as they have been fed by visitors for many years. If you are doing a family trip then make sure to add an interaction with the stingrays while standing one meter in the water. And you can enhance your adventure experience simply by doing Scuba Diving. That is arguably one of the best ways to explore various sides of your trip to Caribbean. Also, Cayman Island is a famous tourist place in Caribbean and scuba diving too.

5. Hiking at Gros Piton, an Overseas Experience

If you are searching for some of the most iconic sites in Caribbean then here is St Lucia that is famous for wide dense forests and towering peaks of green mountains. Situated at the height of 786 meters Gros Piton is the second highest peak in Caribbean after Mount Genie that is much easier to set climbing scenes during a summer trip. Five hour long hiking trip will fill you with extraordinary thrill and entertainment. Serene and green covered landscapes and picturesque beauty along with the grace of nature, you will forget everything while admiring nature amid the dense forests having long chicken pieces in your hands. Hiking in Caribbean is a famous adventure activity that is widely loved by everyone.

Caribbean Beaches are famous among the world’s tourists, but here we have mentioned the top 5 things to do in the Caribbean that are more entertaining and thrilling than surfing and beachside activities as well. If you are planning a trip with your friends, then get ready to have fun hiking and climbing at Cayman Island. We can bet that you have not experienced such an outstanding and astonishing journey ever before.

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