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10 Best Things To Do In Havana, Cuba When You’re On One-day Trip

best things to do in Havana

Remember the lyrics of the latest song ‘Havana’ composed by Camila Cabello? Though the singer was actually a Cuban-American but the song is more relatable to Havana, as it feels so nostalgic to the Cubans. You may have heard about Australia, Germany and Los Angelis but you would be surprised to know that Cuba is one of the best countries on the world map, marked the highest literacy rate. Both education and healthcare services are rendered freely to the Cubans, measuring the best quality of public services. 

It is great to visit this piece of history before it loses its authenticity. It is possible if the investors and developers drop an eye on the development of tourism in Havana, Cuba. Well, this is called the paradise of beach lovers but here are the top 10 things to do in Havana in case you get fed up by visiting beaches and other seaside activities. Check out the most recent list of the best tourist places in Havana, Cuba where you can head to make your trip memorable in 2020. 

1. Capture a Graceful Sunset @The Malecón

Let’s start the journey with the most beautiful thing that you can witness in Havana, Cuba. Whether or not you’re traveling in a group, capturing an engaging and slightly romantic sunset at Malecon is a must-to-thing in Havana. Also, you can indulge into conversation with the locals, those are so friendly and blessed with an extremely jolly nature. This trend started many decades ago when some of the richest families around the world used to find their love strings attached under the enormous pinky sky in the evening. Get ready to replicate the 19s history through the modern cameras.

2. Do Nothing @Trinidad

Actually, you won’t be able to do anything in the presence of nature and most impressing is the scene from a hilltop. If you want to surprise yourself with the history and great piece of architecture then this is the right place to set your tents. You would be glad to know that there are numerous museums packed with great history. If you are here, then a visit to local shops and restaurants is a must to savor the most delicious Cuban cuisines.

3. Explore the Pearl of South @Cienfuegos

Hey there, how’re you guys doing? We hope it will be alright, but wait a minute because the things are going to be changed shortly. This beautiful place is located in southern Cuba and also known as ‘The Pearl of South’. Decorated with mid-century architecture with a perfect blend of modern technique, this place is best for all types of tourist and popular as one of the best tourist attractions in Havana, Cuba.

4. Refine the History @Santiago De Cuba

Located in the eastern Cuba, Santiago De Cuba is one of the famous coastal cities here in Havana. You can either opt for a city tour or try some amazing local activities including a local festival held in the mid-march. Delighted with great colonial past architecture right from the 17th century. You can capture the greatness of historical monuments here at the Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca. Get set, go to horn the breathtaking fortresses.

5. Have a Historic Walk @The Cuban Missile Crisis Tunnels

Are you prepared for any abrupt missile attack on your city? You would be shocked to know that Cubans were prepared to handle some of the worst attacks at that time. You can admire a few examples of the precaution of the government by walking through the abandoned ‘Missile Crisis Tunnels’ beneath the ground of the Hotel Nacional. It was designed and constructed during WW IInd to prevent missile attacks between Russia and the U.S. army.

6. Watch The Cannon Fire Show @Morro Cabana at 9pm

This is perhaps the Best Things To Do In Havana, Cuba, where the great cannon fire show is held every evening at 9pm. Situated in the premises of any of the fortresses in the Cabana, you can look up in the sky at sharp 9pm. If you are travelling for a week, then you better reach here at 7:30pm because they start hitting the firework an hour earlier to get the crowd in. Lazy enough to be a couch potato? You can capture the delights in the blue sky right from your hotel window of Hotel Ambos Mundos. 

7. Experience a Wonderful Evening @Tropicana Show

Do you love to shake your booty on the wild hip-hop songs? If yes, then this is the right place where you can enjoy, dance and do whatever you love. Actually Havana is all about entertainment and this place is the backbone of such astonishing pieces of entertainment. The Tropicana show is one of the most favorite things of the tourist visit to Cuba and you must get your hands on it at least once. You can savor some mouth watering delicious dishes here after admiring the dance. 

8. Wandering to Pleasure @Paseo Del Prado

Known to be the most beautiful street in Havana, this is where you can plan your stay too. A wide range of affordable hotels are available in the streets where the most tourists consider their stay. A few of the richest Cuban families reside here, therefore the value of the street has increased amazingly. You can walk through this street and lock some of the most delighted scenes in your eyes.

9. Explore the Nature of Colors @Old Havana

How could you miss this interesting piece of your journey? There is no point of a trip to Havana if it doesn’t turn towards the old city of Havana. Coming up with lots of surprises, including historical, this is the most populated city in Cuba where you can savor some of the most delicious Cuban dishes. Get ready to please your eyes over the colorful city in Cuba. 

10. Find solace @Playas Del Este

There is no way ahead of a seashore, getting slapped through ocean breezes to experience the most romantic season of your life. Havana is famous for its appealing beaches and Playas Del Este is one of the most visited beaches in Havana, Cuba, where you must visit at least once in your life. A short drive from the Old Havana city to this place is another option to dissolve love in your journey. This is romantic as well as entertaining tourist destinations in Havana, Cuba. 

These are top 10 best things to do in Havana for a picture perfect trip. Encircled with a wide range of tourist places and a great history, this is the best place where the tourists can plan a one-day trip and these 10 things can be easily experienced on your short trip to Havana. Don’t forget to share pictures in the comment section. It would be great to accompany your girlfriend here after all she is gonna tell her friends about this trip.

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