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Most Useful Bangkok Travel Tips That Everyone Must Follow

Bangkok Travel Tips

If you’re visiting Bangkok for the first time, it might be challenging for you. Streets are crowded, public transports are busy and there is a lot to see and do. You might need a guide that can help you to explore the city to the fullest. That time this small post will help you. Here is a comprehensive list of Bangkok Travel Tips that will guide you precisely.

Bangkok – Capital city of Thailand – hosted 35 million tourists in 2017. Today, the city is recognized as the most popular tourist attraction and visited by tourists from all over the world. 

This metropolis is the perfect place for exploring the modern culture, nightlife, and bustling markets and has various attractions for every kind of traveler. But like any other big city, Bangkok also has rules and regulations that need to be followed.  

More than just “Traffic Rules” and “No Smoking” rules, there are many other things you need to keep in mind to stay safe and roam happily. We have gathered a list of the most essential Bangkok Travel Tips here that you can either get printed or memorize! Let’s check why there is so hype about this “City Of Angels”. 


  1. Locals are too polite to visitors, so it is really worth learning about some local greetings, like how to Thank them. Also, show some respect to those who help you there. This is one of the Bangkok Travel tips that will help you to be a good guest. 
  2. While traveling in the water taxi, be sure to avoid seats reserved for the monks. Because they take it too seriously!
Bangkok Travel places

Get Around

  1. Roaming in a big city like Bangkok can be challenging! So it is better to get a decent map with street names in English and Thai so it would be easier for you to understand the street names if someone pronounces them in the Thai language. 
  2. Make sure to check the meter is on before hiring a cab otherwise you have to pay double the actual fare. Also, Tuk-Tuks can be more expensive than a cab, so hire accordingly. 
  3. If you wanna eat or drink while roaming on the streets here, don’t do so. Because everyone will glare at you and won’t get a dustbin to dispose of it.
  4. It is one of the exciting and must know Bangkok Travel tips. Learn how canal riverboats work for public transportation. It is an inexpensive way to travel around the city.                                                                            
  5. If you want to book a taxi, look for the ‘Glowing red vacant sign’ over the taxi. Also, make sure you’re leaving nothing behind you because it would be difficult to find that taxi again.

Eat and Drink

Thai food bangkok
  1. When you’re in Bangkok, you can’t skip Thai food. Try different Thai Cuisine such as Tom Yam Soup with mushrooms, Pad Thai, Thai Green Chicken Curry, Massaman Curry, etc. This is one of the useful Bangkok travel tips on the list that you shouldn’t skip.
  2. Pepsi is hard to find here but you can add on Thai Drinks like Chao Manao (Lime Iced Tea), Coco Yen (Iced Cocoa), Nam Matoom (Bael Juice). There are many other drinks that can keep you dehydrated and refreshing. 
  3. It can be hard to pronounce Thai food names for you. Before ordering Thai food that you want to try, download the photo on your phone and show the vendor. This way you can order your food easily and the vendor will understand in a better way and you will also save yourself from getting the wrong order.

Must To Do & See

Bangkok is a beautiful city and there is a lot to see and do. Plan your itinerary precisely so that you won’t leave any popular attractions and must-do things. 

  1. Grand Place, Wat Arun, Bangkok Ocean world, Safari World are some popular attractions in Bangkok that you must visit. These attractions not only reflect the Thai culture but also refresh your soul from the deep. 
  2. When you plan your itinerary to roam around Bangkok city, you must add these things to do there. Here you can enjoy the floating Market, try street food in Chinatown, Explore Bangkok’s malls and Weekend Markets, and also ride the sky train. There are various things to do there but in this Bangkok Travel tips, we are mentioning the major ones.


  1. Be aware of scammers as locals can easily recognize that you’re a tourist and misguide you. This is one of the best Bangkok Travel tips that everyone should know.
  2. Carry a pocket camera with zoom quality. Because there are some places where photography is not allowed, you can capture the view from the outside if you have a good focused camera.
  3. Wandering on the Bangkok streets can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to go and what to do. Rather than wasting your time in asking locals or money on hiring a guide, work out your plan. You may check an offline or online map and get a logical route. 
  4. Carrying an ID is a must in Thailand. So if you don’t want to get stuck in security issues while wandering on Bangkok streets or exploring the nightlife, carry multiple photocopies of your passport. 
  5. This tip, among Bangkok Travel Tips, is of course important. While wandering around the city, stifling can leave you dehydrated. Also, make sure to buy a sealed pack bottle. 

Try these Bangkok Travel tips and enjoy the trip hassle-free and take lots of memories with you. If you like, share with your friends too.

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